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Discover the Beautiful & Mysterious World of Color

Welcome to Soul Colors!

This in-depth program is for the heart-centered woman who is ready to bring about extraordinary shifts by embracing a new way of looking at color …and herself!

During the 6 week journey, you’ll find insights and practices for aligning specific frequencies and energies of light and color with YOUR purpose and specific intentions... to manifest more joy, success and fulfillment.

This Program is Perfect if…
  • You desire self-discovery, revelation and growth

  • You're looking to express yourself more authentically

  • You’re ready to learn the secrets about soul colors & support your energy and environment

  • You believe in the possibility your life & energy can be transformed by these special colors

  • You're ready for a transformation that goes beyond the outer layer

This is an online program where you’ll discover everything about the secret lives of the soul colors, in just 12 weeks—within a supportive community.

Why I Created the Soul Color Program

I developed the Soul Colors program in 2016 (formerly the Soul of Color) to give you the color knowledge about this beautiful "light language."

The program explores the meaning of each color ray in the visible spectrum and how to manifest your truth and dreams by using color to create the most effective and aligned energies and messages. It's been designed to help you develop a deeper appreciation of yourself and access personal revelation & growth.

Once you begin, you’ll discover the guardians, devas, practices and secrets of these beautiful Soul Colors.

Arden has a mastery of color beyond anyone in her niche! She brings a unique skill that's highly respected by the color industry and her clients!

– Teresa Tullio, Owner

I've had extensive training in colour, however no one has approached colour like Arden does in such a deep & meaningful way that allows for one's personality to be reflected through the colours we wear.

– Anna Chandler
Transformational Color Practitioner
& Holistic Stylist

Arden geeks out even more than me when it comes to old, dead color geniuses.

– Lori Sawaya, IACC
The Land of Color

What's Included

Over the 6-week program, you’ll discover the meaning of each color ray in the visible spectrum, and learn to use specific colors to create or attract the right vibrations, messages and relationship dynamics to supercharge your intentions and manifest your dreams.

Each of the 12 modules covers one or two soul colors with 2 modules released each week. They include full-color guides, videos and fun practices to help you understand the magic of each of these colors.

Plus, there are LIVE sessions every Thursday with Arden and a daily support community to help you further see and implement what you're learning. 

Plus, These Bonuses

Plus, extra support in the Private Community, must-read books, resource lists and much more...

Enrollment Fee

$997 x 1 payment

  • (12) In-depth Module Videos + (12) Color Guides & Practices
  • (6) Live 75-min Sessions with Recordings
  • Bonuses, Private Support Group and More!

Program runs from October 8 thru November 18!

JOIN THE COURSE NOW1st Session is Oct 11
NEW PAY PLAN!$185/mo for 6 months

Here's What Former Students Have Said…

This is course will give you a deeper understanding of your soul color and the soul color of others. I felt enlightened and expanded.

Julietta Brothers

This course activated my creative potential, joy and boosted my self-esteem in a lovely way. I enjoyed the sessions with Arden and the group and it was great that I could see here – that the sessions were in real time. All the materials Arden offers are made in such a beautiful way. I love to re-listen/watch the sessions and take a look on the worksheets. It was a great opportunity to open to spirit and all dimensions of being.Hamburg, Germany
Arden’s knowledge of colour is unparalleled and she shares it all, going deep into the colours one at a time in this course. Before taking this course I knew I was interested in colour and now I am definitely a colour addict and can see so many ways that the information has helped me in my personal life, business and home. Also knowing my soul colour has helped to bring clarity to some of the gifts that I have in the world and helped me to find a sense of purpose in activities that may have seemed meaningless at times. I am now able to use that colour in my daily life to remind myself of who I am, keep myself on track and guide my choices so they are more aligned. This program has helped me on many levels.Stephanie Jackson, Canada

What You'll Uncover

Soul Colors will provide you with practical (and a smidge of magical) teachings on using color to actualize your “soul goals,” harness your gifts or use to enhance your relationships with others.

This Powerful 6-Week program is the solution for you, if…

  • You see the value in taking time for your self-care

    You’re ready to discover unique practices and undergo beautiful ceremonies and journeys that help you embrace yourself with ease and flow

  • You want everything about you to be aligned with your soul's purpose.

    You’re ready to reset with the energies of your soul color and reconnect with your higher self

  • You want more color and joy in your life

    You’re craving more creativity & color in your life and want to discover the unique messages of color

  • You're looking to grow and develop your relationships

    — and know how to send subtle, authentic messages through colors which attract allies and influence perceptions.

  • You’re looking to explore the energetic healing frequencies of color...

    You’ll access personal revelations and nourish your mind, body & soul.

  • You feel called to connect with other women and long for the space & understanding to process

    You’ll be supported fully from a powerful guide and inspiring community who are committed to your growth and transformation.

