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Discover Your Color Messages

Discover the colors that communicate your essence and how to work with them for healing and transformation.

Ready to discover and integrate your inner and outer beauty with the language of color?

The What’s Your Color Language workshop series delves into the visible and non-visible color spectrum where you’ll discover how to see and work with your unique color language for healing and transformation.

You don’t have to ‘see’ to gain access to this knowledge. In fact, most people sense and feel their inner and outer colors and in this course you’ll be guided to do the same.

For the past two decades, my work has been focused on the energy of color and how it affects your essence and authentic expression. I’ll be sharing my methods and tools to show you how to uncover your colors and uplevel your vibration. 

You’ll also gain insights from other students in this class…kindred spirits who are also working on understanding their colors and gifts.

Join these upcoming workshops and get ready to uncover and communicate your unique color language.

Who this series is designed for

  • You recognize color as an energetic messenger and healer and are interested in gaining further clarity on what colors truly align and transform you on a cellular level.
  • You’ve always been creative and curious about color and want to know how to use it to bring more authenticity and joy to your life.
  • You’ve dabbled with physical and metaphysical colors yet you want to know more on how to create a strong presence and uplevel your vibration and energy.  


You’ll discover how to see your inner and outer essence in colorful detail by discovering what’s happening in your energetic and physical color body. By understanding and integrating your unique color language, you’ll easily be able to manifest your expression and create lasting transformation.

An Overview of Each Workshop

  • What your color language entails (mind, body, spirit)
  • The language of your soul purpose color and how to work with it
  • How to integrate your soul and life path color language

Please Note: You must already know your soul and life-path color before the workshop begins. Go through the visualization here >

  • Discover your resonance message 
  • Understand the energetic color effects that change based on their proximity
  • Enhance your mood and emotions
  • Align your life path and soul purpose for more joy
  • Discover your color enemies
  • Heal your energy field from your color enemies
  • Use your soul and life path colors for healing and support
  • Identify your key color palette
  • Discover your best energetic harmonies
  • Explore the best colors for you
  • Discover how your mind, body and soul colors create your bridge to authenticity 
  • Map your energetic color signature and create your presence palette.
  • Embody your unique color language!

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Join the program and Uncover your Unique color language...


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Attendees of Arden’s Courses Wrote

I am always amazed with the breadth and depth of your gifts and the love with which you share them. Thank you for sharing them with me and all of us.
Kathleen Boyd
Intuitive Artist
The live meetings with the entire groups were incredibly fun and valuable. Possibly the standout aspect was that through the work, and particularly the partner work, I uncovered aspects of myself that I had not known and appreciated before now. I discovered who I really am, what I am capable of and here to do in this life! That's pretty BIG!!
Lisa Hunter
Intuitive Artist + Art Teacher
I changed my mind, body and spirit in the deepest way. Arden is a beautiful soul mentor that helps you step by step to change and transform your body, mind & soul.
Maria-Cristina Ochoa
Quantum soul artist

Live session dates


  • Day: Tuesday (Wednesday, Australia)
  • Time: 11am Pacific / 2pm New York /  8pm Paris / 5am Sydney (Wednesdays)

If timing works for you, you can join the sessions live. All recordings and chat transcripts will be provided online at the end of each session. When you sign up, you get access to the live sessions and recordings.

I'm ready!

Join the program and Uncover your Unique color language...


Pay in Full


Monthly x 2

Frequently Asked Questions


An online course is a great way to learn from the comfort of your home! All you need is access to the Internet.

You can view videos, download the guides & worksheets, listen to audios and participate in the live Office Hours calls to deepen your exploration of the course. Plus, the community experience within our private group provides you daily interaction to share your insights and deepen your learning.

The workshop recordings are available within the course on the Color Mystery School site which you will have access to once you sign up.

You’ll have access to the course page where you’ll be able to access your materials, stream videos and listen on your desktop, tablet or smart phone.

The worksheets and charts are provided in the module of each workshop in a PDF format that can be saved to your device for lifetime access.

Yes, the full series offers a payment plan that’s split over 2 months to make it more affordable for you.

You’ll be billed the first payment today and then subsequent payments in monthly installments for the number of months stated. With a payment plan, your payments are automatically charged every 30 days.


Yes! We want you to be completely happy and confident that you made the right decision and offer a risk-free guarantee. So, if you start the program and have logged in and participated and find it’s not right for you, we include a 10-day money back guarantee.

If there is anything we can help you with, please email us at support@ardenreece.com, and we’ll be happy to help!

The Workshop Series is a 100% Risk-Free Investment

I know that the insights and practices you’ll discover in this program have the power to transform your life in all areas. And I want you to feel great about making this investment in yourself.

It’s 100% risk-free! If you start the series and for whatever reason it’s not right for you, there’s a 10-day, risk-free money back guarantee—no questions asked.

There’s little to lose -— and everything to gain.

10% Savings on all readings thru Dec 31. Use code COLORJOY.  Book Appointment