The Insight of Blue-Violet (aka Indigo)

by Arden Reece

the insight of blue-violet

A very dear friend of mine (who’s every bit a normal single working mom) was describing some very exciting and crazy things that were happening in her life. She was ever-mindful of ensuring she didn’t disrupt her kids’ energy at home.

Exasperated by trying to make sense of it all, she looked at me for some wisdom,

“What is happening to me?!?” she exclaimed amidst her laughter. Then, without missing a beat, she bellowed:


The Support of Yellow

by Arden Reece

By using Yellow, which is supporting and uplifting, I created this special mantra wallpaper and wanted to share it with you as a gift. Yellow souls are the connectors, they are your cosmic cheerleader. Rely on yellow to help you move from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’.

What are Soul & Life Path Colors?

by Arden Reece

soul and life path colors

What are Soul & Life Path Colors? You’re more than likely familiar with aura and chakra colors.  These are interrelated where your chakra colors spin and process your energy and your aura colors can emit from them and provide an energetic blueprint of who you are.  Your aura (and chakra) colors can change dependent on what you’re processing in your … Read More

7 or 9 Main Chakra Colors?

by Arden Reece

The 9 Main Chakra Colors

Are there 7 or 9 main Chakra Colors? You may be familiar with the 7 main chakra colors: Red (Root) Orange (Sacral) Yellow (Solar Plexus) Green (Heart) Blue (Throat) Indigo (3rd Eye) – Indigo is technically Blue-Violet Violet (Crown) And, you’re probably familiar with ROYGBIV when you learned color in elementary school – those same 7 colors. As a color … Read More

New Fall Courses!

by Arden Reece

Transform with Color and Soul Colors are open now to registration!   If you’re ready to delve into discovering your own personal colors by having your hand-held as you identify your High-Vibe colors, then Transform with Color is for you.  This is program where you’ll discover the colors that communicate who you are in this world, in one month—with 365 … Read More

What Are Soul Colors & Their Meanings?

by Arden Reece

soul color meanings

There is one color in the spectrum assigned to you when your soul came to earth. That special color is your Soul Color. Your Soul Color surrounds you and protects …