holistic color guidance

What if you could embody your best
future self in a practical and mystical
way with color as your support?

holistic color consulting

You're ready to move forward but perhaps you're feeling a little stuck

Perhaps you're not feeling aligned with your purpose. Or maybe you've lost hope in who you're really meant to become.

I know I have.

When we become so wrapped up in our lives, in who we are, in the identities we've created for ourselves, we don't see the problem. And we don't know what to do.

It could be that you've surrounded yourself with the wrong friends, gotten lax on your meditation practice or quit focusing on your talents that bring you the greatest joy.

These little misalignments, when added up, can create havoc in your life.

This is where the visible and non-visible colors of the spectrum can assist and create the bridge for you to weave the truest essence of you with your physical expression.

I've worked privately with thousands of women and my work is to guide you to live your most authentic expression and show up fully using colors that support you and your purpose.



color map

What happens in a session?

As a color oracle, my dominant gift is to see (clairvoyance) in full color where I work multidimensionally with color and light. I am also able to hear sounds, smell, feel and hear short words and sentences that I will share with you. Paired with my 3 decades of professional color and personal branding expertise, your sessions are customized to meet your needs.

Your session will include a combination of the following:

  • Connection with your higher self and guides
  • Your soul’s unique Soullegory™ and guidance based on the intentions you’ve set
  • Your soul and life-path colors along with your overall purpose
  • Personal branding guidance, symbols and colors to utilize retrieved from your business guides
  • Your Color Map which indicates your spiritual gifts and current energies
  • Your personal High-Vibe fabric color palette and guide that covers what colors to wear for specific intentions
  • Any soul retrieval or energetic clearing by your Higher Self, as guided
  • A full recording of your session to return to for guidance and clarity

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Private Programs

If you're ready to get the clarity, alignment and authentic expression of you conveyed, lets match you with a program that fits your needs:

Becoming Fully Hueman

A 90-day experience where you'll receive intuitive color guidance and support to uplevel your inner and outer expression so that it aligns with your soul's purpose.


Mentoring Package

An 8-week high-contact program for artists, creatives and energy healers to learn about and work as Multidimensional Color practitioners.


Building Self-Acceptance with Color

Arden's mission is to help people become fully hueman by integrating their inner and outer beauty through the power of color.

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