Soul Color Circle Sunday, March 12 in Encinitas

by Arden Reece

Soul Color Circle
Discover Your Soul & Essence Colors to Embody Your Authentic Self
With Expert Color Practitioner, Arden Reece

Do you want to radiate your inner essence naturally?

Are you ready to use color to align with your purpose and raise your vibration?

If so, join Arden at Moondust Mercantile in Encinitas for a special afternoon where you’ll discover your 6 Essence colors and obtain a special reading on your Soul & Life Path colors.

Color is a powerful tool for evoking transformation, especially when it’s used to create harmony between your inner essence and the outer world. When you use color in this way, you feel like everything is suddenly aligned with who you are.

Why is that? Certain shades, tints and tones are more aligned with your “inner colors,” or true essence. And when we choose these colors, people take notice. They truly SEE us — in a deeper and more authentic way.

Essence & Magnetic ColorsYour Essence & Magnetic Colors Empower & Support You

Utilizing her years of research and study in the art and science of color, Arden has identified 14 key colors that align your personal energy & vibrations with your coloring & personality…upleveling your ability to express your true essence. These are your Essence and Magnetic colors – they are unique to you and have an amazing capacity to support you in all areas of your life including enhancing your appearance and surroundings. Your Essence colors mirror you and are what you’ll discover during the Color Circle.

What Will You Discover About Yourself?

This unique Color Circle will provide you with practical (and a smidge of magical) teachings on using color to actualize your soul purpose, manifest your beauty and enhance your relationships with others.

Uncover Your Essence Colors so that you can feel the most confident in how you present yourself to the world. Whether you’re asking for a raise, planning a special evening or embarking on a new venture, you’ll feel like your best YOU.

Your Essence colors match and enhance your coloring and create the opportunity for meaningful connections. They include your Soul Ray and Life Path colors along with these 6 colors: Soul Eye, Spirit, Vulnerable, Approachable, Trusting and Restful.

Claim your Soul & Life Path Colors so you can live as an expression of your true essence and grow into the person you are destined to be. You’ll find that harnessing YOUR specific Soul Color not only illuminates your purpose, it can help you align everything you do with the true essence of who you really are at the most profound level… which results in more overall happiness and EASE every day.

And your Life Path Color — the spark of color that ignited your being at conception— can be an invaluable ally in supporting your emotional body and mind on your unique, full-spectrum journey in life.

Essence ColorsThe Color Circle Includes…

  • Your Special Soul & Life Path Color Reading
    Receive your Soul and Life Path colors and beautiful vision retrieved for you by Arden. Learn how your specific colors support you in your purpose and higher good, and how to use your colors for optimal support and healing.
  • Your Essence Colors
    As part of your unique Color Blueprint, your Essence colors help you to magnify the best version of your soul and your self. You’ll discover the meaning of each your Essence colors, have them expertly matched to your coloring by Arden, and learn to use them to create or attract the right vibrations, messages and relationship dynamics. Plus, you’ll receive a special Essence Color Palette that contains your colors.

Reserve Your Spot Today – Deadline is Saturday, March 11

Date: Sunday, March 12
Time: 1:00 to 4:00 pm
Location: Moondust Mercantile, 759 Vulcan Ave, Encinitas CA 92024
Fee: $120




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Arden is an internationally-recognized soul-powered color practitioner, color seer, writer and educator who has helped people around the world create meaningful transformations in their lives and businesses through color.