Align Your Client's Energy & Beauty with Color!

Plus, create massive transformation with profitable practices and services

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Transformational Color Practitioner Program

with Arden Reece


Build a Thriving Color Practice that Uniquely Transforms Your Clients!

A deep knowing & love of color is helpful to building a thriving color practice. But without the right teachings and practices, offering up color advice can end up being wrong or leaving a client more confused than before. And, as you start to build your business, knowing the right services to offer—including how they fit together and when to offer them—can cause chaos and confusion for you!

The solution is to work smarter, not harder, and allow yourself to receive support from an experienced mentor who is willing to openly share the shortcuts, help you see your gifts, and hold you accountable instead of letting you tread water.

You’ll upgrade every aspect of your color knowledge, from being able to see color accurately, to selecting the right colors for any client you encounter, to ‘getting’ your client’s true colors and creating lasting transformation.  You’ll expand your expertise and build your business, plus discover the secrets for growing your clientele by providing unique color services that get you in front of more people.

In this transformational color practitioner program,
you’ll receive my best processes, training, and support to uplevel your
color gifts and grow your color business so that it reflects
your soul purpose and brings you additional income.

All this to allow you to step forward in a bold and powerful way as a Transformational Color Practitioner, the second level of color expertise. Transformational Color Practitioners not only work as personal color consultants, they work by using their intuitive gifts to see Soul colors for their clients. By doing this, they bring forward the art, science AND soul of color.

Along the way, you’ll receive individual support so you can make powerful decisions and take passionate action towards your vision of success.

Exclusive Access To A Mentor Who Has Been There, Done That, And Is Willing To Openly Share From Her Experience

Straight up: I’ve been where you are. I’ve worked long hours. I’ve stayed up late and pulled all-nighters. I’ve stared at color swatches for way too long! And I’ve made a TON of mistakes, including all the biggies: giving the wrong color advice (“Oh, I told you that you couldn’t wear gold?”), losing clients because I didn’t get them at the core level, and launching color services that bombed.

I share all my hard-earned secrets of personal color with you because like you, I love to give… and there’s something truly magical about passing on the wisdom of hard-earned experience. You get to benefit from MY mistakes.

Arden Reece


You want to know that your business and your life will change as a part of this program. Here are just some of the shifts you can expect when you show up powerfully, play full-out and immerse yourself in this Transformational Color Practitioner experience:

  • Get to the Heart of Your Client

    Be able to uncover your client’s inner beauty by identifying her soul & life path colors through unique practices never shared before.

  • Uplevel Your Client’s Vibration & Energy

    Be able to identify your Client’s main & supporting Color Types and provide color & element recommendations. By understanding the unique aspects of the 5 different color types and their supporting elements, you’ll be able to put together palettes that truly uplevel your client’s beauty AND energy.

  • Easily Prescribe the Right Essence Colors

    You’ll learn tricks for pulling these 6 colors and how to navigate the concerns that each of the colors bring up for your client. No more wondering if you got it right!

  • Create a Custom Magnetic Colors Palette

    Understanding the structure for finding the 6 Magnetic colors helps you identify your client’s colors so that they are unique to them. Learn how you can customize and choose the right Intellect, Inspiring, and Uplifting colors to truly create strong, positive vibrations.

  • Attract New Clients Easily

    Discover a unique way to share and highlight your color services that creates unforgettable experiences for women who become your advocates and new clients that are serious about their transformation.

  • Develop a Soul-Centered Line of Color Offerings

    Discover and create additional revenue streams for your business by creating color services that mirror your gifts, sets you apart, and attracts the right clients you love to work with.

  • Hone Your Eye Through Guided Practice

    True color expertise comes through practice. Not only will you overcome your fear about seeing color, you’ll be guided through a multitude of practices as well as receive direct guidance during your exclusive calls.

  • Create a Color Conscious Mindset

    Understanding the common fears and misconceptions of color can help you guide your client into full transformation as they integrate their colors into their life. You’ll learn the common pitfalls of color from lighting to matching so that you can help your client embrace color fully.

  • Enjoy Unconditional Support

    … from a powerful mentor who is committed to your growth, excellence and leadership.


Your Program Benefits Include…

Eight (8) Training Modules on the Secrets of Personal Color

You'll have access to eight training modules for crafting & honing your color skills and building your services, following Arden’s step-by-step system. Each 75-minute training includes detailed content, exercises and assignments to help you quickly accelerate your skills and income.

Four (4) Private Mentoring Calls with Arden

You’ll benefit from four scheduled 45-minute private calls during the program.  Each call is focused on helping you implement, expand your expertise, learn new skills, answer questions and challenge you to accelerate your financial and career growth as a Transformational Color Practitioner.

