2015 fall fashion colors

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fall 2015 fashion colors

Each season, Pantone announces it’s Fashion Color Report and this Fall is a good mix of dynamic, deep and subdued colors. The earthy colors pair well with their cool counterparts. I did a search for which colors were really being used this fall (granted, it’s only early September) and I found a good selection of rich teals evocative of Biscay Bay, Stormy Weather grays, beautiful ink blues connoting Reflecting Pond and some great rose and plum combinations similar to Cashmere Rose and Marsala. Not too much Amethyst Orchid but I much prefer the expression of this color in it’s truest form as a gemstone.

What I have not seen fashion-wise is Oak Buff (a pretty earthy yellow) , Cadmium Orange (not a favorite), and Desert Sage. The cool Desert Sage is a GREAT color – especially for adding as a neutral to your wardrobe. Oh, how I hope we see more of this color. There is a smattering of Dried Herb which is also a lovely neutral. I think Oak Buff is probably better in the home for most people as I find most folks have a genuine fear about wearing this color…which really is too bad…would you consider wearing it?

All in all, not too bad as color selections but remember to only select the colors that work for YOU. And, if you’d like to learn more about how you can express your true colors and essence, join me by learning more about my Transform with Color course.

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