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3 Practices to Try Using the Color Cards

These personal ColorFluency cards are fun to play with for understanding color, for creating palettes, or even using as an Oracle! If you have the cards, here’s 3 fun ways you can use them… 1. decide what color to wear To prep, open up your closet and start

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Top 7 Energetic Colors for 2022
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The Top 7 Energetic Colors for 2022 There are 7 colors that are stepping forward energetically to support you for 2022. I cover them in the video  and even weave into it the forecasts from Pantone and CMG (more on them below). Color is here to support you! Whether you use it in meditation,

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August Color Energies: Moving towards non-duality

In April, I shared that we would be breaking out of our cocoons in the second half of the year and shared the color energies that would be stepping forward to help us. Well, we’ve arrived! Below is a video that covers some of these energies but make

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June Energies: Releasing Layers

You are coming out of hibernation. Both in the physical world and energetically. Our planet is being supported energetically and has been undergoing an upgrade which you will start to feel this month as well. Energetically, you are breaking out of your cocoon’s shell. Everyone’s process and duration

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The 9 Main Chakra Colors
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the 2 little-known chakra colors

Last updated on March 27, 2021 There are two colors in the visible spectrum that are missing in ROY-G-BIV and the main 7 chakra colors. They are important and have their own energetic meanings and symbolism. This brings us to the question: Are there 7 or 9 main

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