Practical color guidance personally aligned and based on the art & science of color.

Whether you're looking to enhance the colors in your closet or home—or are looking to re-brand your business in a more conscious way—I welcome the opportunity to serve you. 

Here are a unique group of offerings & programs that help you to celebrate your true colors in your life and business.

Personal Color Palette & Soullegory Sessions

For an important transition in your life (wedding, new job, or your next step)
For updating your business brand & website
For transitioning gracefully into aging

Want people to see you for who you truly are? Magnify your beauty & essence by discovering the right colors for you.

Your personal palette is based on your  unique Essence & Magnetic colors...selected to support & inspire. During our time together, I'll pull your right colors and share with you the intentions to use behind each so that you can manifest your best life.

Get more details on how it works here and what's included.

  • 1 hour, $433 (includes over 120 colors, including Soul & Life Path)
  • 2 hours, $633 (includes over 150 colors AND Soullegory Vision)

Need to know, define or understand your greater purpose? Become connected to your soul's story in a deeper way.

By using my gifts of seeing your soul's story (aka your Soullegory™) and colors, I work on your behalf to bring forward messages for your highest good and purpose.  Your Soullegory vision is a unique message from Spirit to you and it has many layers - both literal and metaphorical on your purpose, your mission and where you currently reside on your soul’s path in this life.  Each session is recorded so that you may go back and re-listen to gather further information.

Learn more about Soullegories here >


Get “unstuck” from negative life patterns and gain clarity on the right directions to take so that you can manifest a full life that your heart is calling you to fulfill.  Receive energetic alignment and healing on certain aspects and chakras that may be holding you back or impeding your progress.

Along with journeying for you and retrieving your soul's story (Soullegory) and symbols, you’ll get a drawing depicting your soul, life path, and chakra colors with tips to continue on your path.

Authentic Branding & Design

Want to attract the right clients to your heart-centered business?

Utilize my 20+ years of marketing & color expertise with leading brands like Gap, Visa, Intuit, Levi's and AOL.

Our first step together is to undergo a unique & intensive branding session that gets the right visual messages & colors to use to get the desired results.  Discover more about how we work together to transform your brand.

Online Group Courses

Color is a light language and learning about it in groups makes it so much fun. Learn the art, science and SOUL of color on my dedicated course site, Color + Light.

Below is a sampling of current courses. Or, browse all the courses here.

  • Sexy, Radiant, Silver - Discover the right clothing & makeup colors that bring out your natural beauty
  • Transform with Color - Play with color and have fun discovering your best and truest colors in our most popular course.
  • Soul Colors - Delve deep into the essence of each of the 12 colors in the spectrum including gold & silver.

Become a Color Practitioner

Fulfill your purpose & love of color by offering soulful color transformations. 

If you’re ready to delve deep into guiding your clients to discovering and communicating who they ARE with color, then we have the right training, guidance and tools to help you. 

Learn about Certification >

What Clients Say:

Intriguing, Affirming!

I felt that Arden cared about me as a person, not just as a source of income. That my reactions mattered to her. She wanted to pull my best colours and help me see them.The biggest breakthrough for me was that the colours could be used for a specific purpose and not just to enhance me. And, that the colours were just not what I expected. I haven’t worn orange for years and yet there it is sitting in my palette in several guises. My heart sings at the Inspiring, Vitality, and Life Path colours.This is a life changing experience and not just about colour. It is a window into the soul if you allow it. Or a session that produces an amazing set of colours just for you.



I found Ardens reading so insightful. I liked learning the most what my life path and soul color were. I was looking for clarity on my future career path so I really needed this information and direction. If you’re considering this, do it. It was enlightening as well as inspiring and fun. I’ve already recommended her to people who I think would benefit!


Uplifting, Enlightening, Miraculous

I loved the feeling of intimacy I experienced during the reading. Although we’d never met, there was a closeness and openness you held throughout the entirety of it that made the reading feel even more personal. I’ve had many types of readings from various people in my life and yours was, by far, the most creepily accurate and enlightening. To those that are considering a Soullegory reading, I would say to open your heart, your mind to what she is sharing. There is real truth in her visions, just allow yourself to experience what is there.


Caring, Supporting, Enthusiastic

Arden is very caring and nurturing and never makes you feel judged in where you might be in your own life. She is accessible, supportive, and encouraging. I would highly recommend her services because her program is very specific for each individual. My color fan was created especially for me. All the colors work with my features and personality.


Guidance that is Deep & Soulful...

With Arden, I felt incredibly honored, seen and cared for. I walked away with tangible tools too! For instance, now, when people look at my recently revamped professional website, they say, “It’s so YOU, it’s gorgeous.” I wanted this sort of concurrency between my counseling services and the visuals, and Arden was the first person to offer such clear suggestions that communicate with such grace and beauty! I would say if you value input that is deep and soulful, guidance that is going to speak to the deeper levels of who you are, work with Arden. She reflects your truthful soul purpose.

I’d been off track, tempted to follow projects that looked good and just didn’t resonate. Meeting with Arden I got confirmation of my path, and the best way to offer my unique gifts and services. I needed the reminder to stay true to myself and my skills so that I can really be of help on the planet. Working with her was validating, on point, clarifying, fun and engaging. I didn’t want it to end!


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