holistic color guidance

Intuitive guidance and color readings personally aligned and based on the art, science & soul of color.

I am not an energy healer. I firmly believe that we all have the capacity and should do our own healing work. However, as we undergo our own self inquiry and shadow work, there are blocks and areas that we can't see. I believe in helping others see the truth of who they are. Not in a way that is harsh but in a way that reveals to them their authenticity in a beautiful way. Color is the tool I use to illuminate that and it shows up in a variety of ways.

My vision into the non-visible realms allows me to see in detail your soul's story (what I call Soullegory) as well as work with the Living Library of Colored Light. It is here that I see your Color Maps, Soul Colors and receive activations for your progession.


Gain Clarity & Insight

Need to know, define or understand your unique gifts and direction? Draw on Arden's sight as a color oracle to discover your soul's story full of metaphor and color.

spiritual guidance

Reconnect to Your Authentic Beauty

Ready to feel fully aligned mind, body and spirit? Discover your unique Color Maps and gain further activations through multidimensional journeys with Arden as your guide.

color practitioner training

Want to Work with the Soul of Color?

Discover the new Multidimensional Color Practitioner certification program that builds on your unique gifts and serves your purpose.


Evoke your brand's true essence

Want to attract the right clients to your heart-centered business? Utilize Arden's color, design and brand expertise to unveil the color messages that evoke your brand and appeal to your customers.


Magnify Your True Colors

Want people to see you for who you truly are? Magnify your beauty & essence by discovering the right colors that express you.  Your personal colors are uniquely selected to support & inspire.

colorful presentations + speaking

Building Self-Acceptance with Color

Ready to help your team embrace their true colors? Arden's mission is to help others get in touch with their authentic beauty through the power of color.

My purpose is to bring forward the visible and non-visible colors that align and integrate your inner and outer essence.
Arden Reece

What Clients Say:


I found Ardens reading so insightful. I liked learning the most what my life path and soul color were. I was looking for clarity on my future career path so I really needed this information and direction. If you’re considering this, do it. It was enlightening as well as inspiring and fun. I’ve already recommended her to people who I think would benefit!


Uplifting, Enlightening, Miraculous

I loved the feeling of intimacy I experienced during the reading. Although we’d never met, there was a closeness and openness you held throughout the entirety of it that made the reading feel even more personal. I’ve had many types of readings from various people in my life and yours was, by far, the most creepily accurate and enlightening. To those that are considering a Soullegory reading, I would say to open your heart, your mind to what she is sharing. There is real truth in her visions, just allow yourself to experience what is there.


Guidance that is Deep & Soulful...

With Arden, I felt incredibly honored, seen and cared for. I walked away with tangible tools too! For instance, now, when people look at my recently revamped professional website, they say, “It’s so YOU, it’s gorgeous.” I wanted this sort of concurrency between my counseling services and the visuals, and Arden was the first person to offer such clear suggestions that communicate with such grace and beauty! I would say if you value input that is deep and soulful, guidance that is going to speak to the deeper levels of who you are, work with Arden. She reflects your truthful soul purpose.

I’d been off track, tempted to follow projects that looked good and just didn’t resonate. Meeting with Arden I got confirmation of my path, and the best way to offer my unique gifts and services. I needed the reminder to stay true to myself and my skills so that I can really be of help on the planet. Working with her was validating, on point, clarifying, fun and engaging. I didn’t want it to end!


Ready to Work with Arden?

Yes, I'm ready to step into and embody my future self!