How living simply leads to inner beauty

Last updated on March 26, 2021

Things occur in your life to help you learn and grow. Sometimes the Universe steps in to assist when you’re not seeing your true inner beauty clearly. It certainly did that for me when my life was transformed from crazy to simple…over a period of years.

Last June, I started an adventure of living out of my suitcase.  It wasn’t a flippant decision but one made with intention and purpose. I was following my calling to do a Mary Magdalene pilgrimage in southern France for 3 months and wanted to spend a few months beforehand living with my things close by (in storage) to ensure I packed right and took what was needed.

While I was fretting about the details and wondering how my entire life could be contained in one small suitcase & carry-on, I heard very clearly these words:

Simple, simple, simple.
You will see, this is the way to be.

As someone who is well beyond her college years, this whole process was a little unnerving but those words gave me a strange comfort and I wrote them down.

Learning to Live Simply from 1400sf to 2sf

Five years prior I had released most of my material things from a 1400 square foot home and large garage filled with retail fixtures, patio furniture and boxes to 600 square feet, no garage and a tiny car.  

I learned how to live simply, with only things I truly loved in my home, and was much happier because of it. There was no physical chaos to disrupt my thoughts—minimal and clean had been my M.O. But going from 600 square feet to 2 square feet of “storage” took some getting used to.

It was needed and the simple life ended up being my path. I didn’t know in the Summer of 2018 that I would soon understand that saying of “Simple, simple, simple” on a much deeper level. 

Then I Moved to France and Disaster Struck

While living in Caunes-Minervois, my second week there found the area experience the worst rains and flooding in over 300 years.  The town nearby, Trebes, had lost 13 people due to the flooding.

In my small village, the two rivers that straddled us rose to flood the nearby wine fields, roofs leaked, and I found myself stepping out of bed one morning into a puddle of water. Our Internet was out and all roads that led to the main town of Carcassonne, were cut off.  

Day 1 of Flooding, Caunes-Minervois

Day 2 of Flooding, Caunes-Minervois

When you live in a small village of 1,000 inhabitants, there isn’t much to go on with one small little grocery store and one café.

Being alone by myself was something I thought I enjoyed. But I had the modern conveniences of living in the states and having a fast Internet connection to help me. I would always busy myself with my computer, with my online work, with listening to Spotify, cooking an awesome meal, reading one of my many books or fine-tuning my space to feel even more beautiful to me. I’m not one to just sit there. I’d often look at the news, check social media, even use the Roku box to stream something.

Now, in my tiny little studio in the south of France that was my home for a few months, I had no Internet. No data connection, no news from the outside world, no streaming media, no social media, nothing from the outside world to busy me and keep me company.

Except for a radio, a notebook and a pen.

Avoiding Myself

There was this emptiness in my heart and I couldn’t fill it. Each time an opportunity would come up for quiet reflection and writing, I would busy myself by taking a walk or flipping on the radio to see what I could gather from the French broadcaster by way of news.

I’d write emails on my laptop to send later when the Internet came back on. But each day of no Internet I would look at the notebook and pen and would then immediately head outside to “get some air.”  It felt as if I was running with my hands on my ears screaming, “Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!” trying to keep my distance from myself.

But deep down, I knew I was missing something – and by that I mean longing for something.

There was a lot of me that wanted to come out. The true me.

Yet the ego part was so afraid and doing everything in her power to keep me from myself. Avoiding every aspect.

By day 10 of no Internet, I finally faced my demon: ME.

Simple Life creates Inner Beauty Wisdom

Finding Inner Beauty

On that day, I started to write longhand in my notebook. And what came out over the next two months wasn’t short of miraculous…stories and understandings of our own inner beauty. Of who we REALLY ARE.

I guess you could say the Universe had to really wake me up from my Internet addiction for this to happen…and to those floods I am grateful, yet not at the cost of the 13 lives.

What came forward has blessed my life and given me further clarity. I am still processing much of it but know this: my work and purpose has gotten incredibly clear. And soon you’ll start to see this website, this small part of the Internet, evolve to share that.

KNOW THIS: If you’re feeling stuck or indecisive about something, chaos in your physical and mental environment will keep you from getting clear and aligned with the beauty and wisdom that you hold within.

This is the first step to moving towards your inner beauty:

Simple, simple, simple.
You will see, this is the way to be.

Arden Reece

Arden Reece

Arden is a worldwide color oracle & practitioner that has practiced for 3 decades in connecting the inner and outer beauty of you with the help of color and light. She is focused on guiding conscious organizations & individuals from all over the world to get clarity on their purpose and guide them to express themselves authentically through the art, science and soul of color.
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