Are You Ready to Hone Your Color Eye to Expert Status?

Combined Level I & II Color Practitioner Certification Program

with Arden Reece

Discover the Art and Soul of Color

Build a Thriving Practice That Truly Serves Your Vision & Purpose!

This in-depth and exclusive mentorship program is for the heart-centered practitioner, energy healer, artist, wardrobe consultant or interior/graphic designer who has a deep love of color and is ready to step forward as a highly successful color practitioner in transforming her clients’ with colors that align with their essence & beauty.

As part of the Gold Mentorship program, you’ll work directly with me to leverage your color gifts into services that transform your clients, serves your life purpose, and creates more income for your business.

In this private mentoring program, you’ll receive my best processes, training, mentoring and support to uplevel your color gifts and grow your color business so that it reflects your soul purpose and brings you additional income.

You’ll upgrade every aspect of your color knowledge, from being able to see color accurately, to selecting the right colors for any client you encounter, to ‘getting’ your client’s true colors and creating lasting transformation.  You’ll expand your expertise and build your business, plus discover the secrets for growing your clientele by providing unique color services that get you in front of more people.

All this to allow you to step forward in a bold and powerful way as a Certified Color Practitioner, and model of spiritual and financial abundance.

Along the way, you’ll receive a high degree of accountability, mentoring and support so you make powerful decisions and take passionate action towards your vision of success.

Exclusive Access To A Mentor Who Has Been There, Done That, And Is Willing To Openly Share From Her Experience

Straight up: I’ve been where you are. I’ve worked long hours. I’ve stayed up late and pulled all-nighters. I’ve stared at color swatches for way too long! And I’ve made a TON of mistakes, including all the biggies: giving the wrong color advice (“Oh, I told you that you couldn’t wear gold?”), losing clients because I didn’t get them at the core level, launching services that bombed, and choosing to suffer in overwhelm because of old conditioning and crappy beliefs.

I hold nothing back! I love sharing openly because like you, I love to give… and there’s something truly magical about passing on the wisdom of hard-earned experience. You get to benefit from MY mistakes… plus you’ll get a candid look at what’s happening in my business NOW.

This is a rare opportunity to mentor with me as I only offer this once a year to a few, select individuals.

Arden Reece

What Are the Levels of Certification?


The basics of personal color. Practitioners with this level own the Arden Reece Pro Color System and have gone through at least 10 hours of private training and practice on basic color analysis. In addition, they've gone through 18-hours of training and practice within the Transform with Color: Your Color DNA course.


Advanced practices of color. Level 2 practitioners have a working knowledge of basic color analysis and have gone through 60+ hours of additional training and practice in color. They are able to provide you soul & life-path colors and build your palette of your unique Essence and Magnetic colors.


The basics of non-visible color & energy. Practitioners with this level  are able to provide you soul & life-path colors and provide the in-depth meanings to them. In addition, they've gone through 28-hours of training and practice within the Soul of Color and Transform with Color: Just Be Hue and Inner Colors courses.


Advanced practices of soul color work. Level 2 practitioners have a working knowledge of soul colors and have gone through 60+ hours of additional training and practice in multidimensional color. They are able to provide energetic color maps, conduct chakra healing practices, and guide clients with color messages from the Color Council.

Each level includes a mix of online courses from the Color Intelligence Academy and one-on-one mentoring with Arden.  For Levels 1 & 2, you can take each course one at a time at your own pace when they are offered or you can save time and money and be privately mentored in both with all the extras the Gold Mentorship offers!

When you do that, you'll be guided and released course modules every month so that you're not overwhelmed. We work together with you over the course of six-months (or however short or long you want to focus on your learning) to ensure you have the right support and priority access to the courses, even if they're not available to the public. Plus, you have your very own private clinic day with Arden which is not offered anywhere else!

You'll discover a unique approach to color and help your clients discover their own Essence & Magnetic colors through soul-based practices.  If you're ready to delve deep into guiding your clients to discovering and communicating who they ARE with color, then these programs are for you.

