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Unique intuitive sessions to help you connect to your soul and purpose.

Need to know, define or understand your greater purpose? Become connected to your soul's story in a deeper way.

By using my gifts of seeing your soul's story (aka your Soullegory™) and colors, I work on your behalf to bring forward messages for your highest good and purpose.  Your Soullegory is a unique message from Spirit to you and it has many layers - both literal and metaphorical. Each session is recorded so that you may go back and re-listen to gather further information.

Arden Reece

Arden Reece, Color Oracle

How I Work

During each and every session, I journey on your behalf for your Soullegory and may look at other areas your Higher Self has permitted if it helps in your healing and highest good. I do not conduct any energetic healing work without your sole permission - typically it is your higher self that does this for you, not me.  I use a variety of spiritual practices so that I can be a clear vessel for seeing you and your highest good without any judgement.

During your reading, I'll see in great detail your Soullegory along with your soul and life path colors and any other messages that come through. Sometimes, your higher self will share with me symbols or other colors you may need at this time. Whatever you need to hear and know will come forward. The beautiful thing is, everyone's Soullegory reading is unique...not one is the same.

Although I'm not a shaman, I've found this method of journeying to be a wonderful tool for working with Spirit. Although my dominant gift is to see in full color (I work specifically with color and light), I am able to hear sounds, smell, feel and hear short words and sentences.

I ask that during the time before your private session, you spend quiet time meditating on one of the three intentions:

Intentions for you to hold prior to your reading
“To have my soul’s highest good be shown.”
“To see what I need to be doing now or in the future to achieve my greatest joy.”
“To see what my higher self wants me to know.”

Ready to Connect with Your Soul's Purpose?

Discover your Soullegory & Soul colors in a private session.