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Soullegory. def: your Soul's Allegory. The story of your soul.

Your Soullegory™ unveils your soul’s purpose and how it’s expressed on your life’s path. 

Because it is a unique message from Spirit to you, it has many layers—both literal and metaphorical—thus, your session is recorded so that you may go back and re-listen to gather further information.

  • Soul Color Reading

    This is your Soullegory. Shared in allegory form, you’ll hear a story of your past, present and future. Spirit speaks in metaphor and what is conveyed is very dream-like.

  • Your Soul & Life Path Colors

    Your Soul color is the main color of your soul and drives your overall purpose. Your Life Path color is how you express yourself in this life and together with your Soul color, brings a unique way of supporting your best self.

  • Optional Soul Painting

    With Tarver Harris’s unique artistry, she taps into the metaphysical field intuitively painting abstract imagery that pertains to your Soullegory. This work is a collective co-collaborative process with assistance from angelic, elemental, and other realms of existence. You receive the original 12×12 painting with inscriptions on the back for further activation.


  • Online Zoom Session
  • Soul & Life Path Colors
  • Soul Color Meanings Sheet
  • Optional Soul Painting by Tarver Harris (visit Tarver.Studio)


“…a boy comes up to him and asks for help. He follows him to the bed of an ill chief of the tribe. He heals him. He then is taken to another person as more and more people are hearing about him. He carries a bag of stones around his waist. He is confused about what to do next. A woman steps forward with a rainbow in her hand and she heals the man with her rays as he uses the stones.”Excerpt from a session -- shared with permission

how it works

During each and every Soullegory session, I see what’s for your highest good that you and your Higher Self has permitted. I do not conduct any energetic healing work without your sole permission – typically it is your higher self that does this for you, not me.  I use a variety of spiritual practices so that I can be a clear vessel for seeing you and your highest good without any judgement.

In working with Spirit, my dominant gift is to see (clairvoyance) in full color where I work specifically in the upper realms with color and light. I am also able to hear sounds, smell, feel and hear short words and sentences that I will share with you. 

In your recording, I’ll share in great detail the visual images that come up in your Soullegory along with your soul and life path colors. Sometimes, your higher self will share with me symbols or other colors you may need at this time. Whatever you need to hear and know will come forward.

Explore Your Color Map!

This is a new work coming forward in which the Color Map outlines your soul's blueprint within your physical, spiritual and mental planes.

During your private session, Arden will go to the Living Library of Colored Light to retrieve your Soul's Color Map.

The map depicts your soul gifts, strengths and lessons. Done via Zoom, you'll receive a recording of your session and picture of your Color Map.

Intentions for you to hold prior to your Soullegory
“To have my soul’s highest good be shown.”
“To see what I need to be doing now or in the future to achieve my greatest joy.”
“To see what my higher self wants me to know.”

about arden


As a color oracle, I’ve been given sight to see the beauty of the soul realms. Here, I’m shown your current human timeline for your perspective. It’s a story, a thread, to help you come back. To help you see who you are…divine beauty.

This is my mission and purpose: to connect the inner and outer beauty of you with the help of color and light. This is how I best SErvE you.

your soul painting

The premise of this work is a new spirit-based practice that taps into the energetics of color.  A message is transmitted as a living library animating in a holographic field and translated allowing you access to an expansive unlimited view of your Soul-Self. This opens a new dialogue that activates harmonic keys to support and inspire you at this time on Earth.

With Arden's visionary process and Tarver's unique artistry, they weave together threads of your soul's message with the language of colored light. Together they unite to create a vibrational pathway of self exploration, a divinely inspired color causeway that energetically supports and grounds you with your Soul purpose.

Your soul painting is an optional add-on and is done at the same time of your Soullegory reading so that Tarver can bring forward the colors that are calling to you at this time. You typically receive your completed painting within 2 weeks.

"Bliss" by Tarver Harris

12x12 by Tarver Harris


About the Artist, Tarver Harris

Tarver is an abstract artist, a cosmic ranger, and an escort into the alternate fields of energy that tap into the source code that is uniquely you. By establishing a reference point within alternate planes of reality and your existence here and now on Earth, she is able to translate in living color a verbal message from other aspects of your being. Her work explores the unseen, coalescing time and space so that your attention can be directed inwardly to awaken true aspects of self, expanding consciousness awareness and opening to the answers of life’s most pressing questions.


Professional, Insightful & Inspiring!

We did a group Soul Purpose Reading with Arden. It was a great experience for all of us (especially since we know each other so well) and we had so much fun. We most enjoyed hearing the visions and interpreting them together. They really seemed uniquely accurate for each of us and definitely relevant and on point. To anyone considering having a reading, I would say to send a photo that you think expresses who you are and then watch the magic happen. You’ll revisit the reading in your head for several days and some elements will start taking on more meaning for you. Although you may be skeptical at first you need to stay open and enjoy. It is so inspiring!


"Arden is a true gem, intuitive and extremely gifted."

Uplifting, Enlightening, Miraculous

I loved the feeling of intimacy I experienced during the reading. Although we’d never met, there was a closeness and openness you held throughout the entirety of it that made the reading feel even more personal. I’ve had many types of readings from various people in my life and yours was, by far, the most creepily accurate and enlightening. To those that are considering a Soullegory reading, I would say to open your heart, your mind to what she is sharing. There is real truth in her visions, just allow yourself to experience what is there.



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