What you'll accomplish if you had access to me

You want to know that your business and your life will change as a part of this program. Here are just some of the shifts you can expect when you show up powerfully, play full-out and immerse yourself in this Gold Mentoring experience:

  • Claim Your Big Colorful Vision for Your Business

    Design your business so that it serves you and your lifestyle as much as it serves the world. This is a business that reflects your soul purpose, is a true expression of your gifts and calls you forward to grow into the person you are destined to be.

  • Create Your Plan

    You’ll develop a plan to create a thriving color practice, plus receive mentoring and support to help you make the internal shifts necessary to grow into your expertise and the income that you desire.

  • Get to the Heart of Your Client

    Be able to uncover your client’s inner beauty by identifying her soul & life path colors through unique practices never shared before.

  • Uplevel Your Client’s Vibration & Energy

    Depending on your Path, you'll be able to identify your Client’s main & supporting Color Types and provide color & element recommendations. Or, you'll be able to guide her in increasing her frequency and vibration with color and truly uplevel her beauty AND energy.

  • Easily Prescribe the Right Essence & Magnetic Colors

    If you follow the Personal Color path, you’ll learn tricks for pulling these 12 colors and how to navigate the concerns that each of the colors bring up for your client. No more wondering if you got it right!

  • Bring Forward Soulful Messages from Spirit

    If you follow the Color (Light) Worker path, you'll learn new practices for working with Spirit and the Color Council. These spiritual practices are from the highest realms and will unlock new ways of working multidimensionally for your client's highest good.

  • Attract New Clients Easily

    Discover a unique way to share and highlight your color services that creates unforgettable experiences for women who become your advocates and new clients that are serious about their transformation.

  • Develop a Soul-Centered Line of Color Offerings

    Discover and create additional revenue streams for your business by creating color services that mirror your gifts, sets you apart, and attracts the right clients you love to work with.

  • Hone Your Eye Through Guided Practice

    True color expertise comes through practice. Not only will you overcome your fear about seeing color, you’ll be guided through a multitude of practices as well as spend a full day receiving direct guidance as you practice on clients.

  • Create a Color Conscious Mindset

    Understanding the common fears and misconceptions of color can help you guide your client into full transformation as they integrate their colors into their life. You’ll learn the common pitfalls of color from lighting to matching so that you can help your client embrace color fully.

  • Move Gracefully Through Fear And Doubt

    You’ll learn life-changing skills to help you move quickly through fear when it comes up so you can stay aligned with your purpose and taking passionate action.

  • Experience Personal Breakthroughs And “Inner Game” Shifts

    Your BEING creates your reality! Grow yourself like never before, let go of old beliefs, and liberate yourself from the past so you are free to create your life exactly as you wish to live it – including incredible income and impact.

  • Enjoy Unconditional Support

    … from a powerful mentor who is committed to your growth, excellence and leadership.


Program Overview and Bonuses

Your 6-month Private Gold Mentoring Program Benefits Include...

90-Minute Private Big Color Visioning & Soul Purpose Session

Scheduled for your first week, you’ll kick off your program with a 90-minute private welcome web call and visioning session with Arden. In this private session, Arden will journey for and share with you your Soul and Life Path Colors.  You’ll work together to create your bold color vision and specific outcomes for your own unique color gifts, business and beyond.

Six (6) Private 1-on-1 Mentoring calls with Arden

You’ll benefit from scheduled 45-minute private mentoring calls during each month of the program.  Each call is focused on helping you strategize, implement, leverage your opportunities, expand your expertise, learn new skills, answer questions and challenge you to accelerate your financial and career growth as a Certified Color Practitioner.

Exciting practice assignments, so you can hone your skills in a safe environment.

