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Learn more about your Color type

What colors match your personality? Discover why identifying your color type is so important in communicating who you are authentically.
Color Type

Learn more about your spiritual colors

You have a soul and life path color. Discover what these spiritual colors mean from this article.
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Learn more about your high-vibe colors

Discover how your inner and outer beauty aligns with your color personality and creates a portal to your authentic beauty.
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Create Your own Palette

Discover your best colors and magnify your true beauty with this 4-week course that walks you through creating your very own color palette.
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Want to Dive Deeper?

Start with a Brand Visioning session.  We’ll focus solely on your business brand & how to visually connect to your best clients. I retrieve the visual symbols, colors & metaphors for your optimal business growth and that communicate your brand’s essence.

Brand Vision Session

This 2-hr session focuses solely on your colors, your brand & how to visually connect to your best clients. The first half of your session is where we discuss your goals and then I retrieve the symbols, colors & messages for optimal business growth. In the 2nd half, we'll work together to create your bold color vision along with specific outcomes and palette colors for you & your brand.

Intuitive Branding

Arden Reece

As a color practitioner and oracle, I help conscious entrepreneurs and organizations get clarity on their purpose and work with them to align their color identity & messaging. My gift is to visually see your personal or organization’s unique expression through your business Soullegory™, a story of your business’s true purpose and symbology.

With a background in Internet and brand marketing, I’ve worked with leading brands (and their spokespeople) such as Gap, Visa, Intuit, eBay, Levi Strauss and KQED. I now utilize my 20+ years of marketing & color expertise to guide soulpreneurs and organizations on the right visual messages & colors to use to get the desired results.

Using my color reference materials and tools (from colorimeters to color atlases to my own fabric color system based on Munsell), I work with you to re-cast color usage in a new way.

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