3 startling ways color affects you

Arden Reececolor personality

how color affects you

Color affects us physically, psychologically and spiritually. It protects us from the sun’s harmful rays, it creates sensations in us when we experience it and it can be used to harmonize and align the chakra points in our bodies. But, do you know how color affects you in how you view the world? #1—Your Color Preferences Enable You to Discover the Real You As an artist … Read More

who can wear bright reds and blues?

Arden Reececolor personality

I did a quick painting yesterday from a picture of a friend from Paris who has fair skin and dark black/brown hair.  The picture was from a party where we were trying on all kinds of crazy and fun hats.  This furry, red one landed on his head and created a vibrant and quirky contrast with his bright blue, button-down … Read More