Pro Color System & Color Analysis Training

Every Level I Color Specialist in the Personal Color Path receives the Pro Color System which is a collection of over 900 fabric swatch colors based on human coloring and aligned with the Munsell Notation System.  You'll undergo (2) 2-hour training sessions that give you hands-on practices on how to do a Color Analysis and to see and speak the language of color using the Pro System. ($2200 value)

Eight (8) Training Modules on the Secrets of Color

Each month, depending on the Path you choose, you’ll receive two trainings for crafting & honing your color skills and building your services, following Arden’s step-by-step system. Each 75-minute training includes detailed content, exercises and assignments to help you quickly accelerate your skills and income. The Personal Color modules cover:

  1. The Secrets to Accessing Your Client’s Inner Colors
  2. Critical Color Secrets for Connecting Your Client’s Energy with Her Color Type
  3. Unlocking Your Client’s Essence Colors
  4. How to Uncover Your Client’s Magnetic Colors
  5. Creating Color Circles That Sell
  6. Delivering Profound Color Sessions & Transformations
  7. Guiding Your Client through the Web of Color
  8. Color Matching Secrets: Building a Wardrobe or Home Palette

Private VIP Color Clinic Day with Arden

This is a rare and powerful opportunity to spend an entire day with Arden, focused exclusively on you, your business and fine-tuning the color skills you need specific help with!  The Color Clinic includes planning, live practice with real clients, and post-mortem reviews to help you improve.  The skills, ideas and breakthroughs you’ll gain from this highly productive time will chart the course of your success for months, even years to come. Your Private VIP Color Clinic will take place in Encinitas, California on a day that works for you in early 2020..

Detailed Color Clinic packet, including pre-clinic work to help you show up for your day focused, energized and ready to play! The clinic provides you side-by-side work with Arden as you work on your business & conduct a color session with a client, live!

“Done For You” Resources, Information and Materials

Throughout the program, you’ll receive “done for you” color tools, templates, checklists, and cross-reference charts to help you implement the secret color skills you’re discovering. These resources represent the past 12 years of Arden’s color expertise and are the same ones she uses in her business every day, saving you thousands of dollars in wasted time and effort.

  • Priority Email Access for Quick Questions & “Check In” Support during Your Program
  • Mp3 or Mp4 Recordings of all Modules, Mentoring Calls, and your Private Big Color Visioning session

You'll also receive The Color Tools I Use Bonus Guide where you'll discover the tools I use and recommend to include in your growing color library and tool kit. Some will surprise you and others will make you wonder why you never used them before!

The Private Gold Mentorship Program Also Includes Access to...

LIFETIME Access to Transform with Color ($597 value)

You'll receive lifetime access to the ground-breaking course on personal color, Transform with Color, where you'll have access to the latest updates (with TWC 2.0 launching soon!) and become a part of the growing community of women transforming with color.

2 Bonus Workshops (value $700)

Discover How to Deliver Online Color Services including how to do a rendering with Adobe Illustrator swatch files and template files. (Adobe Illustrator software is key to have for this bonus workshop.)

Learn How to Deliver Empowering Color Consultations.  Discover the process for conducting in-person color consultations. Workshop includes Munsell color image jpgs for you to use in your consults.
Access to the Soul Colors Course ($1497 value)

This 12-week live program will open up again in late 2019 where each week you’ll explore in-depth one soul color from the spectrum and uncover it’s hidden purpose (including it’s shadow side), other associated meanings, symbolism, and healing aspects.

FUN, Enlightening, Educational & Overall Superb!

The Arden Reece Mentorship program is worth every penny. The program allowed me to approach color in a much more customized and unique way for my clients – it has upleveled my entire business. I had big goals going into the mentorship and I was able to accomplish them and so much more...I even overcame my tech phobia!

With all the ideas and support from Arden, I was able to build upon my services and perfect the information I created. I’ve developed & fine-tuned my color analysis techniques (yay for the Pro Color System), I’m much more confident in sharing information about the Essence & Magnetic colors, and I'm able to merge mind, body & spirit into the total package of my business by applying the Soul Color techniques I learned. I’ve been able to truly connect all my services in a holistic way!

