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Have a Super Successful 2023 using these Planetary Energies

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If you’re a mystical coach or guide, I invite you to align your marketing efforts with important planetary energies including your ruling planets.

Why? We are growing more aligned with the planet’s energies—taking them into consideration as you plan your marketing calendar supports your efforts.

First off, use the full and new moons to manage your business reviews and planning.

Full Moon

Use this day to review the past month. Review and update your website and social media analytics. Review your goals and intentions from the last new moon…did you reach them? What can you learn from them? Conduct a moon ceremony to release the things that didn’t work and to bring the month to a close.

New Moon

Use the day of the new moon to set new goals and intentions for the upcoming month. What do you want to accomplish and see come forward? Conduct a new moon ceremony, and write and burn these intentions for the Universe to receive.

Considering Retrogrades

Retrogrades are important when planning your marketing events and campaigns. The most important is Mercury Retrograde and your zodiac sign’s ruling planet retrograde.

Since I’m no astrologer, check out this article to see what it means when your ruling planet goes retrograde. 

For example, since I’m a Scorpio, Mars has been in retrograde since October 2022 and will go direct next week. It’s been a quiet time where I’ve been feeling “nothing’s being done!” yet I’ve been planning the entire time. Next week when it goes direct, it’s action time.

To plan accordingly, you want to look at these times (I’ve included 2023 dates below).

Ruling Planets

Each planet is known to rule a certain sign.  When the most natural expression of the planet is closely aligned with a particular sign, it is said to be the ruling planet.

Listed above are the ruling planets for each sign but note that 3 signs are ruled by two planets each so you want to watch when either one goes retrograde:

  • Scorpio: ruled by Pluto and Mars
  • Aquarius: ruled by Uranus and Saturn
  • Pisces: ruled by Neptune and Jupiter


Below is a very short, general list of what each planet represents:

  • Sun: Ego and spirit
  • Moon: Emotions and subconscious mind
  • Mercury: Mind and speech
  • Venus: Love and pleasure
  • Mars: Action and passion
  • Jupiter: Beliefs and morals
  • Saturn: Boundaries and discipline
  • Uranus: Independence and rebellion
  • Neptune: Dreams and illusions
  • Pluto: Transformation and power

2023 Calendar Dates

Use the following dates and put them in your calendar now so you can easily plan your marketing campaigns and efforts.

Important Lunar Dates this Quarter

  • January 22: Lunar New Year
  • January 6: Full Moon
  • January 21: New Moon
  • February 5: Full Moon
  • February 20: New Moon
  • March 7: Full Moon
  • March 21: New Moon

Here’s a lunar calendar that I particularly like. 

2023 Mercury Retrograde Dates

Best not to launch NEW campaigns during these times. And also be careful of purchasing new computers and phones as well. It doesn’t always go haywire, but I’ve experienced retrogrades when my site crashed.

  • Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 18, 2023 
  • Apr 21 – May 14
  • Aug 23 – Sep 15
  • Dec 13, 2023 – Jan 1, 2024

2023 Planetary Retrograde Dates

  • until Jan 12, Mars retrograde in Gemini 
  • until Jan 23, Uranus retrograde in Taurus
  • May 1 — June 11, Pluto retrograde in Aquarius
  • Jun 12 — Oct 10, Pluto retrograde in Capricorn
  • Jun 17 — Nov 4, Saturn retrograde in Pisces
  • July 22 — Sep 3, Venus retrograde in Leo (past relationships)
  • Aug 28 — Jan 27, 2024, Uranus retrograde in Pisces 
  • Sep 4 — Dec 30, Jupiter retrograde in Taurus (review and refinement time)


So now you have the important dates for this year. Happy planning and I wish you a colorful, prosperous, and happy (lunar) new year!


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