June Soul Color Circle

Arden Reece

YOUR SOUL’S STORY, COLORS & UNIQUE PURPOSE FOR LIVING AUTHENTICALLY Discover your soul’s unique expression and message for the month within a sacred circle. Each month a different theme comes forward and you’ll received a shortened personal color reading within an online group setting. Opening talk about the color for the month and intention setting for the upcoming New Moon … Read More

the dawn of red-violet is here

Arden Reecesoul colors

The dawn of red-violet

In these messages, I will share what I saw in the transmission as well as the message behind it. The scribe and activator for these messages is Tarver Harris. Her artwork is abstract in nature yet has many layers of color.

7 or 9 main chakra colors?

Arden Reececolor healing

The 9 Main Chakra Colors

Are there 7 or 9 main Chakra Colors? You may be familiar with the 7 main chakra colors: Red (Root) Orange (Sacral) Yellow (Solar Plexus) Green (Heart) Blue (Throat) Indigo (3rd Eye) – Indigo is technically Blue-Violet Violet (Crown) And, you’re probably familiar with ROYGBIV when you learned color in elementary school – those same 7 colors. As a color … Read More