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Channeling: The World Is Falling Apart To Make Room For Something New

Grab your favorite beverage and sit with me on this message about the current energies we are experiencing and what is coming up. I break down some of the highlights below for you.

Please remember to treat others with kindness and respect. We are all on this spiritual journey together, at different places and areas of understanding on our linear timeline. Together, we can uplift one another from wherever we are.

00:47 Anger with not been SEEN by those in “power” and what being fully human means

02:51 Intro and heart visualization

04:44 Vision starts and seeing the “Land of Make Believe”

08:35 “Lift Up” – lift your thoughts and consciousness. Master Jesus and all the ascended masters, animals, and plants show up. There is beauty and sacredness around the soul of earth.

14:27 What else is happening? Twin towers are shown and the shock that we experienced will be forthcoming again. Also what is occurring in East & West Europe, Russia, and Ukraine. The people are waking up to all the deception.

24:18 An explanation of time and how we experience this world versus how spirit sees us

26:20 What is occurring now and how our desires for a better world are coming forward


**Please note my caution and why I’m sharing…I am far from doom & gloom, and this message is not about that, so I released it. While we’re in this energy of being “between worlds” please remember to stand up for those that are not SEEN, hold space for those that don’t SEE, and UPLIFT your thoughts and energies so we can rebuild a new world together.

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