“Done For You” Resources, Information and Materials

In the program, you’ll receive “done for you” color tools, templates and cross-reference charts to help you implement the secret color skills you’re discovering. These resources represent the past 12 years of Arden’s color expertise and are the same ones she uses in her business every day, saving you thousands of dollars in wasted time and effort.

Plus, Priority Email Access for Your Quick Questions

You'll have priority email access to Arden during the first 60-days to have all your quick questions answered in-between your private mentoring calls. Having your questions answered as you move through the program is essential and will help you integrate your new learnings.

Your Program Modules Include…

  • Module 1

    The Secrets to Accessing Your Client's Inner Colors

    How to do a Soul Color Visualization Soul & Life Path Color Meanings Understand Client Color Preferences Client Assessment Questions

  • Module 2

    Connecting Your Client's Energy with Her Color Type

    How to Map Personality to Color Type Examples of Core & Sub Color Types Determining Color Type Variations Color Energy & Vibration

  • Module 3

    Unlocking Your Client's Essence Colors

    How to Pull all 6 Essence Colors Essence Color Meanings & Intentions Understanding Personal Harmonies How to Complete an Incomplete Harmony

  • Module 4

    How to Uncover Your Client’s Magnetic Colors

    How to Pull all 6 Magnetic Colors How to Customize Key Magnetics Providing Options Unique to Your Client Cheatsheet to Selecting Magnetic Colors

  • Module 5

    Creating Color Circles That Sell

    How to Design Your Color Circle Tips for a Successful Color Circle Sample Agendas & Sales Flyers Pricing Your Color Circle

  • Module 6

    Delivering Profound Color Sessions & Transformations

    Get Clear on your Unique Gifts How to Connect to Your Higher Self Determine Your Archetypes Align Your Gifts to Your Services

  • Module 7

    Guiding Your Client Through the Rabbit Hole of Color

    Understand Color Gamut Differences Properties of Web & Print Colors Offering Brand Assessments How to Provide Brand Color Guidelines

  • Module 8

    Color Matching Secrets: Building Color Palettes

    Tricks for Matching Colors How to Help Your Client to SEE The Best Color Harmonies to Use How the Base Hue Can Help You


The Secrets of Personal Color Program Bonuses

Offering Online Color Services (value $350)

Discover how to deliver online color services including how to do a rendering with Adobe Illustrator swatch files and template files. (Adobe Illustrator software is key to have for this bonus workshop.)

Deliver Empowering Color Consultations (value $350)

 Discover the process for conducting in-person color consultations. Workshop includes Munsell color image jpgs for you to use in your consults.

The Color Tools I Use Guide

Discover the tools I use and recommend to include in your growing color library and tool kit. Some will surprise you and others will make you wonder why you never used them before!


FUN, Enlightening, Educational & Overall Superb!

The program allowed me to approach color in a much more customized and unique way for my clients – it has upleveled my entire business. I’ve developed and fine-tuned my color analysis techniques (yay for the Pro Color System), I’m much more confident in sharing information about the Essence & Magnetic colors, and I'm able to merge mind, body & spirit into the total package of my business by applying the Soul Color techniques I learned. I’ve been able to truly connect all my services in a holistic way!

I didn’t realize how much information would be packed into the program and I love that I can go back to the videos and lessons to review – I learn more each time I go back in! If you use color in your business, this program will guide you through the many ways that color can be used to enhance the lives of others. I'd say 'Go for it!'



The Secrets of Personal Color Program is a 2-month commitment and is open to you for life.

  • Payment Plan

    8 monthly installments of $397 (Total $3176)
    (8) Secrets of Personal Color Modules
    (4) Private One-on-One Calls


  • Pay In Full

    One lump sum of $2897 -- Save $343. (8) Secrets of Personal Color Modules (4) Private One-on-One Calls



Your 60-day Secrets of Personal Coloring Program Benefits Include…

  • Four (4) Private 1-on-1 Mentoring calls with Arden (sessions are 60 minutes each)
  • Eight (8) Training Modules on the Secrets of Personal Color
  • Eight (8) Exciting practice assignments (with step-by-step instructions)
  • “Done For You” Resources for Quick Implementation (templates, checklists, charts)
  • Priority Email Access for Quick Questions &  Support during Your Program
  • Recordings of all Trainings and 1-on-1 Calls

Plus, These Bonuses Valued at over $800…

  • The Color Tools I Use Bonus Guide
  • Bonus Workshop: Delivering Online Color Services ($350 value)
  • Bonus Workshop: In-Person Color Sessions ($350 value)
  • Plus, extra resources & surprises throughout!

