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soul and life path colors

What are Soul & Life Path Colors?

You’re more than likely familiar with aura and chakra colors.  These are interrelated where your chakra colors spin and process your energy and your aura colors can emit from them and provide an energetic blueprint of who you are.  Your aura (and chakra) colors can change dependent on what you’re processing in your emotional body.

Then there’s your Soul & Life Path colors.  Your Life Path color definitely interrelates with your aura colors but it doesn’t change in this life. It may be the main color of your auric field when you’re aligned with your purpose.

Many times, people get confused and think their Life Path color is the same as their Soul Color.

Your Soul Color lives outside of your etheric field and in your soul field. It is the guiding light to your soul family’s purpose. You also have a specific child color to your Soul Color and a specific Soul Purpose that branches from your soul family.

So how do they interact?

Your Soul Color surrounds you and protects you.  It guides your soul’s purpose and helps you become the most optimal version of yourself.

Your Life Path color is seen within your body.  I typically see them in the torso region with no interaction with your soul color. (But, that’s not always the case!)

To provide an example of how they work together for you, think of your Life Path color s the car color that helps deliver on your soul color’s purpose and path.  For example, if your Soul Color is Red-Violet (whose overall purpose is beauty and transformation) and your Life Path color is Yellow (whose overall purpose is to create connection), then you would bring about beauty or transformation through bringing people together.

It’s important to know that the soul and life path colors DO intermingle from time to time and this means there’s an imbalance.

The goal is to create balance with your soul & life path colors

What has been coming forward very clearly is that you need to maintain a balance between your Soul & Life Path colors. When you focus too much on your Life Path color, you will still have your Soul Color there but not as pronounced. This could show up in how you relate with your “self” or others…you may be so integrated and overflowing with your Life Path color that you don’t see or sense the connection of your higher self.

And the opposite could be that you are so focused on your Soul Color that you become ungrounded. It is not noticeable to you! Inner work and introspection is key to maintain a harmonious balance.

If you sense that you are not in your body, you need to surround yourself with your Life Path color. And if you feel disconnected with your soul or higher self, then you need to surround yourself with your Soul Color.

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