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The color energy (and chakra!) that influence your prosperity

If you have issues around financial or physical security that you can’t seem to fix (which is the prime directive of your root chakra) it usually points to generational trauma and your 10th chakra holds some clues.

And because your loved ones on the other side don’t want this for you, they are here to help.

Because today is All Souls Day and Day of the Dead, it’s the perfect day to connect with them and ask for their assistance.

Watch my video here to understand more about your 10th chakra:


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:25 Honoring our ancestors on All Souls Day
  • 01:48 Support from the other side
  • 02:21 The 10th Chakra
  • 03:25 How your Root and 10th Chakra work
  • 04:11 The gifts and healing your 10th Chakra conveys
  • 05:42 What your ancestors want for you



2 Ways to Unveil the Secrets Within YOU(hue):

1. Determine your soul color with a Guided Meditation
2. Create an integrated and authentic life with private, intuitive guidance.

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