Private Sessions

Unique sessions to help you connect to your soul and purpose.
“…a boy comes up to him and asks for help. He follows him to the bed of an ill chief of the tribe. He heals him. He then is taken to another person as more and more people are hearing about him. He carries a bag of stones around his waist. He is confused about what to do next. A woman steps forward with a rainbow in her hand and she heals the man with her rays as he uses the stones.”Excerpt from a session -- shared with permission

“Arden is a true gem, intuitive and extremely gifted.”

Beautiful, Inspiring, Hopeful, Validating, Deep

Want to know your soul’s story and unique purpose? Receive an intuitive color reading and discover your soul and life path colors.

We all have intuitive gifts and are our own best healers when it comes to managing our thoughts and energy. Using my gifts of seeing your soul's story (your Soullegory™) and colors along with my gift of sensing, I work on your behalf to bring forward messages for your highest good and purpose. I only do this with your implicit permission and knowing. A Soullegory is a unique message from Spirit to you and it has many layers - both literal and metaphorical. Each session is recorded so that you may go back and re-listen to gather further information.

  • Soul Purpose Vision

    This is your Soullegory. Shared in allegory form, you’ll hear a story of your past, present and future. Spirit speaks in metaphor and what is conveyed is very dream-like. After sharing your soullegory, we’ll discuss the possible meanings and next steps for you.

  • Your Soul & Life Path Colors

    Your Soul color is the main color of your soul and drives your overall purpose. Your Life Path color is how you express yourself in this life and together with your Soul color, brings a unique way of supporting your best self.

  • Optional Soul Necklace

    Wearing your soul color necklace allows you to align the to the pure vibration of your soul color, helping your authentic & highest self to shine forth. Each Soul Color necklace is custom-made by Arden and features a natural gemstone, charm & custom mantra.

How it Works.

Before each and every session, I spend private, sacred time on your behalf to journey for your Soullegory and may look at other areas your Higher Self has permitted if it helps in your healing and highest good. I do not conduct any energetic healing work during this pre-journey.  I use a variety of spiritual practices so that I can be a clear vessel for seeing you and your highest good without any judgement.  During your journey, I'll see in great detail your Soullegory along with your soul and life path colors. Sometimes, your higher self will share with me symbols or other colors you may need at this time. Whatever you need to hear and know will come forward. The beautiful thing is, everyone's Soullegory is unique...not one is the same.

Although I'm not a shaman, I've found journeying to be a wonderful tool for working with Spirit. I like to stay as clear as possible by only seeing your picture...the less I know about you, the better it is.

I ask that during the time before your private session, you spend quiet time meditating on one of the three questions.

Intentions for you to hold prior to your reading
“To have my soul’s highest good be shown.”
“To see what I need to be doing now or in the future to achieve my greatest joy.”
“To see what my higher self wants me to know.”

Scheduling & Fees

Intuitive Color Readings
Intuitive Color Readings

Private sessions held online via Zoom web conferencing or via phone. All include a 30-minute journey done on your behalf before your session. To schedule your session, click on the time-frame you want and it will take you to the online calendar to schedule and pay.

30-Min Session, $111 60-Min Session, $199
Intuitive Branding
Intuitive Branding

Want to attract the right clients to your heart-centered business? Get expert direction for aligning your brand with your soul's essence along with your unique brand guidelines and colors. Discover more about how we work together to transform your brand

Intuitive Color Readings
Style Color Sessions

Want people to see you for who you truly are? Magnify your beauty & essence by discovering the right colors for you. (Get more details on what's included.) Private sessions held online via Zoom web conferencing. All include a 30-minute journey done on your behalf before your session. To schedule your session, click on the time-frame you want and it will take you to the online calendar to schedule and pay.

Signature Style Session, $333 VIP Style Color Package, $555

What Clients Say:

Intriguing, Affirming!

I felt that Arden cared about me as a person, not just as a source of income. That my reactions mattered to her. She wanted to pull my best colours and help me see them.The biggest breakthrough for me was that the colours could be used for a specific purpose and not just to enhance me. And, that the colours were just not what I expected. I haven’t worn orange for years and yet there it is sitting in my palette in several guises. My heart sings at the Inspiring, Vitality, and Life Path colours.This is a life changing experience and not just about colour. It is a window into the soul if you allow it. Or a session that produces an amazing set of colours just for you.


Color Is Now Part of My Life

Arden transformed the way I see myself. I had no idea how many colors were available to me. She gave me tools I use every day to maximize my results with myself and other people. Thoughts about wardrobe and what to wear were a common consideration. Now, I think about my goal or intention and the result I want to accomplish such as “who am I meeting with” and “how do I want them to preserve me?” I think about the desired outcome and choose my colors accordingly to support my results. I love having the knowledge now to choose the right colors to support me for the day or a certain event. Plus, I love my clothes again! I don’t feel like I need to buy something new to feel good. I shop my closet. Arden is brilliant!


Guidance that is Deep & Soulful...

With Arden, I felt incredibly honored, seen and cared for. I walked away with tangible tools too! For instance, now, when people look at my recently revamped professional website, they say, “It’s so YOU, it’s gorgeous.” I wanted this sort of concurrency between my counseling services and the visuals, and Arden was the first person to offer such clear suggestions that communicate with such grace and beauty! I would say if you value input that is deep and soulful, guidance that is going to speak to the deeper levels of who you are, work with Arden. She reflects your truthful soul purpose.

I’d been off track, tempted to follow projects that looked good and just didn’t resonate. Meeting with Arden I got confirmation of my path, and the best way to offer my unique gifts and services. I needed the reminder to stay true to myself and my skills so that I can really be of help on the planet. Working with her was validating, on point, clarifying, fun and engaging. I didn’t want it to end!


Ready to Connect with Your Soul's Purpose?

Discover your Soullegory & Soul colors in a private session.