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May Channeled Message

The Wisdom of Earth Will Prevail

Start flowing with the Earth instead of against her. This message comes directly from the Ultraviolet angelic beings, shown in italics.

I see layers being peeled off energetically from Earth and all its inhabitants. It sounds like a crack of a whip and then a sizzle. Something cracks. The layers of atmosphere? Blue-violet enters in. Is this literal with our environment? 


Thinking locally is no longer an option. You must start thinking globally, universally, outside of space-time. Understanding we are all connected and One. This is what creates an invisible gauze that repairs the opening in the atmosphere. No one person can pat themselves on the back for this healing. It is collective will and action. 

Is it a solar flare? It is a crack that sounds like lightning striking. They show me the date April 18. (Researched this and it was Easter Monday this year…it is a Christian holiday after Easter Sunday that celebrates the day when Jesus Christ emerged from the tomb after his crucifixion.)

We are Divine Love’s angels. UltraViolet.

When there’s a will there’s a way. Stop hurting the animals. Stop killing trees for boxes used to deliver to your home. Stop wasting fuel on those deliveries, on flying. Stop hurting mother earth….she is alive and sentient. She is here to protect and guide you.

This means you! Cancel your Amazon subscription. Quit eating mass-produced animals for food. Reduce your online shipments. Reduce your centrism (cultural). Reduce your need to be a hermit and have things individually come to you.

Go into nature. Communicate with her and the natural world. There is wisdom hidden there for all that will stabilize the earth and her inhabitants. Learn how to partner with nature and the land you live on.

You are out of harmony and you must get back into harmony. You don’t have much time yet you can do it.

Don’t be dissuaded by the merchants with their pretty solutions. They will only keep you stuck in one place. The new earth is beyond them and much brighter and joyous.

It is not doom and gloom.

Keep moving forward in trust. In trust of your inner wisdom and the love that resides in you. Reconnect dear ones. A bright new day is just ahead. 

You have been releasing old energies from the past that don’t serve you. The past doesn’t serve. 

You are alive with electric essence…use it. White iridescense surrounds you, is within you…it’s your inner flame…it’s what guides you.

Remind yourself each day of this.

Share this message with others and FOLLOW it. Don’t just listen, take action.

You will not miss the material conveniences you release yourself from…this we promise. You will see much more abundance flow to you when you start flowing with Earth, instead of against her.


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