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August Color Energies: Moving towards non-duality

In April, I shared that we would be breaking out of our cocoons in the second half of the year and shared the color energies that would be stepping forward to help us.

Well, we’ve arrived! Below is a video that covers some of these energies but make sure to read the visions below as they provide more details.

July Color Energies & Activation

Orange, layered with magenta and lighter orange. Beautiful, awe-inspiring but not overwhelming. Just enough of activity, creativity and the right kind of romantic, juicy love.

There is a time for every season and it’s okay to have joy mixed with grief cut through. That is what being human is all about. As you go through this month, remember that we understand your suffering. We ask at this time that you embrace these colors to celebrate and to be happy. Of course, one’s work is never done or complete …take your time. August moves into a deep violet. An activation is occurring for you now and it best solidifies joy, creativity, and love. We give you these beautiful transparent colors to soften your days and lift your heart.

The time for joy is now.

Lion's Gate Portal and Forthcoming Energies

august color energies

The activation Spirit referred to in July happened during the height of the Lion’s Gate Portal and the New Moon on August 8.  Those who have chosen, have stepped through the Lion’s Gate portal with a new energetic frequency. You may or may not be conscious of stepping through the portal but your higher self is. Your light will be stronger and with a higher frequency light body.

We are stepping into a time of beauty and joy. 

Even though our world is surrounded by chaos, it’s important to remember compassion. 

Dropping the Idea of Dualism: Good vs Bad

We are being asked to drop the idea of dualism: of creating sides and comparing ourselves to others. Of seeing ourselves and others as right or wrong, good or bad. Although it seems like an impossible challenge, we are being told that it’s not so much of a challenge as it is to drop the idea.

This new energy we are stepping into will allow us to drop the story of dualism with more ease. We are moving into 4th dimensional energy and this is a higher vibrational energy which will assist you in stopping the judgements. It’s also good to have a practice to remind yourself every hour each day: 

“I am one with all. I am the same as you.”

It’s easy to do with people that you love and adore. It makes it more difficult when it’s a family member or friend who doesn’t believe the same things you do. Or someone who is angry all the time or takes on the victim archetype.

It’s important to have compassion towards not only them but yourself for the stories your thoughts create.

Your challenge is to remember they are the same as you. And when you treat them with love and compassion, it’s much more helpful than dismissing them.

Stepping through the lion's gate portal

As we step through the portal, Spirit shows what is going to happen on earth:

Very well manicured, green hills are shown with a paved road and low curb on either side. It’s more of a canal as clear, clean water starts rushing in. It comes in with a force but it doesn’t overflow. It curves around the green hills and then weaves in soft curves down a beautiful green expanse. There are no trees…everything is perfect and beautifully green. You can see the curvature of the earth as you follow the water.

There are variegated multi-colored rays coming up but it is not from the sun. The rays are purple, soft lilac, coral, light orange and yellow. The sky is more of a pale yellow. 

august 2021 color energies

Violet is the color for August along with bits of orange. It’s a suede violet, very soft and yummy. Mid-tone, subdued. The deep grape is what it comes from but the real nature of it is lighter and softer.

Violet souls are here to raise consciousness and help others awaken or to see things in a new light. This awareness is growing in our consciousness this month of August. It’s a truly deep awareness and it will be softer, not jarring…and with lots of joy and happiness (orange and yellow.) To summarize, the awareness comes first and steps into the joyful community. We are stepping into a new world.

The reason the fields are so well manicured and so green is because a garden is a symbol for your thoughts. The collective consciousness that we create as higher vibrational beings will become very harmonious, very green, very healing, very clean with no distortion. This energy is what creates this new world and this softer opening of awareness in the consciousness.

We think that work is something we have to do. But this is something we get to do.

It’s what you came here to this earth to do. It won’t be hard. It will be joyful and supportive for your heart and the hearts that you touch around you.

Sending you lots of love for embodying this new energy during the balance of this year. 🌈✨

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