what wearing pink says about you

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what wearing pink says about you

Pink is a lightened version of the red-violet hue, leaning towards red. It comes in a variety of values and saturations from soft pink to vibrant bright pink. And, it can convey a variety of meanings when you wear it.

When you wear lighter to softer pinks & roses, you are conveying the following message about yourself:

  • Sweet
  • Nice
  • Feminine
  • Charming
  • Friendly
  • Tender

When you wear the more vibrant and richer pinks, you are evoking the following feelings:

  • Sexy
  • Sensual
  • Flirty
  • Beautiful/Captivating

pink environments


Universally, pink conveys intimacy and nurturing. My friend Jill from the Colour Studio has a room in her home that is painted pink. A pink that is a mix of the Intimate & Nurturing images above. I’m not a huge fan of the soft, feminine pinks but this pink…when I am in that room, I feel enveloped…nurtured…happy. In fact, many hospitals and prisons have found that pink is good at calming people in agitated circumstances…there is a lot of research supporting this including the use of pink lighting.  Make sure to check out my pink board on Pinterest for more visions of pink including a pic of Jill’s pink room.

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