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The Best Colors to Create Positive Energy

If you are looking to manifest positive thoughts and actions in your life, then it’s easiest to do so using color. No tapping, no affirmations… no words required. 

Thanks to color symbolism and psychology, you can rely on certain colors to convey positive feelings, thereby enhancing your own personal energy.

There are billions of colors available to choose from so it’s easiest to narrow it down to a hue family (or families) and then go from there by selecting a color that most appeals to you.

Let’s first look at the most positive hue families for you to choose from (the blues and violets are more calming and individualistic so are not included.)

Here are the best colors to choose from:


Energizing, Full of Life, Assertive


Cheerful, Playful, Friendly


Joyful, Inspiring, Strong


Healthy, Nurturing


Optimistic, Youthful


Loving, Compassionate, Beautiful

The positive associations listed above provide an overall view of the messages each hue conveys. If you want to explore each of these further, the hex codes are listed below for you to play with on coolors.co.

You can choose a lighter or darker shade that aligns with your personality. Remember, when you pick a color that’s different from above, the meaning will change a bit from it’s overall parent meaning. 

For example if you select from the red hue family because you want to feel energized and full of life, selecting a coral (a color derived from red) will still lessen the effect a bit to suit your personality — it will convey a fun life but won’t be seen as super high energy. 

Plus, if you lean towards introversion and you pick a bright color, it’s easier to have the negative connotations associated with the color come through, such as anger….so be careful!

best colors for positive energy

I show the best colors above in an Illustrator watercolor pen using the same hex codes so you can see how together they send a joyful message. Instead of using just one color to uplift you, try working with two or three. I give some examples of harmonies to try on my Instagram page.

2 Ways to Unveil the Secrets Within YOU(hue):

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2. Create an integrated and authentic life with private, intuitive guidance.

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