I didn’t realize how much information would be packed into the program and I love that I can go back to the videos and lessons to review – I learn more each time I go back in! If you use color in your business, this program will guide you through the many ways that color can be used toenhance the lives of others. I'd say 'Go for it!'


Program Calendar

The Gold Mentorship Program is a 6-month commitment that follows the recommended calendar:

  • Month 1

    Big Colorful Vision Session
    One of two (2)-hour Color Training sessions
    Private Mentoring Call

  • Month 2

    Transform with Color Course Last of two (2)-hour Color Training sessions
    Private Mentoring Call
  • Month 3

    Complete Level I Certification
    Secrets of Personal or Multidimensional Color: 3 Modules Private Mentoring Call
  • Month 4

    Private Color Clinic Prep Work Secrets of Personal or Multidimensional Color: 3 Modules Private Mentoring Call
  • Month 5

    Private Color Clinic Day Secrets of Personal or Multidimensional Color: 2 Modules Private Mentoring Call
  • Month 6

    Complete Level II Certification Soul Journeying or Color Analysis Practices Private Mentoring Call

Your 180-day Private Gold Mentoring Program Benefits Include…

  • (1) 90-Minute Private Big Color Visioning & Soul Purpose Session with Arden
  • (1) Private VIP Color Clinic Day with Arden with detailed prep packet
  • Six (6) Private 1-on-1 Mentoring calls with Arden (sessions are 45 minutes each)
  • Eight (8) Training Modules on the Secrets of Personal Color OR Multidimensional Color
  • Eight (8) Exciting practice assignments (with step-by-step instructions)
  • Two (2) 2-Hour Color Analysis or Soul Journeying Training Sessions with Arden
  • The Pro Color System* of over 900 fabric colors (for Personal Color path)
  • “Done For You” Resources for Quick Implementation (templates, checklists, charts)
  • Priority Email Access for Quick Questions & “Check In” Support during Your Program
  • Recordings of all Trainings and Mentoring Calls

Plus, These Bonuses Valued at over $3000…

  • Access to the 12-week Soul Colors Course ($1497 value)
  • Lifetime access to the Transform with Color course ($597 value)
  • The Color Tools I Use Bonus Guide
  • The Munsell Student Workbook ($100 value)
  • 2 Bonus Workshops on Delivering Online Color Services & In-Person Sessions ($700 value)
  • Plus, lots of special bonuses throughout!

Apply Today

Here’s How to be Considered as a Candidate for the Gold Mentorship Program

  • Review the Requirements to Ensure You're a Good Fit

    Because this program delivers such a high level of mentoring, support and accountability, each member MUST be a great fit. Take a look at the requirements below to make sure.

  • Click "Apply Now" to Schedule Your Private Conversation

    Select a time on Arden's calendar, fill out the application form and submit your request. Please note that space is limited and not all applicants are accepted.

  • Meet with Arden on Zoom Web Conferencing

    We’ll chat to make sure that you and I are a perfect fit for each other and that this program is the right decision for you. You will ONLY be offered a spot in the program if it’s a perfect match. One thing that makes the Gold Mentoring Program unique is that it is a gathering of leading Color Practitioners that are on the rise!  Part of the selection process includes preserving the integrity of the collective energy to create a sacred space that supports you fully.

Let's Talk!

Holding a Breakthrough Session does NOT commit you to the program or becoming mentored. It’s just a sincere expression that you’d like to be considered for this elite mentorship.


There are only 4 spots available! All spots will be filled on a first come, first considered basis.

In other words, the sooner you get your application in, the better your chance for claiming one of these exclusive spots and getting your pick of days for your private one-on-ones and your Color Clinic day.

Remember, this is a rare opportunity to work with Arden in this capacity!

