color indicator guides – full set


Get all and save! The personal color guides are used by color professionals to determine their client’s dominant color saturation and temperature. This significantly reduces the time in your color analysis when used in conjunction with the Professional Color System.  The package includes the following (9) 4″ x 9″ cards:

  • Instructions for use
  • (3) Skin Temperature Indicators: Warm, Cool, Warm-Cool.  Based on extensive research conducted by the Pantone Color Institute, these skin tone indicators go from light to dark skintones and help you determine if your client is dominantly warm, cool or warm-cool. The colors are printed on both sides of the card with a total of 12 skin colors for each indicator.
  • (5) Personality Indicators: Animated.Saturated, Clear.Tinted, Subdued.Muted, Dynamic.Toasted, Deep.Shaded. Containing 6 colors in their respective saturations, these indicators will help you determine your client’s color saturation(s) and personality. The instructions for use give you tips on determining the right saturations/personalities for your client.
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