LEVEL 1 & 2

Transformational Color Practitioner

Certification Program Overview

What is the Transformational Color Practitioner Certification Program?

This in-depth and exclusive certification program is for the heart-centered practitioner, wardrobe consultant or interior/graphic designer who has a deep love of color and is ready to step forward as a highly successful color practitioner in transforming her clients’ with colors that align with their essence & beauty and growing her business income.

As part of the certification program, you’ll work directly with me to leverage your color gifts into services that transform your clients, serves your life purpose, and creates more income for your business.

This program is the solution for you if…

  • You’re ready to expand your color knowledge and move to your next level of Color Mastery
  • You’re ready to hone your “color eye”, plus craft and create colors services that sell
  • You’re absolutely committed to creating a thriving color business that services your vision of transformation, income goals and lifestyle
  • You have a business already in place and ready to start (or currently) offering color services and want to quickly take your existing knowledge into a new level of expertise
  • You’re driven by a purpose and mission that you know in your heart you’re destined to fulfill – failure is not an option
  • You want to quickly build your color expertise & income, and know you need the guidance of a mentor who is richly experienced in color, transformation offerings & implementation
  • You know that the skills, mindset, relationships and training that got you this far won’t get you to where you want to go – it’s time for your own transformation
  • You haven’t got time for mistakes (or letting another 6-8 months go by without progress)
  • You’re READY to have a business breakthrough and stretch yourself AND your income to the next exciting level… and be held accountable to go for it!

Why did I create the Color Practitioner Certification Program?

The world needs new guides to help them embrace their true colors and it’s heart-centered color practitioners like you who stand to bring this healing and beauty to the world.  Imagine feeling seen for the first time, for no longer fearing your gifts but instead using color to fully support your purpose and allowing you to shine!  This is the beauty that you can bring to the world.

I developed the certification program into three levels to give you the color knowledge and mentoring you need to become a thriving Color Practitioner. Every level builds on the next to grow and expand your color expertise.  You can sign up and go through each level one at a time, or sign up Level 1 & 2 all at once to lock in savings.

Once you begin, you’ll focus on the practices and secrets that are aligned with the science & art of color.  And, as you progress, you’ll also go deeper into the soul of color – allowing a BIG transformation for your clients and your business so that you can multiply your income and utilize your new knowledge.

What Are the Levels of Certification?


The basics of personal color. To be certified under this level you must have the following:

Total Investment: $2496


Advanced practices of color. To be certified Level 2, you must have the following:

Total Investment: $4557

    LEVEL 3

    Teaching & sharing the practices of color.  To be certified Level 3, you must complete the following:

    • Mentor and coach in the Transform with Color program
    • Mentor and teach (2) Level 1 practitioners
    • (2) Private mentoring calls with Arden
    • Participate in the monthly Rainbow Quorum sessions

        Each level includes a mix of online courses from the Color & Light course site and one-on-one mentoring with Arden.

        For Levels 1 & 2, you can take each course one at a time at your own pace (total investments show above are if you take advantage of the full-pay savings) or you can save over $1000 and purchase both levels at the same time below.  When you do that, you’ll be guided and released courses every other month so that you’re not overwhelmed. We work together with you over the course of a year (or however short or long you want to focus on your learning) to ensure you have the right support and priority access to the courses, even if they’re not available to the public.

        You’ll discover a unique approach to color and help your clients discover their own Essence & Magnetic colors through soul-based practices.  If you’re ready to delve deep into guiding your clients to discovering and communicating who they ARE with color, then these programs are for you.

        Save $ and Get Level 1 + 2 Together!

        Save $ and Get Level 1 + 2 Together!

        Payment Plan

        $1500 Deposit Today + 8 monthly installments of $687.50 (Total $7000)

        JOIN NOWPayment Plan - 9 Months

        Pay in Full

        One Lump Sum of $6000 - Save over $1000

        JOIN NOWPay in Full - Save $1000

        Enlightening, Educational and Overall Superb!

        Mentoring with Arden is worth every penny. It allowed me to approach color in a much more customized and unique way for my clients – it has upleveled my entire business. I had big goals going into the mentorship and I was able to accomplish them and so much more…I even overcame my tech phobia! With all the ideas and support from Arden, I was able to build upon my services and perfect the information I created. I’ve developed & fine-tuned my color analysis techniques (yay for the Pro Color System), I’m much more confident in sharing information about the Essence & Magnetic colors, and I’m able to merge mind, body & spirit into the total package of my business by applying the Soul Color techniques I learned. I’ve been able to truly connect all my services in a holistic way!


        Want More Details?

        Receive the 22-page overview that covers Level 1 & 2 in detail.