color secrets and meanings eguide

Wearing your soul color necklace allows you to align the to the pure vibration of your soul color, helping your authentic & highest self to shine forth. Each Soul Color necklace is custom-made by Arden and features a natural, authentic gemstone charm paired with a frosted quartz charm that helps amplify the energy of your soul stone.


color secrets and meanings eguide
Color Secrets & Meanings eGuide

Learn the meanings, secrets and personalities behind the 10 hues and 3 achromatics. Each hue is covered in detail providing you the biological and psychological meanings of all the colors including their energies and color personalities. This special guide covers the following hues and achromatics: Red, Orange, Yellow, Yellow-Green, Green, Blue-Green, Blue, Blue-Violet, Violet, Red-Violet (Pink), Black, White and Gray.

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free top 5 colors guide
FREE Top 5 Colors Guide

Discover the Top 5 colors that are aligned with your unique coloring and that instantly make you look and feel better. In this quick-print guide, you’ll receive tips for where to find these colors and how to use them. Plus, receive Arden’s semi-monthly newsletter, ColorCast, full of  insights to help you align and grow your frequency in color!


professional color system aligned to munsell

The Professional Color System was designed by Arden and developed for professionals and novices alike around the world to develop and order customized color palettes for the home and wardrobe.

Initially designed for personal color analysis, the system includes over 900 colors with 155 master paddles to order from. The system is aligned with the Munsell Notation system where the color groups are organized by neutrals and hues and then by value, chroma and color type.

The color paddles feature fabric swatches for easy and accurate textile matching. The system makes it effortless in determining the right colors for a person’s coloring and personality so that they have the best and most supportive colors in their closet and home.


color secrets and meanings eguide
Color Indicator Guides Set

Get all and save! The personal color guides are used by color professionals to determine their client’s dominant color saturation and temperature. This significantly reduces the time in your color analysis when used in conjunction with the Professional Color System.

The package includes the following (8) 4″ x 9″ cards plus Instructions.

(3) Skin Temperature Indicators: Warm, Cool, Warm-Cool. Based on extensive research conducted by the Pantone Color Institute, these skin tone indicators go from light to dark skintones and help you determine if your client is dominantly warm, cool or warm-cool. The colors are printed on both sides of the card with a total of 12 skin colors for each indicator.

(5) Personality Indicators: Animated.Saturated, Clear.Tinted, Subdued.Muted, Dynamic.Toasted, Deep.Shaded. Containing 6 colors in their respective chroma/saturations, these indicators will help you determine your client’s color personality. The instructions for use give you tips on determining the right color personalities for your client.

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core wardrobe palette kit
Core Wardrobe Palette Kit

The Core Wardrobe Palette Kit gets you started in building a core wardrobe of neutrals that works for your coloring and makes it easy for you to build an effortless, mix-and-match wardrobe. The kit comes in 4 color temperature options (warm, cool, silver-warm, or silver-cool) and includes an 8-pg guide and 18 fabric swatches of your best neutrals.

The Core Wardrobe Guide walks you through the process for determining your color values and for creating a wardrobe utilizing all your neutral color options. It includes tips, a mix & match color guide and checklists for building your core wardrobe based on your color temperature and values.

The Neutral color palette is made up of 3 paddles of your best neutrals separated by light, medium and dark values… it’s the perfect sized tool to help you stay on track when you’re out shopping.

To discover your dominant color temperature, take the quiz here.