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3 signs you’re choosing fear over love

We live on an earth that is full of half-truths and white lies.

In a transmission I held recently, it was shared how we are deceiving ourselves and that there is a big issue with perception.

Many times our difficulty in seeing our own blindspots lends to issues in perceiving the truth.

We may sense our blindspots in a nano-second, but if we don’t speak up or consciously address them, they slide away forgotten. 

The big culprit behind this? Our choice of fear over love.

Here are 3 signs that may indicate fear is taking precedence and ways you can navigate through them.

Sign #1: You ignore speaking up in a situation. Many of us avoid addressing our truth because of the fear of being ridiculed or feeling ashamed. When fear tempts you to stay silent, take a deep breath and remind yourself of your inherent worth.  Trust that by expressing yourself authentically, you invite love and understanding into your life.

Sign #2: You don’t trust (or you ignore) your intuition. Trust that your intuition is a divine gift, providing gentle nudges and whispers of guidance. When fear attempts to override your intuition, take a moment of stillness, listen to the whispers of your soul, and allow love to illuminate your path.

Sign #3: You tell a little white lie to garner acceptance. Rather than compromising your integrity with little white lies, know that embracing your vulnerable side and stating your truth shows more strength. By being true to yourself, you attract authentic connections that cherish and appreciate the real you.

In the following video, I challenge all of us to shine the light, look at our blindspots, and address our truth.

Of course, Mary Magdalene is the greatest example of how to approach this. Here’s the phrase I refer to (book listed below):

  • “Lord, I see you now in this vision.”

  • “You are blessed, for the sight of me does not disturb you.” 


Remember, COURAGE and AWARENESS! This is where we want to go and not hide behind deceptions. 

You have the power to choose love over fear in every moment. Empower yourself to embrace vulnerability, express your truth, and trust your intuition. As you align with love, you create a life filled with authentic connections, growth, and a deeper sense of purpose. 

Books Referenced: 

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