Feel Wholly Aligned

See and present yourself in a much more powerful way with colors that support your natural way of being in the world.

Make Better Color Choices

Select the right colors for every occasion with ease and ultimately save your hard-earned cash from making color mistakes.

Connect to Your Essence

Your Soullegory reading and its messages will guide and connect you deeply to your true purpose & spiritual power.


Hi, I'm Arden

I don't want you to struggle. I know what it feels like to transform in a meaningful way and connect to your true essence.

I'm here to help you bridge the gap between your inner and outer beauty.

As a color oracle and practitioner, I provide intuitive guidance and color transformations that are authentically aligned to you, based on the art, science and soul of color.

Color has an intelligence that holistically weaves together your mind, body and spirit. I look forward to working with you!




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Times of San Diego
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Mia Bolte

Buddhist-inspired therapeutic coaching and advising for individuals and couples.

"These are services for people who value a guide who has a great mind for business, the arts, healing matters (ex: psychotherapy, body and energy work, intuition) and is spiritually attuned and aware. Arden has helped me answer questions like these:

  • What is my best approach to my work and business matters?
  • What is  my soul calling me to do and be in this world?
  • How to authentically represent myself personally and professionally?
  • How can my pr and marketing materials reflect more of who I am, so that the right clients can find me?  And so that I feel GREAT about what I am putting out into a noisy marketplace.

It's a very energetic process, and since I appreciate that all matter is energy, it works for me.  I've been encouraged, cheered on, validated, and shown important info to guide every area of my life, health, wealth and relationships!"


Work with Arden

Utilizing an artistic, divinely-guided framework, I intuitively guide women to embrace their authentic beauty and transform their lives & business with the art, science and soul of color

Speaking + Presentations
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Your Soul Color

Discover Your Unique Soul Color



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Let's Talk!

If this is calling to you and you have the means for guidance that'll be of support, let's talk.

In your 20-minute consultation, you can ask questions and learn more.  It's my gift to you, with the aim of helping you learn how we can tailor services to guide you in your life.


The portal to your true beauty and inner knowing is within the soul of color. Color is synonymous with Light…it lives in both the quantum and physical worlds.

The Arden Color Framework can help you express yourself in a meaningful way...each individual is different and requires a unique combination of support in order to express their true colors.


Who YOU are.

  • Soullegory: Your gifts + purpose
  • Your Color Blueprint: Your physical, authentic beauty map
  • Your Color Type: Creating your custom palette
  • Your Essence Colors: Expressing your true essence

How you RELATE.

  • Other's Color Types: Understanding how you fit together
  • Your Relationship Colors: Harmonizing your Soul + Life Path colors
  • Your Magnetic Colors: Magnetizing meaningful connections

Your SOUL.

  • Your Soul Color: Living your soul's purpose
  • Your Soul's Journey: Unifying with upper dimensions and consciousness
  • Higher-Self Integration: Seeing and integrating your true beauty + colors

Become a Certified Practitioner!

I have mentored energy healers, artists/designers, makeup artists, image consultants and teachers to up-level their business and work with their clients in a deep and profound way.

If you are called to work with your clients in this way—using color as your tool and guide—I invite you to explore more.

"Mentoring with Arden is worth every penny. It allowed me to approach color in a much more customized and unique way for my clients – it has upleveled my entire business."


Right here, right now, get the free visualization that helps you embody your highest calling by uncovering YOUR soul color. 

Are you ready to move forward?

You already know who you are and what you're here to do.  Many of my clients are looking for refinement and next-level alignment in one or more areas of their life.  From the personal to professional, I'll show you how color can help.

"I want expert intuitive guidance on my best colors."

"I want to know which colors make me radiate and glow."

"I want the next level of alignment with my soul's purpose & gifts."

"I want to express myself in the most authentic and meaningful way."

If you...

...Want the outer to represent the inner.

...Know you're here on this earth to do more.

And, you don't want to hold yourself back any longer.