the dawn of red-violet energy is here

Dear Color Tribe: This is the beginning of what I alluded to in January and now am ready to share the red-violet energy that has and will come forward from the Color Guardians…that is the best way I know how to explain them. In these messages, I will share what I saw in the transmission as well as the message behind it. The scribe and activator for these messages is Tarver Harris. Her artwork is abstract in nature yet has many layers of color. Her words and art will complete the final activation for you as you finish reading the final Vision #2 message (coming soon.) Much love to you, Arden

[Beginning of Vision # 1 for Red-Violet]

The Red-Violet door is open to you. EXPLORE!

You are immersed and flowing in white light of oscillating wave lengths of red-violet. The wave is short on the top (violet) and long on the bottom (red). You only see it two-dimensionally and if you change your viewpoint and perspective, you will see it as infinite crystalline code.

red-violet in 3d

The code, in the shape of the infinity symbol with a smaller loop on top and bigger loop on bottom, recreates itself to infinity and stacks behind itself like a tunnel with space in-between for you to see out into the other realms.

“We are infinite and we are the future for humankind.”

As you travel through the top loop of the code, you come to an end where there are multiple different paths that open for you to take in the higher frequency. You see all these paths as far as your mind can see…the horizon is Cyan (5B 7/20.) As soon as the question percolates to ‘which path’, any and all paths are absorbed at the same time in the present moment.

All paths roll up like the reverse of a thunderstorm and collapse into white light.


The top of the figure 8 has a glowing yellow. We return through the lower frequency loop tunnel. Again to the future for humankind. The sound of knowing is familiar yet hard to describe; it is a deep whirling tone that can be felt more than heard. Green is present outside of the loop tunnel.

Magenta and gold. All is red-violet coming forward and will fill up the space. From dark red-violet to light rose and pinks to a white pin dot of light.

Red-violet turns in on itself and multiplies in its figure 8 in crystalline form.

red-violet energy

Now you find yourself floating in the fabric of space with the multitudes of stars.  Swirling red-violet is within the darkness of space.

Now you can see. The darkness of space is your veil and what the egoic mind sees.

What is really there is love, this swirling of red-violet that goes on for ever and ever and never ends. It is love, compassion and transformation. Love and peace.

The wavelengths & photons of R-V stitch together the ever-presence of ether and spirit with humankind. The higher vibration of spirit is joined with the lower vibration of our planet and humankind.

Pallas Athena comes forward and identifies herself as the Guardian of Red-Violet. It is time for this information to come forward. We’re moving from a green awareness to a red-violet (love) awareness.

[End Vision]

It is the dawn of Red-Violet Energy

This is the new color and what is coming forward. You’re seeing bits of it with the millennial pinks and roses.

The full magenta is coming.

The full power of red-violet energy. That is what is now coming to earth and going to bring us to the higher frequency and sewing the fabric of humankind and spirit together.

Red-violet can be seen as sweet but it is really strong. It has a range.

The Changing Of The Guard Of The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is moving from green to red-violet. Many people have been seeing watermelon and have been using pink and green as two possible colors. The reason we are seeing it, is because it’s changing.

Green is calming and peaceful. It’s the most restful color to the physical eye, physiologically. The red-violet takes the high and low. It raises our vibration but still keeps us here grounded in the energy of the earth.

It’s the changing of the guard. As it changes and moves, red-violet will take full residence and be the color of the heart chakra. Thus, it animates all the colors of our chakras and those will start to change as well.

Collectively, We’re Moving From Eco-Consciousness To Love-Consciousness

In our collective conscious, we are choosing red-violet over green. We see this in the colors that we gravitate to and choose for our home and wardrobe. The ‘green’ movement is now at a close. It’s not about recycling anymore (although that is still important), the most important is about LOVE.

We care about our planet but we need to start loving it and each other. The power of red-violet is a better way to serve the planet.

May your heart be activated with the love of this red-violet energy.


A note about the crystalline nature of the symbol/code for Red-Violet: The fact that this was crystalline was unifying. Light is all color combined and this is what unifies us. This is the idea of the rainbow to unify everyone. White is the truest, most purest form of Light, of Love. Each color contributes to that. And you have your own true colors that activate the beginning of this new age of love-consciousness.

Arden Reece

Arden Reece

Arden is a worldwide color oracle & practitioner that has practiced for 3 decades in connecting the inner and outer beauty of you with the help of color and light. She is focused on guiding conscious organizations & individuals from all over the world to get clarity on their purpose and guide them to express themselves authentically through the art, science and soul of color.
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