a new world…channeled message from Ultra Violet

This channeled message and transmission conveys a message from Yogananda, Kali Ma and Ultra Violet on the dissolution of fear and creating a new way of being…a new world. This is not a full transcript of the video but a summary of the messages delivered. For context, watching the video will be helpful.

The overall message is about going back to simple, it’s about being present and knowing that we are in this together and belong together.

From his book, Living Fearlessly, Yogananda steps forward and shares:

“Fear is afraid of me.”

This is a new world and it’s the beginning of a new world. And we have a choice. The choice is to a) step into fear or b) step into presence and this new way of being. It’s time for us to become fully human.

Kali Ma steps forward. She represents the Divine Feminine and helps you to overcome ego and fear. She bestows strength. She is the universe and is here to remind you that you are all of the universe.

We can recreate a new way of being.

Archangel Uriel steps forward with 4 beings that are from another dimension outside of space-time as we know it. A deep purple being encircles the earth with an ultraviolet bright light.

The ultra-violet light is providing a healing energy that will clear. This is a higher level violet that is not seen by our human eyes. This is a violet that is stepping forward that is providing a clearing/cleansing of all the impurities of us that causes us to be afraid. So this is a super high-frequency violet that allows us to be clear in our thoughts and hearts (divine heart and mind are connecting) so that this consciousness comes forward and overcomes the fear.

It is helping you to see what is true for you and all consciousness…it allows you to see not with human eyes but with your thoughts, the truth.  And when this joy and happiness comes forward into you, it immediately disperses without separation. The fear disappears.

We are being asked to go back to simple. Because we on this planet are at a decision point. If we decide to go into fear, it will get worse. If enough of us decide that “NO, I believe in goodness, I believe in purity of thought, if I believe in these good qualities and if I truly am this way,” then that fear goes away and enough people will start to feel My joy, My love because that is what is coming forward. If I start to live in love, the grid will start to light up, sparkle and grow.

As we start being present in love, being joyful, being grateful, this will start to change the actual consciousness of earth. And it’s our time to do this NOW. That’s why we make haste. This is the time to belong to each other. This is the time to help one another. This is the time when we are all at home stuck wondering what to do, this is the time to be in love, share love and be joyful. There is nothing to fear. The fear will go, the anxiousness will go; it’s a byproduct of you being present in your truth.

When we are fearful, we want to control and we want to have power. And it’s never for the good for anyone. And it’s never good for the individual that wants power because they end up depleting their soul, depleting themselves of what is true. They end up living in complete shadow. It’s our human nature to separate and divide. This ultra violet is there to help us see that we really are joy and love.

“It’s a time for clarity of who you are.”

They’re showing a shadow on the earth that as this light comes down on the planet right now that it will remove all of these shadows. This ultra-violet bright white light will shine down on the earth, across the globe and it will allow us to see every nook and cranny in a new way. We are going to see the world in a new way…it is a bigger awakening that is happening both literally and metaphysically.

“This is the reason, this time right now, is why you are here.” These are the last days of the earth as it is now. And we are moving into more awareness, more love, more light. These are the last days of how we know famine, hunger, disparity, hatred, anger, lack. It is the beginning of a new era on the planet.

Earth, Gaia, has a spirit and we are connected to her. And she is ready to take us into this new way of being. She is very loved. What happens to us here, affects everything in all worlds and dimensions. We are to come together now. We care for each other. We belong together. Start showing that you care and start showing that you love. And that’s how it starts to trickle. And the light gets brighter and brighter, casting itself across the globe so that we all feel it and live in the new way of being, this new heaven on earth.

Kali Ma steps forward and is sprinkling gold dust over us and the earth. Gold is an amplifier. We all have individual soul colors that are uniquely ours that as we all connect, we’re all united in white lightgold amplifies/enhances our soul colors. She’s asking you to pay attention to your soul color during this time. Meditate with it, focus on it, envision yourself with your beautiful soul color wrapped around you. Super important: Please envision the gold dust encircling you…they are with you and they are here to amplify your purpose and what you’re here to do so you can step forward without fear, with love.

Yogananda requests I open up his book again to any page…this is what meets my eye:

“Each child of God has a right to use God’s gold. You must not admit failure and give up your right.”

“If you have convinced yourself that you’re a helpless mortal and you allow everyone else to convince you that you can’t get a job then you have passed the decree in your own mind, that you are down and done for. No judgement from God or Fate but your own pronouncement on yourself keeps you poor or worried. Success or failure is determined in your own mind.”

*** End of transmission ***

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Arden Reece

Arden Reece

Arden is a worldwide color oracle & practitioner that has practiced for 3 decades in connecting the inner and outer beauty of you with the help of color and light. She is focused on guiding conscious organizations & individuals from all over the world to get clarity on their purpose and guide them to express themselves authentically through the art, science and soul of color.
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