red-violet soul color necklace

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Soul Purpose: To bring beauty & transformation

Includes (2) natural, authentic pink sapphire gemstone charms paired with a clear quartz charm that helps amplify the energy of your soul stone. Features a sterling silver lotus charm that aligns with your soul purpose of transformation & beauty.

Pink Sapphire acts as a magnet to draw into your life all that you need in order to evolve. It’s fast-acting and helps clear blockages and master emotions. It calms the mind, brings prosperity and attracts gifts.

Wearing your soul color necklace allows you to align the to the pure vibration of your soul color, helping your authentic & highest self to shine forth.  This authentic Soul Color necklace brings forward the unique vibration of the Red-Violet (aka Magenta) Soul.

This one-of-a-kind necklace has been cleansed and dedicated to a Red-Violet soul’s highest purpose. The stones & charm hang on a sterling silver 16″ 1.5mm ball chain which sits right below the collar bone.

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