high-vibe colors

Your tool to self-acceptance and authentic beauty


U Utilizing her years of research and study in the art and science of color, Arden has identified 14 key colors that align your personal energy and vibrations with your coloring and personality...upleveling your ability to express your true essence.

These are your High-Vibe Colors - they are unique to you and have an amazing capacity to support you in all areas of your life including enhancing your appearance and surroundings.

Your high-vibe colors combine your
Essence + Magnetic colors


Your Essence colors mirror you.

They match and enhance your coloring and create the opportunity for meaningful connections. They include your Soul & Life Path colors along with your Spirit, Vulnerable, Approachable, Trusting, Radiant and Restful colors.

Where to Use

Useful for support at home, in the wardrobe and within your brand. Great for natural makeup colors, hair color and highlighting your essence.


Your Magnetic colors magnify you.

They help support you and magnify your true beauty and who you are. They include your Heart, Fearless, Inspiring, Connected, Uplifting and Vitality colors.

Where to Use

Useful for setting certain intentions in your life and business. Also useful for home accent pieces, makeup and nail polish colors.

An Invitation for Transformation on Many Levels...
How I Am Responding to Myself is Shifting

One of the biggest things for me regarding being a person who shops in the plus sized category - is my chronic disappointment & frustration with the availability of designs that I feel truly match my personality. Working with Arden has been like cracking a code. Now when I enter a shop, I am coming up with these colour combinations that are in such harmony with me, that it transcends finding clothes that are more ‘on trend’. I find myself ok with going for more of the classics, and still get that “hit” I am yearning for - because the creativity can flow through the colours that are so deeply congruent and satisfying on a soul level. I couldn’t have imagined it possible. And if I can combine the right colours with something more 'on trend’, then it’s a bonus.

In my opinion, Arden is a genius. She sees the unique palette of every person. I have lived in the land of basic black for a long time. While I still love black, letting my colours come to light has been incredibly fun. I have experienced Arden’s work as an invitation for transformation on many levels. Wrapping myself in subdued colours that don’t overwhelm me is such a treat. How I am responding to myself is shifting. I am getting up in the morning and dressing myself artfully and with joy. It’s like a practice of remembering that I am part of the beauty of all nature.

With sound colour theory, intuition, and an understanding and sensitivity regarding people’s unique and inherent nature's, Arden whips up a delightful world of colour not without the element of surprise. If you’re on the fence, do yourself a favour and just go for it. You won’t regret it.



“My biggest joy is guiding you to see yourself as a work of art. By utilizing my intensive studies in color — and receiving an amazing palette based on your essence & magnetic colors — you’ll emerge into a deeper understanding of your most meaningful expression, from the inside-out.”ARDEN REECE, Expert Color Practitioner

The Foundation of Arden's Work

Discover Yourself Through Color

Although I was already working with clients and color, it wasn't until I read (and re-read at least 7 times!) Johannes Itten's book, The Art of Color, that I started down the rabbit hole of color in 2006. What blew me away was Itten's initial observations of personal color preferences and personality.

As an artist and teacher of art and color (most famously at the Bauhaus), Itten was loved by his students for his 'quirky' yet effective ways of teaching. In 1928, he "realized with astonishment that each [student] had his own private conception of color harmony."

Your Coloring Informs Your Preferences

This realization he shared became one of the key foundations for my work.  He proposed that the subjective color combinations were "one  key in identifying the students mode of thinking, feeling & doing."

But, what became really apparent to me (which I hope you can see in some of his examples to the left) was that not only did those predilections (subjective preferences) inform their tastes, they mirrored their own coloring and texture! This has been confirmed time and time again with the hundreds of clients I've worked with...and it becomes a fun party trick when I can tell you what coloring a designer has just by looking at her collection.

Your Personal Energy Aligns with the Frequency of Your Coloring

Actually, another way to put it is that your personal coloring maps to your energy and personality.  Here's how: color is energy - made up of wavelengths & photons - each color has it's own frequency and vibration and it affects all species of life.  What makes human coloring fascinating (and complicated) is that there's also absorption and reflection of light (aka color.)

The art & science of color tells us that of the three attributes of color (hue, value and chroma), the most apt to convey emotion and meaning is chroma. Also known as saturation, chroma creates a feeling and mood, whether it's animated, sharp, subdued, dynamic and/or deep. Our own ways of being - whether introverted, ambiverted or extroverted - carry an energy that align with our own color frequency.  It's this  influence of color on an individual that has become the basis for my thesis with the IACC.

Ready to Start Your Color Transformation?

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Look & Feel Confident

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Your Colors Support YOU

Your colors are unique to you and help others to recognize you for who you are.

Finding Clothes Is a Snap

Your colors are easy to find in crowded stores with the help of your color palette.

What Could You Experience If You Had the Right Colors That Supported YOU?

  • Exude confidence and know that you’re wearing the right colors for who you are
  • Reconnect with color and have the ability to choose colors that align with your intentions
  • Convey your true essence and personality authentically
  • Shop efficiently and stop wasting money on items that don’t work for you
  • Show up in the world surrounded by colors that support you in your expression
  • Understand and live your true soul purpose