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You, Unveiled

Gain clarity, alignment, and ease + flow in your life.

Where mystically inclined creatives and leaders like you come to get aligned and bring your true purpose and work to the world.

Hi, I'm Arden

I’m an intuitive guide who happens to be an expert in the messages color speaks about us.

I’ve been working with mystically-inclined creatives and entrepreneurs for over 20 years to understand the power of color and how to use color to increase their confidence, well-being, and even their level of enlightenment.  

My method reveals the secret—colors are messengers. I’m here to help you decode those messages and tap into your unique soul gifts and purpose.

If you’re ready to get aligned with your soul’s purpose, elevate your presence, and create ease and flow in your work and life, let’s connect. 

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Unveil your true colors + Gifts

Intuitive Readings

Gain clarity and explore what Spirit, your Guides, and your Higher Self want you to know for your highest good and greatest joy.  

Color Readings

Accessed from the Light Libraries within the Akashic Field, these sessions allow you to see and understand your energetic patterns, cosmic blueprint, and areas of abundance. 

Business Readings

Discover the imagery, symbology, colors, and spiritual gifts you bring to your heart-based business and what actions to take to bring forward your success. 

"The revelation about what I should be working on and teaching, my mission, was a surprise and yet felt true beyond question. I feel that you have helped energize me toward fulfilling my calling."
Sandy Evenson
Coach and Author

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