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Ready to embrace your soul's purpose and reconnect to authentic beauty?


You're already on the path yet there may be a few things that you can't quite see or figure out. Most often it can be a fear that holds us back from feeling worthy, speaking up, standing tall, seeing the truth of who we are...BEing our best, beautiful selves.

If you're ready to feel fully aligned and awaken your own beauty, then I'm here to guide you through spiritual practices and multidimensional journeys that support you in doing the deep soul work.

Joyful Outcomes of Our Work Together

Receive sacred practices, techniques, mentoring and support that brings you clarity, joy and true inner beauty glow. 😊✨


    Discover your inner truth and soul’s beauty on a deeper level that is expressively you in every regard.

  • Align all parts of your body, mind and soul.

    The subtle changes you’ll embody will provide you confirmation that you’re in alignment.

  • Trust your intuition and inner guidance.

    Gain absolute clarity on every situation and be able to see things with a clearer perspective and sense of direction.

  • Experience personal breakthroughs and shifts.

    Uplevel and attract the right relationships, business and life through affirming your gifts and abilities.

  • Experience an inner peace and beauty of how you see yourself and others.

    Feel safe and free to express your truth confidently.

3 Months of Private Connection

Through a series of eight (8) sessions over three months, we work together in a way that fully supports your intentions and the inner and outer beauty you want to manifest and embody.

It's almost exploratory where we'll journey together through the dimensions to pull and integrate what you need to be aligned with your soul's purpose and life path. I assist you with a variety of methods throughout each session based on integrating your inner and outer colors. They include:

  • Soullegories & Meditations
  • Color Maps
  • Personal Color palette
  • Your Color Blueprint
  • Reference materials
  • Initiations and Activations
  • Intuitive messages
  • Journeys for clarification, Living Library of Color access
  • Chakra Color alignment

Whether you want to be closer to your spirit guides, manifest your life partner, gain your fearless voice, embrace more aspects of who you ARE, I am here to guide you to see that and more.

We share everything, we are sisters...and you see your beauty, your love and see the worlds open up to you in a new way.

Explore Your Color Map!

This is a new work coming forward in which the Color Map outlines your soul's blueprint within your physical, spiritual and mental planes.

During your private session, Arden will go to the Living Library of Colored Light to retrieve your Soul's Color Map.

The map depicts your soul gifts, strengths and lessons. Done via Zoom, you'll receive a recording of your session and picture of your Color Map.

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Client Testimonials

As a color oracle, I’ve been given sight to see the beauty of the soul realms and work multidimensionally with angels and higher light beings. The work is sacred and done together with you for your highest good to guide you in fulfilling your soul’s calling and purpose.

This is my mission and purpose: to connect the inner and outer beauty of you with the help of color and light. This is how I best SErvE you.Arden Reece

The landscape of the soul is vast and full of tiny transformations occurring within a single view of love: a kaleidoscope of color and light that belongs to love, IS love. IS me. IS you. IS us.

Remembering who we are and living fully in these magnificent bodies is joyful. This integration--the combining (or more like stitching) equal soul parts with human parts, is what allows us to be fully present here. Full of JOY. GLOWing. (It's super fun!)

Your time is take that step towards your own spiritual progression that blows the top off your expectations. This is the work of your soul reaching to you through the fabrics of space-time, guiding you through that imaginary veil.

The time is now.

Ready to Begin?

Begin your journey into manifesting your truth and beauty.

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