No One Approaches Colour Like This

I've had extensive training in colour, however no one has approached colour like Arden does in such a deep & meaningful way that allows for one's personality to be reflected through the colours we wear.



Here’s How to Get Going on Becoming a Transformational Color Practitioner

  • Review the Requirements to Ensure You're a Good Fit

    Because this program delivers such a high level of practices, support and accountability, each member MUST be a great fit. Take a look at the requirements below to make sure.

  • Click "Join Now" to Get Going on Your Training

    You'll receive a welcome email with your credentials to login and change your password. Once you login, the modules are available to you immediately.

  • Receive Your Transformational Color Practitioner Badge

    Once you complete all your modules and have your final call with Arden, you'll receive your certificate and badge to promote your expertise on your website. One thing that makes the Secrets of Personal Color Program unique is that it is gathering leading Transformational Color Practitioners that are on the rise! 

  • Payment Plan

    8 monthly installments of $397 (Total $3176)
    (8) Secrets of Personal Color Modules (4) Private One-on-One Calls


  • Pay In Full

    One lump sum of $2897 -- Save $343. (8) Secrets of Personal Color Modules (4) Private One-on-One Calls


The Best Investment in My Business

I’m feeling much more energized and excited to work on my business! All the tricks that I’ve learned have helped me tremendously. There is less confusion and I’m more comfortable with helping others determine their colors and dominant temperature. I’m super clear about where I’m headed – I am more focused & centered on where I want to take my business. Mentoring with Arden has provided a lot of introspection & insight…plus, it’s re-awakened the love of color in my life.



Are You The Right Fit For the Secrets of Personal Color Program?

This program is right for you if you truly desire to create a color business that gives you the opportunity to become a model for spiritual and financial abundance. You’re ready to leave waiting, delaying and denying your gifts behind and play full-out to create what you want in your life.

Requirements for Consideration:

  • You are passionate about color and interested in harnessing the power of it in your practice
  • You have the color basics in place, including a good understanding of the attributes of color as well as the science behind what color is. A pre-requisite is to have taken the personal Transform with Color course. This program requires that you already know what the Essence & Magnetic colors are. :)
  • You have experience with personal color sessions or healings
  • You own and use the Pro Color System and understand the basis for the Munsell system
  • You are committed to being a Transformational Color Practitioner, playing BIG, and helping lots of people
  • You view your business as a business and are committed to it’s growth and generating more income
  • You are committed to providing a higher level of service and quality experiences
  • You haven’t got time for mistakes (or letting another 6-8 months go by without progress)
  • You’re ready to invest in yourself—in time, energy, attention and money
  • You are heart-centered, mindful and committed to your own growth
  • You are willing to do things differently than you have done before.
  • You respect the boundaries of myself, the other participants, and of the team here at Arden Reece Color.
  • You accept 100% responsibility for your results – no exceptions or excuses
  • You are excited about working together towards manifesting your dreams!


The Choice Is Clear… And The Next Step Is Simple.

The next 2 months (and beyond) have the power to change your life forever. You will be in such a different place than you are right now!  As you step into being a Transformational Color Practitioner, you’ll receive the training and support you need to help you dramatically shorten your learning curve and save you months—even years—trying to achieve similar results on your own or in less comprehensive programs.

If this is exactly what you’ve been looking for, I can’t wait to personally welcome you to the program.




  • Over 10+ years running a personal color business
  • 20+ years training and leading individuals – 7 of those years training personal stylists
  • Noted world image and personal color expert

Arden Reece is a nationally recognized soul-centered expert color practitioner, color seer, writer and educator who helps individuals around the world create meaningful transformations for themselves and their businesses. Her 12 years of studies and research on personal coloring led her to develop her work around the Essence and Magnetic colors which bring out an individual’s personal coloring and presence in a unique and powerful way.

Arden started transforming lives back in 2004 when she launched her own clothing boutique and then went on to found and the Wardrobe 911 Style Institute (the first online interactive learning environment for professional stylists). She has over 15 successful years in brand marketing with companies such as Visa, Wells Fargo, Intuit and Levi Strauss. She holds a B.S. in International Marketing with a minor in Art History and has undergone 64 hours of intensive interdisciplinary color training with the highly regarded International Association of Color Consultants/Designers (IACC-NA).

Arden’s color credentials have been shared on stage with organizations such as Genentech, Jhirmack, Going Gray Looking Great, San Jose State University and many more. She’s also been featured on national morning shows, the San Diego Times, and taught hundreds of individuals worldwide through The Shift Network, the Style Institute, and Arden Reece Color.

Arden lives in Northern San Diego—the sweet spot of the universe, full of remarkable color.