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Breakthrough What’s Holding You Back And Take Your Intuition, Creativity And Business To New Heights!!


For heart-centered coaches/guides & creators who want to weave the magical with the practical into their business…all using the Energies of Color.

You’re creative, intuitive, and entrepreneurial—and you want to be able to use color to create an energy shift in your clients—and in yourself!

You’re ready for Color Mastery. And the Color Mystery School and community is here to help you get there.

JOIN THIS AMAZING GROUP OF CREATIVE & SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEURS TODAY and tap into the power of color with Live Group Sessions twice a month.

We’re Living In A Time Of Massive Transformation

Let’s face it.

Life has been chaotic: The world is in upheaval. The planet is changing. Your own energy is transforming daily.

As a sensitive creative, this affects you on an even deeper level.

Yet maybe you’re feeling stuck,

  • Unmotivated,
  • Out of alignment,
  • Or just going through the motions.


It’s a lot to take on.

And I see you…because I’ve gone through the same things.

With all this seemingly chaotic energy, it can be difficult to see the beautiful geometry of the butterfly encircling you.

You’re not alone.

You are here to usher in a new world, a new way of being.

And color plays an important role.

Deep in your heart, you know this.

Color is a lost language that when you work with its mysteries, you ascend to a higher consciousness and a new world emerges.

Together, we can create this new world.

It’s Time.

Sacred Work That Elevates Your Life And Business

Color speaks to you already, but quietly, and you know there’s more

You have visions that include colors that mean different things, and you want to open that up and achieve Color Mastery

for your own vitality, confidence, and joy—and to use that mastery within your work.

When you master the multidimensional and healing aspects of color, you energize your own creative and intuitive abilities in the world.

The Color Mystery School is the first of its kind that weaves sacred traditions with the secrets of color for you to embody and elevate your life and business. 

“Profound!  It is difficult to find the right words for the riches this program conveys. It’s not for the faint of heart! :)

It’s an IN depth dive into COLOR as well as an opportunity to inform your conscious awareness of your innate connection to the spirit world. Unseen maybe with your human eyes but very much alive in a visceral way. 

You will love the way Arden presents the material and encourages you to engage with multiple aspects of color. Her generosity and profound knowledge simultaneously act as an initiatory journey through the rainbow bridge.” 💜 


Ready to grow your intuition, expand your creativity, and work with color’s metaphysical properties…

all while energizing your business and representing yourself authentically in the world??

What Happens When You Work With Color On A Deeper Level

Color is a light language that sends messages within the visible and invisible worlds.

When you are initiated and master the multidimensional realms of color, you…

“This program has been nothing short of a revelation!

It is absolutely a must-do if you are drawn to exploring new depths of colour and/or the spiritual aspects of your creativity and future direction.

Arden is a remarkably gifted colour oracle who generously shares her divine knowledge and passion for colour while opening up an incredible journey of discovery.

For me, each colour venture has been a love affair in its own right. I feel so inspired and transformed through my ever growing personal/spiritual relationship with colour.

There are brilliant and engaging materials for each colour, including videos, workbooks, colour charts, colour planners and other notes as needed. These build into a comprehensive colour library and resource for ongoing and future reference.

The program provides varied and creative colour practices as well as guided partner work, for exploring the personal and spiritual (inner) aspects of colour.  Sharing this journey with others has been super fun and rewarding!


LISA HUNTER, Artist, Australia

Why a mystery school for color?


Short answer? It’s time.

Color speaks to you spiritually, emotionally and physically.

It aligns every part of you so that your higher self can step forward and integrate her energy with yours. It’s an actual process that I’ve gone through myself.

In 2018 I lived in France for 3 months. What started as a pilgrimage to learn more about Mary Magdalene, ended as full integration with my higher self and a complete upleveling of my spiritual gifts.

I had found a better, even more heart-centered way to see. And color was there every step of the way.

I’ve kept these practices and rituals from the general public because they’re sacred.

In private conversations or readings, I may share a bit that is important to guide you.

Yet, it hasn’t been until now that I bring it all forward in this beautiful container of the Color Mystery School.

It’s part intuitive development, part color wisdom enhancement, part creative upleveling of your full expression.

And it’s time…

to not only explore the meanings and souls of each color, but to embrace your intuitive gifts and use color as your tool for healing, inspiration and joy. 

It’s YOUR time.

“Only those who love color are admitted to its beauty and immanent presence. It affords utility to all, but unveils its deeper mysteries only to its devotees.”

how it works

  • Once you join, you’ll get immediate access to the Color Mystery School’s Wisdom Portal.  This is a resource library where you can access the color tools, lessons, visualizations and intuitive practices we’ll be working through.


  • Your first step will be to go through a process to identify your soul gifts, purpose and key goals for your success. We’ll review this together in a private 20-minute session and if appropriate, I’ll assign you a buddy to make sure you’re building as much momentum as possible.


