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The 3 Types of Loneliness and Color Energy to Help

We are going through some things!

Here are 3 colors to help you battle the loneliness of Spirit, physical isolation, and/or emotional loneliness.

1. Physical Loneliness and Isolation: using orange to bring laughter and happiness to your space. For me, I rescued a dog. :)

2. Spiritual Loneliness: using aqua (blue-green) to get in touch with your higher heart and authentic truth (you ARE spirit and connected!)

3. Emotional Loneliness (the blues!): using green for self-love, growth, and nurturing. This color will ease you from the depths of blue.

2 Ways to Unveil the Secrets Within YOU(hue):

1. Determine your soul color with a Guided Meditation
2. Create an integrated and authentic life with private, intuitive guidance.

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