A New Earth

Arden Reececolor healing

From a June 1 vision I received from the Upper-Dimensional Violet beings. This addresses the current wave of conflict in the U.S. that will continue through Sept/Oct timeframe and the new world that is emerging.

if you make it real, it is real.

Arden Reececolor healing

Lahiri Mahasaya

If You Make it Real, It is Real. Remember the movie from early 2018 by Amy Schumer, I Feel Pretty? (watch the funny trailer here) The storyline is about an insecure woman named Renee who bonks her head at the gym and all her insecurities about her body and looks disappear instantaneously. YES TO THAT! It was a really sweet … Read More

how we can overcome fear with color …and of color

Arden Reececolor meanings

‘ve been ashamed to admit that I don’t remember much from 2005 to 2013. It’s an important chunk of my life that has been wiped from my memory banks. At first I thought it had to do with my health and my autoimmune disease that has wreaked havoc on my body and mind. But, I realize it had a lot to … Read More