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color intelligence academy

Color Intelligence Academy - Learn the art, science and SOUL of color at your own pace online through our online learning site.


Personality Summit - Uncover your unique gifts, patterns, and life path at this free online summit. Join Arden and others -- RSVP now.

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Online Courses

transform with color

Transform with Color 2.0! Welcome to the NEW and updated TwC, Your Color DNA...create your own Essence & Magnetic color palette in 4 weeks.

sexy radiant silver masterclass

Sexy, Radiant, Silver - Embrace your beautiful gray! Discover the right clothing & makeup colors that bring out your natural beauty.

color codes to ascension

Color Codes to Ascension -
Receive channeled information based on the Gospel of Mary Magdalene for working with the first emanation of ego and activating your soul's ascension path.

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Become a Color Practitioner

Fulfill your purpose & love of color by offering soulful color transformations. 

If you’re ready to delve deep into guiding your clients to discovering and communicating who they ARE with color, then we have the right training, guidance and tools to help you. 

course testimonials

Lori Sawaya, IACC, The Land of Color

Arden geeks out even more than me when it comes to old, dead color geniuses.

Terri Davis, Terri Davis Art & Design

Arden’s color course is packed with useful and fun information that helped me fine tune my wardrobe colors as well as help me in my interior design business. I believe the colors people look best in are also the colors that translate well in their living spaces.

Teresa Tullio, Business of Color

Arden has a mastery of color beyond anyone in her niche! She brings a unique skill that’s highly respected by the color industry and her clients!

Janet S.

My understanding of color has been greatly enhanced by the taking her course. I thoroughly enjoyed everything that came with it…the webinars, workbooks, worksheets and online study group were all fabulous. I am finally able to see my skin tone and all of the colors in my hair and eyes. I had been laboring under some misconceptions about those areas. I always wanted to be an Autumn of some sort, and now I realize that’s not who I was nor did it enhance me. I’m able to accept and honor my unique coloring by dressing and surrounding myself in the harmony of my individualized palette.

Maggie Oman Shannon

Having been in the “color world” for several years now, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of color consultants, who often gave me differing opinions as to what “season” I was. It wasn’t until this class with Arden that it all came together for me…how grateful I am to have taken this fascinating class to understand better the principles of color for myself. Arden is kind, professional, thorough in her approach and generous with resources…I am SO glad I decided to take this course and will definitely be on the lookout for her future offerings!

Sandy Evenson

I had delved into personal color analysis many years ago, and was interested in what might be new in the world of color as it relates to people’s skin tone, hair color and eye color. Once I started the classes, I was so surprised and impressed with Arden’s depth of knowledge on the history of color, how we see color and how it even reflects our inner personality. Her passion for the world of color is infectious. Discovering all the nuances of my own unique coloring was so fun. And, getting to see the other participants with their colors was awe inspiring…what a colorful world we live in! I highly recommend this course. You will come away with a new respect, and admiration, for yourself as well as an appreciation for everyone you meet. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

Anna Chandler, Colour Consultant

I’ve had extensive training in colour, however no one has approached colour like Arden does in such a deep & meaningful way that allows for one’s personality to be reflected through the colours we wear.

Renee Lynn

I now am more confident and expressive in my daily life because I am wearing and surrounding myself with colors that support and empower me. The colors align with my energy and that makes me look and feel great. People often respond with warmth and the connections and compliments come frequently. I feel tremendous gratitude for the impact that Arden has made in my wardrobe and life.

Rebecca Massoud

I now have a solid foundation for creating my new sophisticated look — Arden’s color expertise is genius. Now I can tell immediately when I walk into a clothing store what will look good on me and what to steer clear of. Thank you for providing the tools, knowledge and expert coaching for me becoming the best, most stylish “me”!

Deborah Grandinetti

I Can’t Remember a Class I Took That Has Brought Me Such Pleasure! Arden Reece’s course was the richest online course experience I’ve had to date. It was beautifully conceived and packed full with practical information. I thought I would learn what colors looked best on me; I did AND I also learned SO MUCH MORE about texture, shape, accessorizing, contrast & color-pairing, and how colors influence how others perceive us. I can now walk into a clothing or makeup store and zero right in on the colors that flatter me, and I have much more confidence pulling together a complete ensemble that complements my coloring and style and is right for the occasion. What surprised me the most about the course however, was how Arden wove in spirituality, and how by understanding my relationship to color I came to know myself more deeply. I particularly enjoyed the soul color meditation—it was powerful and affirming.

Andy Kennedy, Innerself Lightworks

What surprised me the most was that I would be excited to share this with others—it wasn’t something I was taking for “continued learning.” I do Crystal Healing Therapy and was excited to take my color knowledge to a new level and to be able to take a person’s physical traits and help them individualize their wardrobe and surroundings with the colors right for them. I’m using color more in my existing practice of Crystal (and now Color!) energy healing—and, I’m excited for the knowledge to grow on me even more with practice. I can say that the course instilled a lot of confidence in my intuition when choosing colors—I have my chart printed above my dresser in my walk-in closet. I know now which item is my “fearless” blue or my “inspiring” green! Another big takeaway for me were the Essence colors—to know the vulnerable, trusting, restful and approachable colors helps me with how I present myself in different situations— whether it’s for networking events, healing sessions, vibrant evenings out or simply sitting with a friend’s newborn. All in all, the course gave me confidence to choose the right colors, to trust my own internal guidance, and that I can help others with this! I have such a peace of mind that my colors have my back! Plus, it gave me a great experience with a fun, caring group of people that were eager to share their experiences and help me learn about myself through watching them learn too! Learning is so much better in groups – you can’t get this kind of knowledge in a book or from just one video, it’s the entire experience of this course that makes it such a gem!