  • We’ll meet as a group on Zoom 2x a month* to develop your color wisdom, intuitive practices and your own personal presence and alignment.

    Whether that’s journeying to a specific color for support, developing your intuitive skills and brainstorming offerings, or building a powerful palette of color allies that support you and your work.

  • The private community within the mystery school is where you can connect with other members and get your questions answered between the calls. 


You’ll have access to the Color Wisdom Portal and community for as long as the Color Mystery School is offered!

There’s no cut-off date. Once you’re in, you’re in.

*Access to the live sessions are covered for a full year under your current membership and then it moves to a small monthly fee thereafter if you wish to continue with the live calls.

What's inside?

An In-Depth Color Library

Color Fluency

Color Mastery

Activations & Visualizations


Access to 2 Monthly Live Calls held at 12pm PT/3pm ET covering color wisdom, intuitive practices, and your own personal presence and alignment.

  • 1st Tuesdays are focused on Color Fluency: these calls will cover soul color meanings and developing your presence.
  • 3rd Tuesdays are focused on Color Mastery: you’ll learn the spiritual aspects of color, intuitive practices and color healing techniques


Including access to special bonuses such as these…

Learn the meanings, secrets and personalities behind the 10 hues and 3 monochromatics. Each hue is covered in detail providing you the biological and psychological meanings of all the colors including their energies and color personalities.

Audio Podcast with World-Renowned Psychic & Author Carol Ann Liaros

Auras are bands of color and light that surround each of us. Auras can give insights into your life and experiences based on their appearance and colors. In this inspiring and informative interview, Arden talks with the world’s foremost expert, Carol Ann Liaros, on how to see auras and their colors by accessing your intuitive self.

Carol Ann Liaros is a professional psychic with over 50 years’ experience as an intuition trainer, lecturer, and author of Unlocking Your Intuition ~ 7 Keys to Awakening Your Psychic Potential and co-author of Edgar Cayce on Auras and Colors ~ Learn to understand color and see auras.

She has worked with Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightment for almost 30 years, in addition to CEOs and upper management of Fortune 10 corporations, churches and psychologists and psychiatrists.

Her innovative psychic techniques led to designing Project Blind Awareness and Junior Project Blind Awareness: a training program for the blind to help becoming more mobile and independent using their own psychic / intuitive skills. The Parapsychology and Medicine training for doctors and nurses was a breakthrough in the 1970’s and her Mentoring Program and Psychic Intensive and very popular!

Appearing in the movie Inner Spaces with astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Ms. Liaros and a blind 14-year-old were on the popular TV Show That’s Incredible. She has appeared on national and international TV, hundreds of radio shows, newspaper articles as well as over 30 books written by other authors. As the subject of psychic research, her accuracy range over a two-year study was 93-97% when predicting the future.

Audio Podcast with Intuitive Business Coach April Choulat

In this fascinating conversation with energy healer and life coach extraordinaire, April Choulat, you’ll discover what the 12 chakras are (based on Cyndi Dale’s system) and what their spiritual gifts are. Each of the chakras have a specific purpose and many of us know the basic seven, but listen in as you learn what the other five are, how they manifest themselves and what you can do to create alignment so that you can achieve more prosperity.

April Choulat is an intuitive life and business coach who teaches transformational service providers how to integrate various levels of energetic and spiritual healing into their work. She specializes in supporting heart-centered service providers including coaches, therapists and medical professionals to tap into their spiritual gifts so they can help heal others through abundant and profitable businesses.

Since 2009, she’s been coaching highly sensitive entrepreneurs to develop and align their spiritual gifts to maximize their ability to serve others. She is certified as a Money Breakthrough Method Coach and an Angel Intuitive, as well as a part of Cyndi Dale’s Energy Community Directory. She helps her clients overcome energetic, physical and emotional blocks so that they can receive greater prosperity and get their gifts out into the world. Her unique way of working allows her clients to hone their spiritual gifts and align themselves more fully with Universal Flow.

Audio Podcast with Chakra Expert, Anodea Judith

Chakras are the sacred energy centers within you that carry you toward greater aliveness and realization. As the architecture of the soul, they provide an important map for your wholeness and evolution. Anodea is one of the foremost experts on chakras and shares her wisdom in this special interview with Arden.

Anodea Judith, Ph.D. has been called “a prophet for our time.” A groundbreaking thought leader who is the founder and director of Sacred Centers, and a writer, therapist, and spiritual teacher. Her passion for the realization of human potential matches her concern for humanity’s impending crises—her fervent wish is that we “wake up in time.”

She holds Masters and Doctoral degrees in Psychology and Human Health, is a 500 hour registered yoga teacher (E-RYT), with lifelong studies of psychology, mythology, sociology, history, systems theory, and mystic spirituality. She is considered one of the country’s foremost experts on the combination of chakras and therapeutic issues and on the interpretation of the Chakra System for the Western lifestyle. She teaches across the U.S., as well as in Canada, Europe, Ireland, Asia, and South and Central America.

