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the third eye chakra: what you don’t know

Mystical, elusive, wonderful. The third eye chakra leaves many to wonder if it’s just a concept covered in sacred texts available only to those enlightened and holy.  Are we all Third Eye Blind or is it something us mere mortals were born with?

I come from a hidden family history of intuitives and clairvoyants. Ever since I was little, my brothers, sister and myself could see spirits. Our dad is very spiritual so it was never talked about as “strange” but simply a way of life. Yet to say any of us were psychic or clairvoyant would have gone against my parent’s religious beliefs. We never labeled ourselves as such and never really talked about it.

When I was in my early twenties, I was fascinated with the occult, dreamwork and psychic phenomena. Again, I never thought of myself as a psychic or gifted in that area…I thought it was a gift only given to folks like James van Praagh and Edgar Cayce. As such, I looked up to those that were intuitive and even met a few who felt they were God’s gift to the world. 

I share this because I had no idea when I was younger that I did indeed have the gift of intuition. I thought most people saw spirits and angels as I did.  And so when I “discovered” that not everyone did, this odd feeling of “specialness” rested upon me.  It didn’t last long because I now know that each human has this gift and capacity that comes up for them in its own special way. It’s up to you to do the work to uncover yours.

So what is this Third Eye chakra and do we all have access to its gifts?

Let’s first start with what chakras are and why they’re important in how you view yourself. 

Chakras are energetic forces within (and without) the body that assimilate your physical, emotional and spiritual energies. They essentially help you align to become fully human. 

Ancient Hindu texts written in sanskrit which date back to thousands of years pre-Christ times (Upanishads and Yogas) mention the main chakras as mystical wheels or energy centers that are the pathway to enlightenment. This is such a broad brushstroke that I must say to truly understand the chakras and kundalini yogas, a loving guide or guru is necessary.

You can’t see them with your physical eyes because they are part of your astral (etheric) body… but you can sense them.  If you wish to dive deeper into all 7 chakras in grand detail, I highly recommend Cyndi Dale’s “Complete Book of Chakras.” (note: I may or may not receive an affiliate commission if you purchase from my links.)

All chakras hold gifts or as the ancient texts call them, siddhis.

When your energies are in alignment with source, the Third Eye chakra provides strong intuition and keen intellect. You are able to easily see the big picture and envision positive possibilities.

third eye chakra

Where is the Third Eye Chakra located and what’s its color?

The third eye chakra is misunderstood many times because most people assume the chakra is located between your two physical eyes, creating a third eye.

In truth, the chakra is located at the very top of your spinal column which in sanskrit is called Ajña, which means “command” or “summoning.” 

This IS the place where we connect to our higher self, our soul and the Divine. Ajña is in the area that is at the top of your brain stem known as your medulla. When I am viewing energetic colors in clients who are meditators and yogis, I’ll see it at top of the brain stem. It looks like a bright white star with rotating hoops.

It is our connection to source and the activated color of the third eye chakra is white light yet I will also see a blue-violet color in the center of the face when it is not as active.

So why do we call it the Third Eye and does it need to be activated?

Yes, it needs to be activated and you do so during meditation. The reason Ajña is called the Third Eye chakra is because to activate it, you must look into the space in between your eyebrows where your ‘third eye’ would be. You do not cross your eyes, you simply maintain your gaze turned up to where your third eye would be. 

When your Third Eye chakra is activated, it is bright white light energy.

A gentle reminder: there are no short cuts in “activating” it. Short cuts are for those interested in controlling others by using magick–that never comes from a 100% good place. 

A daily meditation practice is crucial with a desirous heart to know the Divine and love.  There is no linear process but Kundalini is the best at describing what happens on an energetic level. My advice is to start meditating within the heart and with practice, it will unveil itself to you over the course of months and years.

Opening up your intuition is best done gradually. Your gift will continue to open up to you as you continue your journey.  

Who are the best examples of clear Third Eye gifts?

There are lots but the ones which I find as great role models are:

  • Mary Magdalene,
  • Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc), 
  • Jesus Christ,
  • His Holiness the Dalai Lama,
  • Sri Yukteswar, 
  • Yogananda

2 Ways to Unveil the Secrets Within YOU(hue):

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