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How to see and interpret auras...
even if you don't think you can

With Arden Reece, Color Mystic

Your aura color energies communicate your essence.

The Mystic’s Guide to Auras course delves into the messages of who you are and what is coming forward for you.

You’ll discover how to see and work with your aura color energies and you’ll easily be able to create a unique snapshot of your essence.

You'll Gain Clarity on the Messages of the Colors

You’ll discover the unique meanings of various aura colors and see what they look like. By understanding your aura’s messages, you’ll gain confidence and healing

You'll Start to trust your intuition

You don’t have to ‘see’ to gain access to this knowledge. In fact, most people sense and feel aura colors and in this course you’ll be guided to do the same.

What You'll Learn

The self-paced course is broken up into 3 modules with 15 lessons and guided meditations to walk you through seeing and interpreting auras. 

  • What Auras Are
  • Energy Ethics and Spiritual Hygiene
  • The Meanings of Aura Colors
  • Munsell Notation Overview
  • Connecting with Your Spiritual Color Guides
  • How to Feel/Sense Aura Colors
  • Guided Relaxation Practice to Sense Auras
  • Aura-Viewing for Beginners
  • Advancing Your Aura-Viewing Skills
  • Guided Meditation to Aura Viewing
  • Aura Field Meanings
  • Creating an Aura Color Map
  • Personal Aura Colors Practice
  • Seeing the Auras of Others
  • Trusting Your Intuition

For the past two decades, my work has been focused on the energy of color and how it affects your essence and authentic expression. I’ll be sharing my methods and tools to show you how to uncover your aura colors and uplevel your vibration. 

Who this course is designed for

  • You’ve always been curious about auras and want to know how to use them to bring more well-being to your life.
  • You’re intuitive yet you want to know more about how to uplevel your vibration so you can trust what you sense.  
  • You recognize color as an energetic messenger and healer and are interested in gaining further clarity on what colors truly align and transform you on a cellular level.

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Attendees of Arden’s Courses Wrote

I am always amazed with the breadth and depth of your gifts and the love with which you share them. Thank you for sharing them with me and all of us.
Kathleen Boyd
Intuitive Artist
The live meetings with the entire groups were incredibly fun and valuable. Possibly the standout aspect was that through the work, and particularly the partner work, I uncovered aspects of myself that I had not known and appreciated before now. I discovered who I really am, what I am capable of and here to do in this life! That's pretty BIG!!
Lisa Hunter
Intuitive Artist + Art Teacher
I changed my mind, body and spirit in the deepest way. Arden is a beautiful soul mentor that helps you step by step to change and transform your body, mind & soul.
Maria-Cristina Ochoa
Quantum soul artist

I'm ready!

Join the course and start discovering the messages of auras...


Pay in Full

Frequently Asked Questions

The presale ends on September 29 at 11:55pm Pacific time.

The course officially opens on September 30, 2023, on the Color Mystery School site which you will have access to once you sign up.

You’ll have access to the course starting September 30 where you’ll be able to access your materials, stream videos, and listen on your desktop, tablet, or smart phone.

The worksheets and charts are provided in a PDF format that can be saved to your device for lifetime access.

Due to the digital nature of this course and in-depth color guidebook, no refunds are provided.

If there is anything we can help you with, please email us at support@ardenreece.com, and we’ll be happy to help!

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