Private Intuitive Readings + energy maps

Need to know, define or understand your greater purpose? Become connected to your soul's story and color allies in a deeper way.

By seeing your soul’s story (aka your Soullegory™) and colors, I work on your behalf to bring forward messages for your highest good and purpose.  

Your Soullegory is a metaphorical journey of what Spirit and your Higher Self want you to see of your soul’s path; of where and who you are…and what you are meant to be and do.

Because it is a unique message from Spirit to you, it has many layers—both literal and metaphorical—thus, your session is recorded so that you may go back and re-listen to gather further information.

How I work

During your session, I see what’s coming forward for your highest good that you and your Higher Self has permitted. I do not conduct any energetic healing work without your sole permission – typically it is your higher self that does this for you, not me. I use a variety of spiritual practices so that I can be a clear vessel for seeing you and your highest good without any judgement.

In working with Spirit, my dominant gift is to see (clairvoyance) in full color where I work specifically in the upper realms with color and light. I am also able to hear sounds, smell, feel and hear short words and sentences that I will share with you.

Your Soullegory will be described in detail along with your soul and life path colors and any other messages that come through. Sometimes, your higher self will share with you symbols or other colors you may need at this time. Whatever you need to hear and know will come forward. The beautiful thing is, everyone’s Soullegory reading is unique…not one is the same.

Session Fees

Your Soul Gifts Map

Soul Gifts Map Reading

Your Soul Gifts color map outlines your soul's current energetic blueprint, depicts your soul gifts, and highlights which ones are most likely to bring in income.

The session is 90 minutes and includes a private reading to further expand on your gifts and soul purpose. An image of your map is provided.
Energy Map

preparing for your session

Spend some quiet time before your scheduled reading meditating on one of the intentions:

“To have my soul’s highest good be shown.”

“To see what I need to be doing now or in the future to achieve my greatest joy.”

“To see what my higher self wants me to know.”

Inspired Clients

Uplifting, Enlightening, Miraculous.

I loved the feeling of intimacy I experienced during the reading. Although we’d never met, there was a closeness and openness you held throughout the entirety of it that made the reading feel even more personal. I’ve had many types of readings from various people in my life and yours was, by far, the most creepily accurate and enlightening.
Jen Disierra
Professional, Insightful, Inspiring!

We did a group reading with Arden. It was a great experience for all of us (especially since we know each other so well) and we had so much fun. We most enjoyed hearing the visions and interpreting them together. They really seemed uniquely accurate for each of us and definitely relevant and on point. To anyone considering having a reading, I would say to watch the magic happen. You’ll revisit the reading in your head for several days and some elements will start taking on more meaning for you. Although you may be skeptical at first you need to stay open and enjoy. It is so inspiring!
Mary Doherty
San Francisco
Everything Resonated on a Deep Level.

Having the visual of the divine support of the Universe helped me move past some stuck feelings. The revelation about what I should be working on and teaching, my mission, was a surprise and yet felt true beyond question. I feel that you have helped energize me toward fulfilling my calling.
Sandy Evenson
Transformational Coach

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