It’s only fair to let you know that this mentorship will be the ONLY way to get one-on-one mentoring from me in being a transformational color practitioner. My business model is focused on guiding and transforming women with color—this work is truly important to me and so mentoring a select few helps to complete the circle of sharing this work.

My commitment to you is to give you the color know-how, powerful processes, “behind the scenes” details, and easy access to the support and resources you need to be successful so that you’ll look back on this moment just a few months from now as the best decision you have ever made in your business and yourself.

The Best Investment in My Business

I’m feeling much more energized and excited to work on my business! All the tricks that I’ve learned have helped me tremendously. There is less confusion and I’m more comfortable with helping others determine their colors and dominant temperature. I’m super clear about where I’m headed – I am more focused & centered on where I want to take my business. Mentoring with Arden has provided a lot of introspection & insight…plus, it’s re-awakened the love of color in my life.


Is this right for you?

Are You The Right Fit For the Color Practitioner Gold Mentorship Program?

This program is right for you if you truly desire to create a color practice that gives you time and freedom, and to become a model for spiritual and financial abundance. You’re ready to leave waiting, delaying and denying your gifts behind and play full-out to create what you want in your life.

You also need to know that I am VERY selective about who I choose to work with privately. I’ve found that it’s not of service to take on a client who simply isn’t ready to receive this kind of support, or is not willing to take the action required to uplevel their color knowledge, their business and life.

Requirements for Consideration:

  • You are passionate about color and interested in harnessing the power of it in your practice
  • You have experience with color whether it be in style, design, art or energy healing yet know there is more to KNOW
  • You are committed to being a Certified Color Practitioner, playing BIG, and helping lots of people
  • You are decisive and willing to make decisions even when it’s uncomfortable
  • You are committed to providing a higher level of service and quality experiences
  • You’re ready to invest in yourself—in time, energy, attention and money
  • You are heart-centered, mindful and committed to your own growth
  • You are willing to do things differently than you have done before
  • You ask for what you want and speak up when you’re not getting what you need
  • You respect the boundaries of myself, the other participants, and of the team here at Arden Reece Color
  • You are excited about working together towards manifesting your dreams!

It’s a MUST that this program is a fit for both of us.

The Choice Is Clear… And The Next Step Is Simple

The next 6 months (and beyond) have the power to change your life forever. You will be in such a different place than you are right now!  As you step into being a Certified Color Practitioner, you’ll receive the training, mentoring and support you need from me to help you dramatically shorten your learning curve and save you months—even years—trying to achieve similar results on your own or in less comprehensive programs.

Oh, and did I mention that we’re going to have a BLAST in the process?

If this is exactly what you’ve been looking for, I can’t wait to read your application and personally welcome you to the program.





  • Over 10+ years running a personal color business
  • 20+ years training and leading individuals – 7 of those years training personal stylists
  • Noted world image and personal color expert

Arden Reece is a nationally recognized soul-centered expert color practitioner, color seer, writer and educator who helps individuals around the world create meaningful transformations for themselves and their businesses. Her 12 years of studies and research on personal coloring led her to develop her work around the Essence and Magnetic colors which bring out an individual’s personal coloring and presence in a unique and powerful way.

Arden started transforming lives back in 2004 when she launched her own clothing boutique and then went on to found and the Wardrobe 911 Style Institute (the first online interactive learning environment for professional stylists). She has over 15 successful years in brand marketing with companies such as Visa, Wells Fargo, Intuit and Levi Strauss. She holds a B.S. in International Marketing with a minor in Art History and has undergone 64 hours of intensive interdisciplinary color training with the highly regarded International Association of Color Consultants/Designers (IACC-NA).

Arden’s color credentials have been shared on stage with organizations such as Genentech, Jhirmack, Going Gray Looking Great, San Jose State University and many more. She’s also been featured on national morning shows, the San Diego Times, and taught hundreds of individuals worldwide through The Shift Network, the Style Institute, and Arden Reece Color.

Arden lives in Northern San Diego—the sweet spot of the universe, full of remarkable color.