the redemption and integration of the divine feminine + red-violet, part 2

Dear Color Tribe: This second transmission (read the first here) is personal yet because it has to do with what is coming forward with the redemption and integration of the Divine Feminine, I share it. It is the most vulnerable position to put myself in as I have not assigned myself but together with Tarver (and others), we have taken on the task of bringing this information forward on top of our regular work in color. There are words spoken to me that make me uncomfortable and yet I know and trust my visions implicitly. So humbly, I present to you this 2nd transmission. 

[Beginning of 2nd Transmission for Red-Violet] 

Intention of this session: Bring forward an awareness of love.

A circle with ancient roman stone columns with an atrium in the middle appears. It looks like a dotted circle from above. Then I hear very clearly:

“Redemption, redemption, redemption. Redemption, oh beautiful ones. “

Colored lights are coming from the stone circle – spokes of light beam across the middle like the spokes of a wheel. Yellow and blue are coming forward and combining to green. The middle ground is then painted solid green – it’s made of concrete, not grass.  Then, the words:

“Sustenance. Sustenance in illusion.”

There is a multi-colored being that is standing in the middle of the green circle. Light swirls are weaving into the shape of a physical human body but it really is made of tiny multicolored strands of light that are standing in the middle of the green circle. The form is moving with the strands of light, swaying in the middle of the ancient stone circle.

Suddenly, something heavy and unseen (invisible yet energetic), has come down and flattened the form and splattered the colors so that different colors are splotched out like a Rorschach on the green.


“So it is.”

And then these words fill the air:

“Radiant beauty steps forward to claim back the light.”

A gold-lighted being steps forward and pink fog, like explosive chalkdust, fills the air. It seeps through the roman columns and covers them entirely in pink. The paint splatters are still on the ground…there is 3 feet of clear air between the ground and pink fog above.

“Claim your stake!” a tall and bigger-than-human-form goddess is holding a staff and taps it strongly on the paint spattered green ground.

“This is your inheritance. I am Pallas Athena.
Mighty yet sweet.
Strong yet soft.
Of the Most High,
I am the messenger,
the protector,
I lead you out.”

Black curtains are draped around the ancient roman circle and to the right, they are blowing in the breeze.

“[Look] Beyond the veil!”

To the right of the circle, the black curtains are blowing up to reveal a land yonder.

There are shrubs on the land that have rounded leaves and that are 2-3 feet high. The ground seems dry yet it’s filling in with a cool, Eucalyptus green ground-cover. I am told:

“This is the landscape of your earth.”

It’s a huge open field of “unchartered territory” yet there’s life here. Mountains are seen in the distance.

All of a sudden, there’s a pop and a black sea dragon comes up out of the green-gray ground cover. It’s deep black, soft like velvet, smooth and shimmery with colors like an oil slick. The rainbow luminescent white dragon (who is our guide) connects with the black dragon and they nestle their necks together, similar to a yin-yang symbol.

Even though this black dragon is beautiful, together with white rainbow dragon she becomes white. And soon they turn shimmering black. They then switch back and forth between black and white. The end of duality is upon us.

Question to Spirit: What do we need to know for humankind to reach total bliss and love?

As soon as the question is uttered, two parallel lines of golden orbs line up on top of the ‘swampy’ cool green shrub area like lighted lines on an airport tarmac… a simple wood and rope bridge appears.

The black dragon is half-immersed with the white dragon above. The black dragon wants us to follow her…she is soft and warm, yet strong and powerful.

We fly below the ground cover where it feels like water but it’s not…it seems like a different dimension or space-fabric.

The black dragon spreads out her wings and you can see millions of stars and systems within her wing-span. The stars and galaxies twinkle within her.

"Hathor Returns."

White light is being shown between one star system to another and to the earth’s system. Some type of communication and aid from the other systems is here to help us.

“You are the conduit.
Praise almighty God!
The beloved mother returns.
You have been chosen.
No fear, only love.
Allow your heart to accept our transmission."

Our hearts are then activated. The father comes before the mother to begin again.

Then, a beautiful being in a robe enriched with gold and magenta floats toward us. She is glowing and luminous.

She presents us two gifts and states:

“Start speaking, start sharing. You are ready.

Tarver: your artwork activates. It contains the unique individual color code that activates the receiver. You receive this information from us and through the sight of Arden. You are more than a scribe. You are an activator.

We are so grateful for you. You are blessed.”

The love we feel in this particular moment has no word to describe the feeling. Arden is to transmit it, Tarver is to activate it.

This Is The Return Of The Goddess.

The luminous being then states, “This is heart-opening and a lot of energy to bring in right now, so sit with it.”

And then everything goes white.

[End of transmission]

The Redemption and Integration of Divine Mother Heralds a New Way of Being

This vision transmission shows us in the beginning who we really arebeautiful, swirling multi-colored strands of light.

The invisible energy that “flattened” humankind’s own energy is not who we are. Unfortunately, many of us find what we think is sustenance in this illusion.

It is a heavy and archaic energy that no longer serves. The veil is opening beyond our egoic thoughts to see the reality of who we are: both black and white, non-competing, non-judgmental, multi-colored…ONE.

Although I didn’t feel the need to ask, the beautiful being who comes at the end in gold and magenta is Hathor. Hathor is the Divine Feminine Mother…she trained Isis, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and many others. She carries so much love that it’s beyond words to express…thus the rich magenta and gold is helpful.

I must also state that this is not a female/male thing but an energy. Together the feminine and masculine energies work in beautiful harmony…so much so that you won’t see where one ends and one begins.

Be joyous and don’t fear! Allow your heart to accept and integrate the beauty of this transmission. Call on Pallas Athena for strength and softness…for help in understanding this new way of being for you. The Swirling Rainbow Light Guided Meditation is a beautiful way of helping you to feel her love and that of Hathor.

Transmission Activation

This is where your own activation of this transmission comes in.

Tarver painted the following “Redemption” painting during the vision and added the text below.

The painting brings forward and activates certain codes and knowledge for you to embody. If you would like your own reproduction, I invite you to visit her online gallery.

redemption of Divine Feminine artwork by Tarver Harris


Our earth’s landscape as the beloved mother returns lifting the veil of duality lighting the way forward with love. An awareness I think not. 😊 SUSTENANCE YES. Stake your claim and move into your inheritance.

Arden Reece

Arden Reece

Arden is a worldwide color oracle & practitioner that has practiced for 3 decades in connecting the inner and outer beauty of you with the help of color and light. She is focused on guiding conscious organizations & individuals from all over the world to get clarity on their purpose and guide them to express themselves authentically through the art, science and soul of color.
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