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blue-green: seekers of truth

By a landslide (18%!), the blue-green family is the most popular color based on over 700 responses. Turquoise is the color within the family that is the most popular.

WHY Do All The Studies Say Blue Is The Most Popular?

Do we not know what color we’re talking about when we ask?

Have colors been shown in these surveys?

Has there been a confusion about what blue is and what blue-green is?

Isn’t it ironic that a color that stands for exposing the truth is the one that has been compromised and hidden from truth? 🤔

I Mean, It’s Not Even Recognized As A Main Chakra!

Yet, it’s what I have come to call the 5th chakra instead since it’s placed above the heart and considered the higher-heart chakra.

Yup, it’s all about truth.

And here’s a 3rd little point that’s worth reflecting on…

When It Comes To Mixing Pigments, Blue Is Not A Primary Color…CYAN Is.

(along with Magenta and Yellow.) Add Magenta to Cyan and you get Blue.

Perhaps that’s why people thought Blue was their favorite color: they were looking through rose-colored glasses. (snicker)

All kidding aside, it’s quite safe to say that Blue-Green deserves some recognition👏

If you happen to have Blue-Green as your soul color (soul color visualization here and soul color meanings here) or Life-Path color, you are the most curious breed out there as Blue-greens are seekers of truth!


Free Blue-Green Soul Wallpaper

Enjoy this wallpaper as my free gift to you. No strings attached although it would be great to have you join the color tribe for monthly color inspiration!

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