Guided Meditation: Swirling Rainbow Light Activation


This beautiful and unique guided meditation is the key to true beauty and manifestation of universal abundance. It begins with the heart chakra and spirals and circulates in and around itself from the heart center. Then, the energy activates and creates a white sphere of swirling rainbow light into each of the chakras to align you with the Divine and your highest good. It ends with you giving back to (instead of taking from) Mother Earth.

By the end of the visualization, your chakras will have spinning white balls of energy with swirls of rainbow sparkles. Start with the heart and then let it flow from there to all other chakra parts. Then ground your feet and send the unconditional loving energy to the earth and embed it to its core so that it can permeate to all earth’s grounded and magnetic energy. Heal thy heart first and then share the joy to all.

Time: 10:30

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A few additional notes about the guided meditation:

During the visualization, you’ll visit your three energetic parts that are located in your body:

  • One is the sacred heart which is located in the middle of our body
  • Another is an upstairs part where our third eye and pineal gland is, and the
  • Third part is a downstairs area where our lower 3 chakras reside.

Your sacred heart which is at your center is similar to a cathedral where there are crystal structures and high-ceiling spires and towers. In the upstairs room, I like to call it the “spaceship” as it provides a 180 degree, 60,000 foot view of earth and your life. Your guardian angel or higher self resides there. In the lower ‘room’ there are various versions of you and your earthly guides. It is typically starry nighttime that has sacred moon energy. Here resides your shadow parts or essence guides…they help guide you on your path and integrate these parts you may still be working on.


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  1. Mia

    This guided visualization connected me to brightness, compassion and gigantic love. It’s offers a lot in a short time!

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