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The Secrets of Multidimensional Color

Gain color expertise in working with the Multidimensional realms of color energy!

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Discover the Art + Soul of Color...and Yourself

This advanced and exclusive  program is for the heart-centered energy healers, artists/designers, makeup artists, image consultants and teachers to up-level their business and work with their clients in a deep and profound way. She’s ready to step forward as a highly successful color practitioner in transforming her clients’ lives using color to transform and guide.

Why I created the program

Over the past few years, we’ve all watched as a massive global transformation has unfolded. Many are awakening and navigating new ways of being.

What they need are guides to help them embrace their true colors and its heart-centered light workers like you who stand to bring this healing to the world.  Imagine feeling seen for the first time, for no longer fearing your gifts but instead working with the multidimensional colors to fully support your purpose and allowing you to shine!  This is the healing that you can bring to the world.

I created this program to give you the color knowledge and mentoring you need to become a thriving Multidimensional Color Practitioner.

What is a multidimensional color practitioner?

Part mystic, part artist, part cosmic translator.

A Multidimensional Color Practitioner integrates the mystical with the physical and becomes the mouthpiece and translator to color. She is heart-centered and works with integrity and without judgement to guide her clients to understand their soul gifts. She does this by embracing her creative imagination and sharing color maps, soul color paintings and/or unique readings that provide her human (and sometimes animal) clients important information for their soul’s ascension.

New Cohort Begins Sept 2!


What you'll accomplish

what you get in the program


Scheduled for your first week, you’ll kick off your program with a 90-minute private welcome Zoom call and visioning session with Arden. In this private session, Arden will journey for and share with you what your higher self wants you to know at this time. You’ll work together to create your bold color vision and specific outcomes for your own unique color gifts, business and beyond.


You’ll benefit from scheduled 60-minute private mentoring calls twice each month of the program. Each call is focused on working with the Color Council, helping you strategize, implement, leverage your opportunities, expand your expertise, learn new skills, answer questions and challenge you to accelerate your growth as a Multidimensional Color Practitioner.

(8) Training Modules on Multidimensional Color

Each week a module will open up with detailed content, exercises and assignments to help you quickly accelerate your skills and practice. The modules cover:

1. Connecting to Self and Spirit
2. Working with Spirit
3. The Multidimensional Color Realm
4. Color Mapping + Symbology
5. Multidimensional Color Practices
6. Your Multidimensional Brand + Offering
7. Working with Clients
8. Color Secrets + Practices

(2) Group Office Hours with Arden on Zoom

Office Hours are held once a month on Zoom for everyone in the program. This is where I'm open for you to pop in and get your questions answered.

The 1-hr timeframe is set aside for YOU to pop in anytime, say hello, ask a question or share something cool.

Plus, these bonuses

Understanding Munsell will assist you in working with and notating color. You’ll explore the topics and conduct the exercises with actual color swatches from the Munsell Student Workbook provided.

When you finish, you’ll have 11 charts of Munsell colors and the Munsell color wheel to refer to.

Included in a former program, get the Characteristics of the Chakras handout which defines the 7 chakra’s manifested in alignment and out of alignment. 

Get the actual template I use to develop your own questionnaire from. Discover what to include in the questionnaire you provide to your clients so that you can get to the heart of who they are and how to best serve them.

If you’re looking to fine-tune your fees as a color practitioner/consultant, then this bonus workshop is here to help.

You’ll gain clarity on:

  • How to set the right fees based on your expertise and needs, and
  • What your marketing and client outreach budget needs to be each month in order to meet your financial goals.

In this 40-minute interview with Ben Hart of The Shift Network, I cover The Soul of Color:  3 practical + mystical color practices for expressing yourself authentically.

The portal to your true beauty and inner knowing is within the soul of color. Color is synonymous with light…it lives in both the quantum and physical worlds. During the session you’ll discover three ways to align specific frequencies and energies of light and color with YOUR expression so that you can manifest more joy, clarity and freedom in who you are.

Because I also provide personal color analysis and palettes, I share my entire office setup and all the tools I use including software and hardware.

Plus, Extra Support...

...in the Private Community, Partner Practice match-ups, must-read books, resource lists and much more...

What you'll uncover

The Secrets of Soul Colors will provide you with practical (and a smidge of magical) teachings on using color to actualize your goals, harness your gifts and enhance your relationships with others.

Learn from a masterful guide

Arden Reece is a worldwide color consultant & practitioner that has been at the forefront of the personal color industry for 15+ years. She is the color and soul guide for the new wave of conscious, heart-centered individuals & businesses.

Her work around soul colors and her beautiful, intuitive visions have been touted as life-changing experiences. She now shares her unique methods exclusively to those who choose to create meaningful transformations in their lives.

She’s the perfect guide to help you navigate the simple yet profound world of color. Her studies & research on personal coloring (including intensive interdisciplinary color training with the highly regarded International Association of Color Consultants / Designers) allows her to playfully show you the many ways you can use color to illuminate your authentic, radiant self and enhance every aspect of your life.

Arden Reece

Your Next step is simple

If you’re getting that hit from your intuition that this program could benefit you… then this is your moment to step forward.

The next couple of months has the power to change your life and work forever. 

I can’t wait to personally welcome you.

Overall, here's what you receive when you enroll…

All this valued at $5,400+

Choose Pay in Full or 8 Monthly Payments


Pay in Full


Monthly x 8



An online course is a great way to learn from the comfort of your home! All you need is access to the Internet.

You can view videos, download the guides & worksheets, listen to audios and participate in the live Office Hours calls to deepen your exploration of the course. Plus, the community experience within our private group provides you daily interaction to share your insights and deepen your learning.

Once you join, you’ll have access to the course page where you’ll be able to access your materials, stream videos and listen on your desktop, tablet or smart phone. The workbooks, worksheets, and practices are all easily downloadable in PDF format and can be saved to your device for lifetime access.

Yes, the payment plan extends out for 8 months to make it more affordable for you.

You’ll be billed the first payment today and then subsequent payments in monthly installments for the number of months stated. With a payment plan, your payments are automatically charged every 30 days.


Yes! We want you to be completely happy and confident that you made the right decision and offer a risk-free guarantee. So, if you start the program and have logged in and participated and find it’s not right for you, we include a 10-day money back guarantee.

If there is anything we can help you with, please email us at learn@ardenreece.com, and we’ll be happy to help!

The Soul Colors Program is a 100% Risk-Free Investment

I know that the insights and practices you’ll discover in this program have the power to transform your life in all areas. And I want you to feel great about making this investment in yourself.

It’s 100% risk-free! If you start the program and for whatever reason it’s not right for you, there’s a 10-day, risk-free money back guarantee—no questions asked.

There’s little to lose -— and everything to gain.