managing your energetic boundaries

Energy vampires, schmanpires…

There is CONSTANT talk within the the spiritual community about energy vampires, protection, managing your energetic boundaries and (…separation.) I even fell into that a few years ago thinking that I constantly had to “protect” myself.

But it is wrong.

I didn’t know what I know now:

Light abolishes dark instantaneously.

Dark can’t cling!

This idea of creating boundaries of protection is wrong. It’s the opposite, the reverse is correct.

Create a Glow Bubble

It should be about creating a bubble of light and warmth and love. (The term “boundary” is misplaced)

new way of managing energetic boundaries

When you create barriers, you stop love. You remain separate.

Remember: light always overcomes dark. It is not a 50/50 or a 30/70 or whatever split one may think. 

This is your ‘energetic protection’:  knowing that and recognizing that you are love.

There is no darkness…unless you allow it. Why give it permission?

Allow love instead. Allow an ever-growing bubble of warmth. No one can take it from you when you recognize you are not separate.

A great example is the Dalai Lama.

When I was living in France last year, I was at a new friend’s house for dinner one night where we had a great conversation about self and what an enlightened being is.  We mulled over who might be a good example (discussing how no one is really enlightened) and that’s when the Dalai Lama came up.

I shared the story of how when he has visited San Diego, his love is so strong and palpable, it fills up the entire stadium…all the way to the nose-bleed section!

Image Source: @dalailama

My friend shared a story of when she was 10 or 11 living in Rome and she was walking home from school one day. Suddenly, she felt this overwhelming wave of warmth—she felt so happy and good. A man in a robe (which was a common sight in Rome) was walking towards her and it was he who had this warmth bubble emanating from him.

She felt it grow stronger as he approached and then dissipate as he walked past, smiling at her.  When she got home, she told her mom of this experience and her mom pulled out the front page of the newspaper and pointed to the picture of the Dalai Lama who had been visiting. She exclaimed, “that was the man!”



It can’t.

It’s that simple.

The idea of protection is limiting.

It confines. It stops love. It keeps love from coming in and flowing freely. Our fear of love is the problem.

Not energy vampires. They are perceived, illusory. They are not real. Meaning, you allow them in by acknowledging that they are real and are there to take ‘your’ energy. (This is not a mind-fuck but really meant to be as simply stated as it is…there is no ‘your energy’)

You are. We are. Our oneness is. LOVE is.

When you recognize that there is NO separation…that we are all one and that together our light becomes stronger, there is NO thing to fear.

There is only joy and happiness.

Gifting someone by SEEing them for who they truly are expands this bubble of warmth. THIS is your “protection.”


Arden Reece

Arden Reece

Arden is a worldwide color oracle & practitioner that has practiced for 3 decades in connecting the inner and outer beauty of you with the help of color and light. She is focused on guiding conscious organizations & individuals from all over the world to get clarity on their purpose and guide them to express themselves authentically through the art, science and soul of color.
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