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Guided Meditations

Get the audio and 5-page pdf instructions for traveling to your future self. ✨

Meet your future self living out her best expression and life 2 years from now.

Read my blog post on why future self visits are so important!

Gain clarity on your direction.

Receive wisdom and guidance from the future version of yourself.

Feel fully supported and cared for.

In this 20-minute guided meditation, Arden will walk you through a unique time-traveling visit to your future self. Receive your higher self’s guidance, a special gift, and unique color(s) helpful for your growth.

Get the audio and 22-page pdf guide for discovering your soul color. 🌈

Soul colors are the energy that helps you align with your higher self.

Read my blog post on soul colors!

Discover the color that surrounds & protects you.

Uplevel your way of being in the world.

Unlock the language that communicates your divine purpose.

In this 9-minute visualization, Arden will guide you on a visit to retrieve your soul color. Discover your soul’s color that guides your purpose and uncover your life path color, which helps you deliver on your purpose.

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