Lives have been transformed

The color mystery school is perfect if...

You’re ready to Reawaken your best self and Take Your Intuition, Creativity And Business To New Heights!!

includes level 1 certification

become a Soul Color Specialist

A Soul Color Specialist is an artist, energy healer or creative who integrates the mystical with the physical. She is heart-centered and works with integrity and without judgement to guide her clients to understand their soul colors. She does this by embracing her creative imagination and guiding her human clients (and sometimes animal) with important color information for their soul’s ascension.

learn from a masterful guide

Hi! I’m Arden and I’m an expert in the messages color speaks about us.

For the past two decades, I’ve explored every nook and cranny of the color world and its many dimensions.

I’ve been working with clients for over 20 years to understand the power of color and how to use color to elevate their lives, businesses, and even their level of enlightenment.  

Because there’s more to color than what meets the eye.

I’ve shared some of the mysteries of color in a variety of programs to help heart-centered women become personally ColorFluent and to integrate their authentic presence and purpose with their colors.

My work around soul colors and my intuitive visions have been touted as life-changing experiences. I now share these unique methods in the Color Mystery School, exclusively to those who choose to create meaningful transformations in their lives.

I’m here to help you navigate the simple yet profound world of color. Where you can discover and playfully practice the many ways you can use color to illuminate your authentic, radiant self and enhance every aspect of your life and business. 

activate your creativity

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The Color Mystery School is a 100% Risk-Free Investment

I know that the insights and practices you’ll discover in this special membership will have the power to transform your life in all areas. And I want you to feel great about making this investment in yourself.

It’s 100% risk-free! If you start the program and for whatever reason it’s not right for you, there’s a 10-day, risk-free money back guarantee—no questions asked.

There’s little to lose -— and everything to gain.


You don’t have to ‘see’ to gain access. In fact, most people sense and feel their inner spiritual colors and in the Mystery School you’ll be guided to do the same.

One thing that I’ve disliked is how course creators have used a “limited time offer” ploy when there really was no time limit. The Color Mystery School is open throughout the year and you can join at any time.  This is a live program where I am physically active every week engaging with you. 

As little as 2-3 hours a month! The Color Wisdom Portal contains an abundance of videos on color meanings, fun practices, as well as a forum for the community. You have lifetime access to all of this and can take advantage of the materials at your own pace. The twice monthly live calls help guide you through the mystery school so you won’t ever feel overwhelmed.

The Zoom sessions will be recorded so if you can’t make it LIVE, you’ll have access to the recording within 24 hours.

The calls are scheduled for 12pm PT, 3pm ET to accommodate for Australian timezones. Additional times may be added in the future for easier access to those in Europe. . 

Yes! Since 2012, my work has solely focused on the energy of color and I’ll be sharing my methods and tools to show you how to “see”. You’ll get to practice seeing your own aura, chakras and soul colors and discover how to provide these services to your own clientele.

You’ll also gain insights from other members in the school…kindred spirits who are also working on leveling up and growing their intuition and gifts.

You’ll have LIFETIME access to the amazing community and any future program upgrades. Once you’re in, you’re in! :)  The live calls are free for your first year and then will be available to you for  a small monthly fee thereafter.

Once you join, you’ll have access to the Color Wisdom Library where you’ll be able to access your materials, stream videos and listen on your desktop, tablet or smart phone. The school is hosted by Simplero so you’ll be able to download the app and access your materials from that as well. The workbooks, worksheets, and practices are all easily downloadable in PDF format and can be saved to your device for lifetime access.

Yes, the payment plan extends out for 6 months to make it more affordable for you.

You’ll be billed the first payment today and then subsequent payments in monthly installments for the number of months stated. With a payment plan, your payments are automatically charged every 30 days.


Yes! We want you to be completely happy and confident that you made the right decision and offer a risk-free guarantee. So, if you start the program and have logged in and participated and find it’s not right for you, we include a 10-day money back guarantee.

If there is anything we can help you with, please email us at, and we’ll be happy to help!

Are you Ready?

Does this resonate with your heart? This wisdom is not only life-changing but you’ll be energized to create more, to live more joyfully, and to find emotional healing.

It’s been tough the last few years and it’s my desire and dream to come together in a safe community where we can journey together to the multidimensional realms of color…for our own healing, wisdom and prosperity. 

It’s time to start this new earth, to integrate your soul and start being an example of what true, aligned living and internal peace is all about. To embody your full power and emanate it out to the world.

Are you ready? Are you ready to see your energy subtly transformed so that all of light in its full iridescence can enhance your own light and beauty?

If so, your time is now.

Not Sure?

Schedule a complimentary session with Arden and find out.

Your Next Step is simple

If you’re getting that hit from your intuition that this program could benefit you… then this is your moment to step forward.

The next couple of months have the power to change your life and work forever. 

I can’t wait to personally welcome you.

Overall, here's what you receive when you enroll…