Building Self-Acceptance with Color

Arden's mission is to help women get in touch with their authentic beauty through the power of color. Whether you're interested in a seminar or presentation, she has inspired thousands of participants in embracing their true colors.

Arden as Presenter & Facilitator

Since 2005, Arden's been providing 'colorful' presentations, workshops and seminars to thousands of women all over the world as a color expert...and silver sister. 


Jhirmack/Going Gray Looking Great - Color & Style Presenter of 5 Silver Sister Events

Tri-Delta - Regional Training & National Conference

A.G. Fenton - Off-site Team Development

Charlotte SC Event
San Diego Event
Chicago Event, photo by Amie Hage
Arden did a powerhouse presentation to our group, The Silver Sisters of Going Gray, Looking Great, and the girls all loved her. As a fabulous Silver Sister herself, she related well, knew what she was talking about, and offered concrete suggestions for both body type and colors to wear.
Diana Lewis Jewel, Going Gray Looking Great

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Lori Sawaya, IACC, The Land of Color

Arden geeks out even more than me when it comes to old, dead color geniuses.

Anna Chandler, Colour Consultant

I’ve had extensive training in colour, however no one has approached colour like Arden does in such a deep & meaningful way that allows for one’s personality to be reflected through the colours we wear.

Teresa Tullio, Business of Color

Arden has a mastery of color beyond anyone in her niche! She brings a unique skill that’s highly respected by the color industry and her clients!

Last nights presentation was wonderful, and as you’ll see from the evaluations, there was a good response. I look forward to working with you again soon.
Alumni Coordinator, SJSU
Your presentation was very informative and professional, as well as entertaining. You indeed inspired over 500 of us with your expert advice and style suggestions.
Bette Narbaitz, Omega Nu
We worked with Arden to provide personal workshops and presentations both at our biennial Convention and to our traveling consultants. Each time provided our members with a motivational and inspirational approach to style, confidence and body image. Arden’s workshops are so eye-opening and teach you to see yourself, dressing rooms, and the fit of clothing in a completely different way. We saw women carrying themselves differently, shopping differently and talking about themselves more positively as a result of Arden’s approach and would not hesitate to work with her so that more of our women may be inspired by her approach. Arden is not just a speaker with our audience. She is their friend, she is one of them, she is a fellow woman. She gets it and knows how to positively impact self-esteem and body image.
Sarah Williamson, Tri Delta

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