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Utilizing my ColorFluency method, I intuitively and expertly guide you to communicate & express your true essence using your unique color messages.

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Imagine feeling completely aligned physically, mentally and spiritually. Everything about you is in harmony and flows easily. You exude beauty and confidence from the inside-out, authentically being who you are meant to be in this world.

Arden can help you integrate and weave together the messages of your colors from the spiritual and physical realms so you can live your most authentic expression and show up fully using colors that support you and your purpose.


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Private Sessions

Integrating Color for Your Brand & Personal Presence

Soul Color Session

A 15-min color reading provides you time to receive your soul’s essence and purpose including a retrieval of your soul and life-path colors.  You’ll have time to ask 1 question so ensure you have set your intentions beforehand. A recording of your session is provided! 

15 Minutes | Fee:  $45

Intro Soullegory

For new clients only. If you haven’t gone through a Soul Color Session, then this Intro is for you. Receive your Soul and Life Path colors and beautiful Soullegory. Learn how your soul’s story and specific colors support you in your purpose and higher good, and how to use your colors for optimal support and healing. The vision is unique to you and you’ll have time to ask clarifying questions as your story unfolds. A recording of your session is provided! Learn more…

75 Minutes | Fee:  $222

Soullegory Sessions

Discover your soul’s story with messages from your Higher Self and guides. If you’re returning, we can pick up where your last Soullegory ended or open up to new things Spirit wants to share with you.  The vision is unique to you and you’ll have time to ask clarifying questions as your story unfolds. A recording of your session is provided! Learn more…

30 Minutes | Fee:  $90

60 Minutes | Fee: $180

Personal Color Session

In this private session, you’ll discover your full palette of High-Vibe colors – the colors that convey your essence and create magnetic energy. A custom fabric palette is created for you that contains 22-paddles of over 130 colors. You’ll learn how to use your colors for optimal support and healing. A recording of your session is provided!

60 Minutes | Fee:  $475

Future Vision + Soul GIfts

Sometimes your dreams and visions for yourself may seem overwhelming, where you don’t know where to start. This session is to help you gain clarity on what you truly want and dream for yourself. You’ll be guided through a future self visualization and then receive intuitive guidance on what paths are best for you in order to reach your dreams and gain alignment with your own unique gifts and essence.  Includes some pre-work plus a Color Map depicting your soul gifts. A recording of your session is provided.

90 Minutes | Fee:  $330

Business Branding 

This 2-hr session focuses solely on your colors, your brand & how to visually connect to your best clients. The first half of your session is where we discuss your goals and then I intuitively retrieve the symbols, colors & metaphors for optimal business growth. In the 2nd half, I’ll review your personal coloring and develop palette colors for you & your brand.  You’ll walk away with a draft of your brand’s colors for online usage and a fabric color palette of 20-paddles for your personal use.

120 Minutes | Fee:  $750

Transformed Clients

Expert Color Guidance

As an integrative color practitioner, I help conscious individuals and entrepreneurs gain clarity on their purpose and work with them to align their color identity & messaging. My gift is to visually see your personal or organization’s unique expression, purpose and symbology.

With a background in Internet and brand marketing, I’ve worked with leading brands (and their spokespeople) such as Gap, Visa, Intuit, eBay, Levi Strauss and KQED. I now utilize my 20+ years of marketing & color expertise to guide soulpreneurs and organizations on the right visual messages & colors to use to get the desired results.

Using my color reference materials and tools (from colorimeters to color atlases to my own fabric color system based on Munsell), I work with you to integrate your unique color language.

Arden Reece

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Becoming Fully Hueman

A 90-day experience where you'll receive intuitive color guidance and personal color palettes to uplevel your inner and outer expression so that it aligns with your soul's purpose.
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