For Creative Leaders and Entrepreneurs who care about using color to increase their Visibility, Value and Power.

Are your colors lifting you up or tearing you down? Understand what your colors are saying about you, your business, and your confidence (both good and bad!)

Where creative professionals + entrepreneurs come to understand and leverage color so that they can enrich their lives, businesses and power in the world.

You’re not only intuitive, you have a deep love of color. Color speaks to you already, but quietly, and you know there’s more.  You can feel this is just the tip of the iceberg.  

Yet you’re confused about how to use color to bring forward an authentic and aligned message about who you are.

Although you already give thought to the colors you use for things, you wanna ditch the overwhelm and confusion and get better at it.  You want to become ColorFluent in your own unique color messages and language.

What's Your Color Personality?
Discover Your Color Messages

What ClientS Say

Hi, I'm Arden

I’m an expert in the messages color speaks about us.

I’ve been working with clients for over 20 years to understand the power of color and how to use color to increase their confidence, well-being, and even their level of enlightenment.  

My ColorFluency™ Method reveals the secret—Colors are messengers. And our colors are constantly broadcasting specific messages about us, both good and bad.  

I teach creative women leaders to become ColorFluent, to understand and leverage color to shift and uplift their lives, their businesses, and their power in the world.

You May Face Challenges Like these...

Creative Blocks

The purpose in your creative work has been forgotten. Everything in your life feels like it’s “on hold.”


You’re a spiritual and intuitive person yet something isn’t working and you sense a misalignment between your mind, body and soul.

Photoshoot panic

Figuring out which colors to wear an be extremely stressful…especially if you do it days before a big photoshoot.

Feeling Invisible

You’re not attracting the attention you need to move forward confidently.

Business Reno

You’re undergoing changes or creating a new business and need direction for the best colors for your brand, website and presence.

Embracing Beauty

You’ve tricked yourself into thinking that your goodness and integrity overrides the importance of your beauty.

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