Be Warned: "Only those who love color are admitted to its beauty and immanent presence. It affords utility to all, but unveils its deeper mysteries only to its devotees." (Johannes Itten)

Free Your Inner Color & Light Warrior

Use the Soul Colors to Embody Your Authentic Self

It’s the soul of color that magnetizes us — pulling us to understand more about ourselves, connect with each other and explore spiritual dimensions. It can reveal hidden truths about your attractions, repulsions and areas where you experience blockages which prevent you from living your potential.

Colors can be powerful tools for healing and transformation because the frequencies and vibrations of color energy — even those outside of the visible spectrum — can extend their reach beyond what’s visible to the naked eye....

When you understand how to communicate with and through the language of color, your entire world opens up. You learn to connect energetically with the colors that free your inner “spiritual warrior” — empowering you to live and love as the best version of yourself.

Get in Before the Doors Close!

If you’re ready to start experiencing more freedom and flow in all areas of your life, this course was designed for you!

Arden Reece

Learn from a Masterful Guide

Arden Reece is a worldwide color consultant & practitioner that has been at the forefront of the personal color industry for 15+ years. She is the color and soul guide for the new wave of conscious, heart-centered individuals & businesses.

Her work around soul colors and her beautiful, intuitive visions have been touted as life-changing experiences. She now shares her unique methods exclusively to those who choose to create meaningful transformations in their lives.

She’s the perfect guide to help you navigate the simple yet profound world of color. Her studies & research on personal coloring (including intensive interdisciplinary color training with the highly regarded International Association of Color Consultants / Designers) allows her to playfully show you the many ways you can use color to illuminate your authentic, radiant self and enhance every aspect of your life.

What Could You Accomplish in 6 Weeks?

  • Feel Empowered with the tools, insight and awareness to live harmoniously

    You’ll see examples and work with energetic practices that align your life and relationships with your purpose.

  • Feel In-sync with the flow of color and life

    You’ll have a greater sense of inner peace, creativity and freedom.

  • Discover Your Soul & Life-Path Color

    You’ll go through a guided visualization that helps you to know your Soul Color so that you can access the many blessings of this color in your life.

  • Feel Connected, supported and more JOY-FULL

    You’ll embrace all the practices of color and make life-long friends in the process.

  • Gain an Inner Knowing of Your Own Light Language

    You’ll not only learn about every aspect of each soul color, you’ll delve and learn about the meanings behind color.

If you’re ready to dive deep into color & energy, this course was designed for you!

Learning is so much better in groups – you can’t get this kind of knowledge in a book or from just one video!

Do it! It’s super fun and there’s always things to learn and dive into whether you have many years of experience of working with color or are just beginning to learn about colors. There’s so many wonderful aspects to colors!Former Participant
I enjoyed the activities for each week, I enjoyed the community and the lectures were very well planned and presented. I enjoyed being able to go deeply into each colour.Hamburg, Germany

Your Next Step is Simple

If you’re getting that hit from your intuition that this program could benefit you… then this is your moment to step forward.

The next year (and beyond) has the power to change your life forever. 

I can’t wait to personally welcome you to the course.

Overall, Here's What You Receive When You Enroll…

  • 12 Content-Rich, Color-full Modules ($2000)

    Each Module and video delves into a soul color, covering the soul color’s guardians, sounds, planets and purpose.

  • 6 LIVE 75-Minute Sessions Every Thursday ($1000)

    Enjoy the extraordinary opportunity to learn from color expert Arden Reece — right in your own home. Each live webinar class allows you to see & discover more about the soul color, get answers to your questions, and collaborate with the group.

  • Recordings from Each Session of the Program

    You’ll never have to worry about missing a session and you can watch and re-watch anytime, at your convenience.

  • MP3s of all Module Videos

    In addition to the videos, you’ll also receive recordings in MP3 format for listening on-the-go, in the car, or whenever is convenient for you.

  • Exercises & PDF Worksheets for Each Module ($600)

    Each module provides you step-by-step exercises and worksheets in order to integrate what you’re learning and manifesting.

  • 12 Color Guides ($600)

    Enjoy color-rich workbooks to guide you visually throughout each module. These come in PDF format and are available to you to download and follow along as you take notes throughout each session.

  • Access to the Private Community FOREVER (priceless)

    Enjoy Unconditional Support from a powerful guide and inspiring community who are committed to your growth and transformation.

  • The Soul Colors Bonus Collection ($450+)

    Your Soul Colors Bonus Package includes:

  • BONUS: “The Color Tools I Use” PDF Guide, Video & Links ($47)
  • BONUS: “How to See Colors in Auras” with Carol Ann Liaros ($147)
  • BONUS: “The Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Chakras” with April Choulat ($147)
  • BONUS: To be Announced Special Interview ($147)
  • PLUS: Special bonus visualizations & energy practices

All this valued at $4250


The Soul Colors Program is a 100% Risk-Free Investment

I know that the insights and practices you’ll discover in this program have the power to transform your life in all areas. And I want you to feel great about making this investment in yourself.

It’s 100% risk-free! If you start the program and for whatever reason it’s not right for you, there’s a 10-day, risk-free money back guarantee—no questions asked.

There’s little to lose -— and everything to gain.