2018 Soul Journey Curriculum: Illumination

2018 is Your Time to Illuminate Your Soul’s Purpose.

In this year of master number 11, join Arden on a Soul Journey to activate your unique expression.



Learn NEW and specific techniques that move you forward in the new energy

2017 has been a pivotal time for our world. The clashes seem to be getting louder but the truth is the undercurrent of the new energy coming forward is creating a wave of beautiful and loving change to the many souls here. Yet, it requires something different from you.

You may have noticed that energetic blocks keep coming back or setting goals and manifesting are no longer as effective as they once were. How we manifest and operate in this new energy is different.

Now, more than ever, you are being asked to stand in your power and do what you came here to do.

In this year-long program, you’ll receive sacred practices, techniques, mentoring and support to do the deep soul work so that it activates your soul purpose, drops the ego, and allows you to effortlessly live a life full of joy and meaning.


  • Move gracefully into loving and honoring your true expression

    Your BEING creates your reality! Create a joyous and beautiful way of being that is expressively you in every regard.

  • Align all parts of your body, mind and soul.

    You’ll have a closer connection to Spirit…and your higher self.

  • Trust your intuition and inner guidance.

    Gain absolute clarity on every situation and be able to see things with a clearer perspective.

  • Confidently stand in your power and live a life full of joy and meaning

    You’ll have an arsenal of effective techniques & practices for moving you forward in the new energy.

  • Experience personal breakthroughs and shifts

    Uplevel and attract the right relationships, business and life because you’re focused on your soul’s true purpose.

  • Experience an inner peace and beauty of how you see yourself and others.

    Situations and people that once triggered you will no longer have the same effect.


All the Details

24+ Practices building on the Four Pillars of Soul Work

At the beginning of every month, you’ll receive 1-3 practices or techniques that build on one of the 4 Pillars of soul work. These include videos, step-by-step handouts and worksheets to help you quickly accelerate your embodiment of the work for the month.

12 Live 60-Minute Conference Sessions with Q&A

On the 11th of each month (11am Pacific), enjoy the extraordinary opportunity to learn from Arden and guest teacher, Gale Wulff — right in your own home. Each month’s video conference session covers principles for the particular Soul Work practices for that month and allows you to ask questions and share your insights and learnings with each other.

12 Audio & Video Recordings

The morning after each monthly session, the video and audio will be available for you to view and download in Mp4 and Mp3 formats. You’ll never have to worry about missing a session and you can watch and re-watch anytime, at your convenience.

Monthly Soul Journey Planner

At the beginning of each month, you’ll receive a Soul Journey Planner worksheet to plan and record your practices, feelings and thoughts.

Private, Members-Only Facebook Group

Our private online community is the perfect place to further your soul work during the month. In this shared sacred space, you can ask additional questions, interact with the collective group and take your learning experience to an even deeper level.

BONUS: Soul Journey Kick-Off

The last week of 2017, you’ll receive a Kick-Off packet that includes some pre-work and your first practice to conduct: your own private 2017 Releasing Ceremony on the full moon of January 1st!


The 2018 program theme is Illumination

There are four pillars to your soul journey. Each soul work pillar is covered for three full months. Each pillar builds on the prior pillar as the months progress, adding new practices and soul work along with bringing back former pillar learnings for deeper integration. 

The Four Pillars are:

  • Purpose. (Jan – Mar) Your foundation for connecting to your true divinity and soul purpose.
  • Action. (Apr – Jun) Taking action to clear, purify and nurture your mind, body & spirit so that you can integrate your higher self.
  • Create. (Jul – Sep) Create a life that effortlessly allows you to stand in integrity, trust your intuition and embrace your divine creative power.
  • Be.  (Oct – Dec) Embody your divinity by be-ing present.

PILLAR 1: Your Soul Purpose


Who Am I? Gain a knowing to your love and divinity through working with your guardian angels and guides. Discover how to connect and create a strong relationship with your divine team through the practice of journeying. Experience the Mirror of Truth visualization to see your exquisite beauty.


What is My Purpose? Rediscover your true purpose and potential through your Higher Self who guides you to honor your soul’s purpose. Learn the techniques of sound and word that help you to connect to your Higher Self as well as the colors in the Soul Spectrum that reveal powerful truths about you.


What Are My Unique Gifts? You have a unique divine expression that you are meant to share. Discover who you are here to serve and the covenant you hold with your Creator by going within through the Sacred Heart meditation. Claim your gifts by tapping into the parallel lives from your dreaming life.

PILLAR 2: Nurture through Action


Inspire Your Mind. Create space for positive and loving thoughts by clearing yourself of clouded thinking and trapped emotions. Discover the techniques that actually work to free your mind and feed it with a daily inspiration practice that honors you.


