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Programs + Courses

within the color mystery school

self-paced courses

Your Spiritual Colors

Access the Secrets of Soul Colors for Your Ascension and Healing

A 12-week in-depth course that helps you uncover the secrets and develop practices to align with a unique soul color each week that supports manifesting more joy, creativity, and fulfillment in your life.

How to see and interpret auras, even if you don't think you can

Be able to intuit your energetic aura as well as those close to you for deeper understanding and connection in this self-paced course.

self-paced courses

Your Personal Colors

Discover Your Best Colors!

Move from feeling frustrated and confused with color to feeling confident and excited about the colors that align with your unique energy.

It’s a unique exploration in creating Your Color Vibe and it contains a workbook and worksheets to help you pick your absolute best colors. (No seasons required.)

Upgrade Your Silver-Hair Look!

Discover the best colors for you in this course with silver-haired color expert, Arden. Includes (2) hour-long video workshops with a 20-page color workbook and step-by-step color exercises and examples.

Live Group/1:1 Program

Your 5D Business

Unleash Your True Purpose, Elevate Your Presence,
And Bring Your Work To The World

The Aligned and Prosperous Mystic is the premier program within the Color Mystery School created for heart-centered creatives and entrepreneurs like you who want to weave the magical with the practical into their business…all using the Energies of Color.

The outcome is simple: discover your soul’s calling and true life purpose, align your work with that new purpose by upgrading your presence, and then create a new offering by landing the right clients that are energetically matched with you.

What Participant's say...

I am more confident and expressive in my daily life because I'm wearing and surrounding myself with colors that support and empower me. The colors align with my energy and people respond with warmth -- the connections made come frequently.
Renee Lynn
Art Photographer
All women should know this! It helps you transform the items in your closet from just something that covers your body and gets the job done into something that truly supports your natural way of being in the world. I love it so much!
Aimee Cartier
Intuitive Coach
If you are ready to be fully present in your own life and desire to fully express your higher and true self in the most authentic way, then I encourage you to work with Arden. It was quite possibly one of the best decisions that I have made in my lifetime.
Nancy Schlegel
CEO, Cocoro
I’ve had extensive training in colour, however no one has approached colour like Arden does in such a deep & meaningful way that allows for one’s personality to be reflected through the colours we wear.
Anna Chandler
New Zealand
Arden transformed the way I see myself. I had no idea how many colors were available to me. She gave me tools I use every day to maximize my results with myself and other people.

I love having the knowledge now to choose the right colors to support me for the day or a certain event. Plus, I love my clothes again! I don’t feel like I need to buy something new to feel good. I shop my closet. Arden is brilliant!
Melissa Wadley
Sales Executive
Working one-on-one with Arden is a fabulous experience. She absolutely knows what she’s doing and how to translate that into a beautiful and effective understanding of your palette. She gave me additional colors that I’ve never had before and absolutely love. The long color journey is finally over!
Maggie Oman Shannon
pro color system
Arden Reece Pro Color System

How I work

I’m a worldwide color expert and intuitive guide who has been at the forefront of the personal color industry for the past 2 decades.

I’m here to help you navigate the simple yet profound world of color.

My studies & research on personal coloring (including intensive interdisciplinary color training with the highly regarded International Association of Color Consultants / Designers) allow me to playfully show you the many ways you can use color to illuminate your authentic, radiant self and enhance every aspect of your life.

In working with Spirit, my dominant gift is to see (clairvoyance) in full color where I work specifically in the upper realms to bring forward your soul-filled colors.

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