soul color readings

Soullegory. def: your Soul's Allegory. The story of your soul.

Your Soul’s Story, Colors & Unique Purpose for Living Authentically

Your Soullegory™ is a beautiful vision that carries metaphorical symbols and dream-like qualities. My gift is to intuitively see your soul’s unique expression & colors and guide you in connecting to your true purpose and beauty.  I see what I call your Soullegory which unveils your soul’s purpose and how it’s expressed on your life’s path. 

Your soul’s purpose is aligned with a parent color from the electromagnetic spectrum (your soul color) — during your session, you’ll receive your soul and life path colors and learn how to use them for optimal support and healing.

  • Soul Color Reading

    This is your Soullegory. Shared in allegory form, you’ll hear a story of your past, present and future. Spirit speaks in metaphor and what is conveyed is very dream-like. After sharing your soullegory, we’ll discuss the possible meanings and next steps for you.

  • Your Soul & Life Path Colors

    Your Soul color is the main color of your soul and drives your overall purpose. Your Life Path color is how you express yourself in this life and together with your Soul color, brings a unique way of supporting your best self.

  • Optional Soul Necklace

    Wearing your soul color necklace allows you to align the to the pure vibration of your soul color, helping your authentic & highest self to shine forth. Each Soul Color necklace is custom-made by Arden and features a natural gemstone, charm & custom mantra.

“…a boy comes up to him and asks for help. He follows him to the bed of an ill chief of the tribe. He heals him. He then is taken to another person as more and more people are hearing about him. He carries a bag of stones around his waist. He is confused about what to do next. A woman steps forward with a rainbow in her hand and she heals the man with her rays as he uses the stones.”Excerpt from a session -- shared with permission

Professional, Insightful & Inspiring!

We did a group Soul Purpose Reading with Arden. It was a great experience for all of us (especially since we know each other so well) and we had so much fun. We most enjoyed hearing the visions and interpreting them together. They really seemed uniquely accurate for each of us and definitely relevant and on point. To anyone considering having a reading, I would say to send a photo that you think expresses who you are and then watch the magic happen. You’ll revisit the reading in your head for several days and some elements will start taking on more meaning for you. Although you may be skeptical at first you need to stay open and enjoy. It is so inspiring!


  • 45 OR 60-minute reading
  • Soul Color Vision – Your Soullegory
  • Soul & Life Path Colors
  • Soul Color Meanings Sheet
  • Optional Soul Color Necklace (add $100)
  • Session recording
How it Works

We’ll chat for a few minutes so we can set your intention for what you need to know for your highest good. Then, I’ll spend time to journey on your behalf while you go into meditation. I use a variety of spiritual practices so that I can be a clear vessel for seeing you and your highest good without any judgement.  During your journey, I’ll see in great detail your Soullegory along with your soul and life path colors. Sometimes, your higher self will share with me symbols or other colors you may need at this time. Whatever you need to hear and know will come forward. The beautiful thing is, everyone’s Soullegory is unique…not one is the same.

Although I’m not a shaman, I’ve found journeying to be a wonderful tool for working with Spirit. I like to stay as clear as possible by only seeing your picture…the less I know about you, the better it is.

“Arden is a true gem, intuitive and extremely gifted.”

Uplifting, Enlightening, Miraculous

I loved the feeling of intimacy I experienced during the reading. Although we’d never met, there was a closeness and openness you held throughout the entirety of it that made the reading feel even more personal. I’ve had many types of readings from various people in my life and yours was, by far, the most creepily accurate and enlightening. To those that are considering a Soullegory reading, I would say to open your heart, your mind to what she is sharing. There is real truth in her visions, just allow yourself to experience what is there.



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