Nourish Your Body. Experience top hacks for clearing, feeding and moving your body so that you can feel vital and connected. By having a clear vessel and listening to what your body needs daily, you’ll be able to create an alignment that nurtures and sustains you.


Purify Your Spirit. Become a master protector of your energy by learning how to recognize the difference between energetic vampires, psychic attacks and limiting beliefs. Implement spiritual hygiene practices to purify your energy and fill your home and heart with love.

PILLAR 3: Create…Express Your Purpose


Create Your Best Life. Shine your light and create your best life. Utilize key techniques for activating your intuition, self-awareness and energy to see your true potential. You’ll create the construct of your very best life by using a guided visualization, your guardian angels and your intuition as guideposts.


Share Your Gifts. Get ready to shake the world, claim your blessings, and share your gifts by building on the unique vision of your soul’s expression. You’ll learn an important practice for manifesting in the new energy and creating a life where you’ll have the world at your fingertips.


Stand in Your Creative Power. Claim your divine creative power by co-creating joy and living your heart’s desire and dream life through a variety of fun practices. Experience seeing the Color Grid with your physical eyes and what it means to your divine creative abilities.



Embody Your Higher Self. Allowing things to flow in their due time and divine order no longer requires patience. Activating and integrating your higher self provides more ease and flow in your life. Experience more trust in your way of being through powerful pineal & pituitary gland meditations.


Be Playful. Expressing yourself freely, confidently and with abandon is the cornerstone to your playful BE-ing. Experience some practices that move forward your innocent perception and your inner child’s expression. To be is to be fun!


Be Love. Magnetize loving relationships and connections to your life by igniting the love within you. Discover powerful practices to create and nurture love in your life. Your self-awareness will allow you to be the loving observer who watches with no judgment.

Pay in Full & Save

Program Starts January 1, 2018

Pay Plan

$399/mo for 4 months


Arden Reece

Arden Reece, Soul Color Practitioner

Arden Reece is the color and soul guide for the new wave of conscious, heart-centered individuals. Her work around soul colors and her beautiful, intuitive visions have been touted as life-changing experiences.
Arden’s gift is to visually see your soul’s unique expression and guide you in connecting to your true purpose and beauty.

She’s an internationally-sought after color practitioner, author and educator who helps you to create meaningful transformations in your life and business. Based in Encinitas, she works via scheduled appointments at Four Moons Spa and online via Zoom with people from all around the world. Find her at ardenreececolor.com or twinviolets.com.


Gale Wulff

Gale Wulff, Intuitive Guide

Gale Wulff has spent the past 10 years studying and practicing with a number of internationally acclaimed teachers and practitioners. This has given him a very balanced and pragmatic approach to what he sees and brings forward in each session. He combines this wide array of experience and knowledge with a heart centered wisdom and practicality. Gale has a special gift for seeing the experiences of a person’s past which are still playing out in the stories of a person’s present. He is versed in many energetic techniques (chakra work, somatic therapy, tantra and shamanism, among others) and brings practical soul-based wisdom to all of his work. You can find Gale at twinviolets.com and also exploring his passion for woodwork & building furniture in Encinitas CA.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

A: The start date of the program is January 1, 2018. The program runs for the entire year with live sessions occurring on the 11th of each month. The last session is scheduled on December 11, 2018.
A: We use Zoom conferencing which is video and chat technology to make it just like an in-person event, where you can ask questions, view videos and deepen your exploration of the program. Plus, the community experience within our Facebook group provides you daily interaction to share your insights and deepen your learning.
A: Soul Journey 2018 is a digital online program. You will have access to a special course page where you’ll be able to access your materials, stream videos and listen on your desktop, tablet or smart phone. The practices and worksheets are all easily downloadable in PDF format and can saved to your device for lifetime access.
You don’t have to be at the live class in order to get the full benefit of the course! Each month, the audio and video recordings for each session will be available to you to download. If you know you’re going to miss a live session, you can also submit your questions ahead of time so that Arden can address them. You can also join our private Facebook group for the program to interact with other participants and Arden.
A: The Facebook group is a private group for the first two weeks and then we move it to “Secret.” Secret means that only other group participants can see what you post. The group is a wonderful community for all program participants to share their insights and ask questions. Arden is quite active in the group to help answer questions and facilitate discussions. You’ll have the ability to share your experiences and a-ha moments as well as make long-time friends.
A: Not for our early registration savings. Right now, we are offering a special $300 savings for early registrations through December 15. On December 16, the full price will go up to $1499 with a monthly payment plan offered.
A: Yes! We want you to be completely happy and confident that you made the right decision and offer a risk-free guarantee. So, if you start the program and for whatever reason, it’s not right for you, we include a 14-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

A: If there is anything we can help you with, please email us at color@ardenreece.com, and we’ll be happy to help!

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